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I just made a coh movie

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    I just made a coh movie

    I just uploaded it ,Watch it HD720 on youtube, texture and everything setting is ultra, original movie size is 1280x720

    some comments?

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    It looks like you put quite a lot of time and effort in it, and it looks pretty good overall, even though that there are some 'dry' combat scenes. What really is kinda ruining the whole thing is the music. It's not really fitting the theme of the movie.

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    I think it would be better if you tell people what the premise of the film is instead of us having to sit here and watch a 12 1/2 minute youtube video with no explanation.

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    is the movie is too dark or not? I turned the contrast up abit, when I watch it in my computer, it is so bright, and also in ie explore, but when i watch it in firefox, its abit too dark, maybe some problem with my video codec? If its too dark i would render it again..
    also when i use ie to watch HD youtube movie i got a frozen for 10 seconds, hope you dont have this problem?

    Im not a professional movie maker,im just a normal coh player...
    I swear i wont make a game movie again because its really a hard job, I turned all settings to highest,ultra texture,anti aliasing and fraps on, its laggy, even panning and zooming is hard ,I need to turn the camera again and again made me headache and stupid fraps produce enormous size source files, while import to premeir pro sometimes error keep poping up show fraps codec cannot allocate memory etc...60.9GB source files, and unable to render, export, I tried many compressor to render, finally found one thats dont artifect,and reduce too much quality the movie,I took whole 2 days to render 100% cpu load and compressed it to 2.5gb. Then I use windows media encoder to compress it again and it become 414mb, finally able to upload to youtube..

    im chinese sorry for my english is not very good, i dont know how to make a description of my movie,for the music, the lyrics are actually match the movie,they are about war... i was going to post it in chinese forum...

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