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Version Patches

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    Version Patches

    Afternoon All,

    I`m new here and am feeling my way around, Firstup, I`m looking for any
    "Patches" I can download to boost or assist my game "HW1" which I`ve just
    Could some one please point me in the right direction for these?.

    best regards,
    Privateer.{this shows my age}

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    Homeworld Patches

    I found them, thanks for the help


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    easy there you can not expect instant responses in this boneyard

    still welcome to the board if there is anything else just ask

  4. Technical Help Senior Member  #4
    Yeah, this is a forum and not a chat room. Expect a little longer than 3 hours for a response.
    But with that, glad you found them. Welcome to the forums and all that.

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