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Failed to Initialize Error

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    Failed to Initialize Error

    A friend of mine gifted me Retribution on Steam. My comp isn't exactly cutting-edge, but it's decent, with stats enough to run the game correctly.

    Unfortunately, the game simply doesn't work. Start it up, and.... Nothing. It doesn't open up at all, like the file is hooked to the wrong .exe file. Finding this suspicious, I hunted down the executable and ran it in the hopes of getting an error message.

    What I got was this:


    I did everything necessary that the DOW2 helpsite mentioned to fix it - updated drivers, updated .NET framework, updated DirectX, updated everything, basically, including Hotfixing XLive and the various fixes recommended for DOW2 and such, and the game in its current state still refuses to work.

    From what I've gathered, I am far from the only one this is the case for. How do we fix this?
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    Please follow the instructions here:!

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