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big mod problem

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    big mod problem

    Be time I make a change in my modification.
    1.The stores. not appear in the game.

    in the with-dev hall eye I write: relicCOH-dev-modname My_Mod_for_fun_lavet_af_mig_selv

    am I doing something wrong.

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    I will move this to The Armoury, but you need to start thinking about which is the right forum to post your threads. We won't just keep moving them for you.

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    man, im sorry but i cant understand ur english.. do u mean u created new squads and its not showing up ?? check ur ebps and sbps of the new unit and the ebps/spawner_ext of the building u placed it. and hve u actually gone through the How-to sub-forum and celestials grand how-to ??

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