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Fuggles Win Conditions [V3.2] - Now with Retribution

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    Fuggles Win Conditions [V3.2] - Now with Retribution

    Hello and Welcome to the Fuggles Win Conditions Mod for Dawn of War 2 Retribution...version 3.2!

    You'll never guess what - I have finally updated my win conditions mod for Dawn of War 2! This is mostly as I now have Dawn of War 2 and not just the long -ago locked beta version...It's still a pain in the ass to code, mind!

    I hope you enjoy these modes and get a bit more variety from the game that you love.

    **GAME MODES**

    Tug of War
    Tug of War is a slightly adapted version of the victory point win condition. The ultimate goal is still to drain the VP total of your enemy, however in Tug of War your VP total increases for each point that you own, allowing you to recover up to your initial starting points.

    Leech is a halfway point between VP and annihilate. For every VP that you own, the enemy HQ's lose 10 hitpoints per second. This is not a huge amount, but combined with your attacks will bring them crumbling down.

    Take and Hold
    Take and Hold is an old favourite from DoW 1 reborn. If your team holds at least 2/3 of the VP's on the map then a 5 minute countdown begins. When this countdown reaches 0 then you win, however if you lose your VP's then it resets.

    Hero Incap
    In this mode each time has a number of lives which corresponds to the number of people on the team, so in a 3 vs 3 you will have 3 lives whereas in a 1 vs 1 you will have 1 life. Every time a hero on your team gets incapacitated then your life pool diminishes and when it reaches 0 then you lose! Note that the lives are shared so in a 3 vs 3 then one player could die 3 times, or each player perish once.

    Team Incap
    Similar to hero incap only that if one team has every player's hero incapacitated at once then they lose

    If your team have no victory points for 60 seconds then you lose

    **How to play**
    Setup Instructions:

    1. Extract to your Dawn of War 2 Retribution Mods folder, which will probably look something like this:

    ..Steam\SteamApps\common\dawn of war ii - retribution\GameAssets\Mods

    If this folder does not exist then it will be necessary to create it.

    2. Open Steam and launch DoW2: Retribution

    Now in game choose a multiplayer-> Custom game and you will see the new victory conditions in the drop down menu.

    Corsix - SGA Reader Tool
    Dekhranic - SGA Packer Tool
    Relic - Dawn of War
    Microsoft - Notepad
    Chaos Godstone - worked out how to make it work in Dow2: Retribution and no doubt saved me a ton of time.


    Changed readme instructions for DoW2 : Retribution.

    Oddly for an update I have removed content! Free for all has been removed as it's now redundant in the 2.1 patch, what with it being included and all. On that note, this is now compatible with the 2.1 patch.

    Added Free for all and Panic!

    New to version 2.0 are two new game modes and I've implemented proper mod handling so there's no faffing with module files and stuff.

    Tug of War, Leech and Take and Hold conditions created for Beta Dawn of War 2.

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    Nice mod! I really like the idea of hero incap.

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    Awesome. Used your DOW1 win conditions, and this breathes welcome new air into DOW2. Many thanks for your hard work

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    Wow, good work. I always thought the DoW 1 winconditions were better, so its good to see some in DoW 2 along with some other interesting ones.

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    New modes added!

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    Holy crap! It's not dead!

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    Jul 2008
    fuggles, thx a lot for creating this mod!!
    -Free for all- is what I always wanted since dow2 came out.

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    download is no longer available.
    Tutorials_And_Helpful_Sites_Here <-link
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    I feel bad for all those humans/bugs/elfs i'm gana stomp

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    Ha, well chuffed. This mod has made it into PC Gamer UK issue 210 as a featured mod with a small column of its own and its also on the DVD *shine*

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    Missed this, but congrats, and well deserved

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    Chaos Rising patch broke this mod!

    I always play with Fuggles victory conditions mod. It is an awesome thing. But, now I'm so sad. It doesn't work any more with the new patch!

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    Damn you chaos, not only do you corrupt mortal men, but you corrupt the mods of mortal men!

    3.1 up now which adds CR workability. I'll give it a week or so for any problems to rear their ugly heads and then send it to filefront. Haven't changed anything, so don't anticipate trouble

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    Any chance of getting this to work for Retribution? I'd love to get away from the same old victory point mode again and again...

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    You could try putting the .sga into the folder - dawn of war ii - retribution\GameAssets\Mods

    I have just tried and the game recognises the win conditions are there but I have not played a game, 07:06 AM too tired and going to bed.

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    lugburz, also remember that requests (for updates, in particular) are not allowed by the forum rules and regulations. If fuggles was to update this for Retribution, he would have updated the thread as he did for the Chaos Rising update.

    I'll leave this for now as Chaos Godstone has offered helpful advice, but in future do not bump threads that have been dead for over a year.
    I am an Iron Warrior. Iron Within, Iron Without.

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    Wow Gorb, not a nice hobbit at all. This is the completed mod section with a download link on the page, how can you say this is bumping a dead thread? P.S. I wasn't requesting fuggles update the mod, I was looking for help as Chaos Godstone gave.
    Cruel, cruel hobbitses....

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    Well Hullo Thar!

    So I now have DoW 2 : Retribution and after 28 days of going without, my faulty RAM has been replaced (gee, thanks corsair for that speedy turnabout). I got a kind PM from someone asking about the mod and the d/l link being down. Frankly I tried the mod and it CTD'd retribution so I downloaded some tools and prepared for a long night... until I saw Chaos Godstone's post! Totally works, which is ace as I can't remember for the life of me how to use the command line sga packer.

    First post updated (blimey) with a fresh upload link. Can anyone advise as to the best place for DoW2 mods- Is it filefront or similar now that mediafire is deaded.

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    again, got another PM asking for new link, so:

    Should probably try and find a permanent home I guess - also can't seem to edit the first post. boo!

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