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[MOD]Shuma's Wargear room-Advertisement: Retribution online ranked compatible mods

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    do you know of any gray knight mods for retribution

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    There are none, however Horus was working on some GK stuff: Not sure what happened to that.
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    Keep up the great work, Mr.Necron Lord.

    BTW, next relic rts/game is already "playable" and is "looking pretty awesome".

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    I bet it will be CoH 2. It better have Russians.

    GUO Reskin:

    And two more screenies on him:


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    Well we have a jungle GUO.

    Now we need desert, urban and snow camo.

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    How about dem boys in steel legion? Can you make that?
    seeing as you already made Dcok it shouldn't be THAT hard

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    are they for retrebution?..................and are they ranked compatible?

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    Yes, all of the stuff here are for Retribution and are ranked compatible and i have more stuff in my thread in the modding forums(which is linked in the OP).


    Same answer i gave Whitshield:

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    maybe its abit off topic but did you ever make a thousand sons sorcerer shuma? or any new sorc?

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    Well we have a jungle GUO.

    Now we need desert, urban and snow camo.
    In the tradition of Army of Two, can we expect a pimped GUO?

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    Apologies for the double post but i have come bearing mods.

    Chaos Marine New Color Schemes:

    Follow the link, read the post, download the stuff. Enjoy your 2 new color schemes for Chaos, one will allow you to make the Sons of Malice Legion, because hey, who doesn't love the 5th Chaos God?
    Last edited by Shuma; 4th Jun 11 at 11:00 AM.

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    people tell me please where can i find chaos lvl 60 skins?

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    Lukas alexander from DOW DC

    I was wondering if you guys can make a mod for the imperium to make the lord general look like Lukas Alexander?

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    Funny, another guy asked me that earlier today, so i'll tell you what i told him, maybe, but to make this short, "no".

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    You *sure* I can't make you a website hosting all the files/images/descriptions at some point :P I never knew you had that much in online compatible mods...

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    I know this will sound like a stupid question but is there any possibility to make a mod or fix some stuff to get the ragdoll effect to the guardsmen? I really miss watching them fly around when I kill them

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    If there is or if it can be done, i have no clue about it. You might want to make a thread in the Heretek Cabal.

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    Had a look already at that helmet thingy from Summer Sale? As easy as you thought it would be to make a mod out of that helmet?
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    I already did it, check my thread in the heretek cabal.

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    and what in this heretek cabal am I supposed to look for to find any hope for the ragdoll effect again? Because I have no idea

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    Shuma please can you dellete big black backpack model from kasrkin? He has his power-pack and an old backpack at once.
    Unfortunatly i cant post the screen.

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    Hey Shuma I actually found a image of the Cadian Shock trooper Command Squad leader that I have in table top and I was not just wondering but hoping and begging you could make a mod with this guy, don't have to be any of your best works but I just wish so much to use him in retribution

    could you please make that guy? just drop the power fist and backpack thing and he would be perfect for retribution (sorry i couldn't find a pic where he is collored :/) You did such a good job on the whole Krieg pack and especially the General Lord there so please do this one favor for me, I beg you *gets down on knees and begs* please?

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    No you didn't say drop the back pack and power fist are you insane :O, that's fabulous seriously it looks awesome right now
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    If it could be done then yes i would ofcourse keep it but then again if he shall be possible to be used in ranked games and online he must be able to have the weapons the General Lord wields, maybe he can keep the backpack or not (thats completely up to shuma) but the powerfist must be dropped so he can wield the sword. And I don't think shuma makes his own animations from what he have said earlier, but if he did this guy wont be usable for online games :/ atleast I think so, but he is pretty badass a perfect change for the General Lord don't you thonk Rezail?


    but then again he might be able to wield the power sword with the power fist but that might look stupid, well Idk but if he is made i think the commissar lord coutlass will fit better than the skinny stick the general lord wields xD its a HUGE different on their cutlasses

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    Its heresy, to drop again heresy i tell ya , but your right it just damn that looks good. Also yes i really wish Lord general looked like that.

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    yeah he is the commander in the Cadian Shock Trooper Command Squad :P he is serriously badass and I know Shuma wont have problems making this dude. Besides he got so few IG mods :/ he got the Krieg Pack ofcourse and the beauty guard (which saved my Retribution gameplay from ugly guardsmen xD) and the stuff for the origional general lord, but with THIS guy playing as IG would be way different would be more awesome to have such heavly armored guy to rush the field, don't you think? :P

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    Yeah I have the same problem as vladikusvzm. How can I fix that?

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    The eliphas helmet for the chaos lord: Did it appeared in the campaign? Or you modeled it and just gave that name?

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    Shumas I was hoping you could cure cancer, then mod a purple ferrari fighter jet into HomeWorld2.

    Thanks, BigSteve.

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    Do these model reskins work for The Last Stand?

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    How about making dem imperial guard with less extra armor, eh?

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    Space Marines

    I want to begin with modding in Dawn of war retrinution, can help me someone with programms usw.

    Ultramarines forever xD

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    Check THIS out. And it's even in this forum.

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    I constantly stream games in HIGHQUALITY and I mostly play IG. I would appreciate if you could do some awesome mods for IG. Would also be nice to get things a bit seperated, because in most packs I strongly dislike some models there. Whatever, I suppse with swapping out some models in my games I could push forward your custom models to the public even more....

    What I am looking forward to

    reskin Commisar Lord, like shown in post #175
    reskin that ogryns like more monstrous, maybe like the custom krieg mod. But please as a single file so I dont have to get those ugly looking (sorry^^) catachans and stormtroopers.

    maybe some other redesigns, but they need to be single - not as a pack.

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    Can you make Kasrkin Portraits for The StormTroopers? the One on the other Threads are using Mulit-Upload, And it won't work for me

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