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    So, I've got a new Sandy Bridge build with a GTX 570 and since the game only has an on or off setting for AA, is there any other way to turn on AA? I've tried forcing it in the Nvidia CP, but whatever I set it to, I can't see any difference.
    I'd really be able to get the most out of my hardware, even though I drop down to like 45 FPS in Last Stand when there's a huge swarm of enemies, I'd still like to experiment with it.

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    I'm afraid the game has only on and off support for AA - the nvidia implementation is probably not compatible. This is becoming increasingly common for new games, the graphics driver AA is meant for older rendering techniques (likely games that have no internal support for AA).

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    That's what I figured :/, I couldn't even find much info on this after a long time googling...
    Oh well, I guess I've got to get used to all those jaggies...

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