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is there some kind of memory leak??

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    is there some kind of memory leak??

    Heres why I ask, it seems the more games of TLS you play in a row, the longer and longer it takes to load into a game and then back to the start menu, a few days ago as soon as the score screen came up the game crashed. now I cant make comment on any other game mode since all I've been playing is TLS. Is there anyone else experiencing as such? a few other players in a game of TLS commented same experience, so just bringing it out.

    I have had the game take a minute or longer to load OUT of a finished TLS game, and at times by the time i get to the loading screen where it shows the loading bars the other 2 are done by the time i start loading, and my game usually loads that bar pretty fast.

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    Seemed the same with campaign missions too tbh.
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    No, really....
    There is definitely something. Not as bad as back in vanilla where you couldn't even load the Angel Gate mission without it crashing, but noticable.

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    I have had similar problems with TLS and it talking so long to "load out" so to speak. A number of times this has caused the teams formed to be broken up as it seems players have left (as they often do after a loss) when in fact they are just unloading very slowly.
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    Memory leak is when you end up taking longer and longer to load after each game etc right? If so then there a big memory leak every where. Considering after 4 auto matches or custom game or anything period it takes longer and longer to load. Well load in and out of games increases with each game played.
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    This is something they were working on in the beta. Hopefully the changes to MP carried over to SP and TLS in release, but who knows. There definitely is slowdown in subsequent outings.
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    I have been scouring the forums to see if someone else encountered this too. Playing single-player and multi-player, I have exactly the same problem: as I play more and more games in a row, the longer and longer the loading process becomes. After a while, it becomes intolerable.

    I also wanted to ask, and this is probably off-topic, is anyone else having a problem finding multi-player games? It seems, for me, to be taking extraordinarily long to find games comparatively to CR and Vanilla? I have timed it and it takes, consistently, upwards of three minutes to find one game. I thought that maybe the two problems are related, which is why I'm mentioning it here.
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    Not many problems here.

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    Increasing load times here as well. The actual map load not so much, but getting out of the game can take up to a full minute eventually. With 4 GBs of RAM and an extra 1 GB on the videocard I wouldn't think the hardware to be the issue.

    Another thing I noticed is that the game startup phase takes longer and longer too (I mean the delay that occurs when the countdown timer goes to zero). Sometimes that too can be abnormally long, once I thought my game had frozen but I just had to wait a half minute for it to bring up the map loading screen. :P

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    Katastrophikus, trouble with matchmaking is due to the initial placement period. Once everyone gets placed properly, matchmaking should get faster. It was the same in the beta: first it was sluggish but after people got some games under their belts it started running smooth as butter.

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    There most probably is. Force me to take a break after every 3rd/4th mission, loading times were just getting out of hand. Same when playing TLS, every now and then someone from our team had to restart the game.

    Game mode doesn't seem to matter, settings don't seem to matter (of course lowering textures improves the loading times in general, but they'll still increase noticeably with the number of games played), and all this on machines that never ran into major issues with the predecessor. Currently the greatest flaw of the game, in my opinion.
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    Could someone on a 64bits OS confirm this issue as well, please?

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    Windows 7 64 bit - confirmed. Got 4 Gigs of RAM so I do not belive hardware is the issue.
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    i have win 7 (64) and i encountered the same thing, the first sessions of the last stand load fast and the more you play the longer it takes to load and to switch menues. for examples after a few games it takes quite a while to go to the victory screen and back to the last stand menu.

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    Please understand what a memory leak is before using the terminology.

    It's likely excess resources aren't being dumped properly and the game is loaded them again and again and again. If you had a memory leak the game would become unplayable pretty damn quickly and would likely crash soon after you launched the game.

    But yes, a problem to be fixed.
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    Both me and my friends have encountered this - excessively long loading into, and out of, a match.

    I'm pinging this to tech support, where Pulse.r should hopefully pick it up and get it to the right people.

    Be prepared to report back with whatever he requests folks. It will go a long way resolving the issue if you all email warnings.log and a dxdiag to too (which he will likely request).
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    Trust Relic. They're aware of this issue and sooner or later they'll manage to solve it:

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    Thank you, Slow_Runner. That makes sense.

    I am glad to hear I'm not the only one (I thought maybe I was going mad). I'm sure that we'll get this patched soon.

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