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Playing As Imperial Guard (Single Player Campaign - Dark Crusade)

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    Playing As Imperial Guard (Single Player Campaign - Dark Crusade)

    I've played through DC a few times as Imperial Guard, previously on Normal mode.

    As my own personal preference, I've never been a fan of the blitzkrieg strategy of immediately rushing the enemy's base within the first 10 minutes (let alone at the immediate start of the battle, as seems prevalent in the Single Player Campaign Mode with the so-called "Honor Guard Rush"). I'm a big fan of long drawn out battles and taking every inch of the enemy's territory, crushing them utterly. These big battles were what drew me to the original Dawn of War in the first place.

    I'd previously misunderstood the differences between Normal and Hard modes in Dark Crusade. I really wish for simplicity sake, Normal mode had your army @ 100% health, as well as the enemy's army @ 100% health. Hard mode could increase the enemy's health, while easy mode could either decrease the enemy's health, or increase your own (or both).

    Though I suppose Normal mode doubles your army's health as a way to help you have epic battles and still have a chance at winning them (as in the case of fighting 2 enemy armies on the same map).

    Anyway, I stayed away from Hard mode before simply because what I really wanted was a level, fair fight (100% vs 100%). I'd previously read somewhere that Hard mode in DC was your army at 100% and the enemy at 120%. Apparently I was wrong about this, however, and those are the stats for the SoulStorm Hard difficulty.

    So now I'm going to embark on a Single Player Campaign as the Imperial Guard, and attempt to restore order to Kronus under the flag of the Liberators. I'm going to attempt this without rushing the enemy base during the first 10 minutes of any battle (haha, if that's even possible - we'll see). Basically, I'm going to attempt to Take And Hold the majority of points as I march across the battlefield towards the enemy base. This will have the added bonus of increasing my defensive capabilities against subsequent attacks by the enemy.

    I'm probably not the best IG player by far, and I'm writing this for the Single Player Campaign mainly because I came to this series of games pretty late in their life, and never really played multiplayer skirmishes against Human opponents (except the original game against a friend + CPU enemies). I also do enjoy all the games single player campaigns, so it's a worthwhile side pursuit.

    I'm honestly not a fan of the Imperial Guard's weak Guardsmen infantry. I'm more drawn to their varied other capabilities - extreme long range crushing power from the Basilisks, the absolute might of the BaneBlade ("We Are Steel And Doom" my ass, Space Marines), the awesome range of the Kasrkin's Hellguns, and the combined damage-soaking capabilities of the Ogryn + Command Squad with attached Priests. These combine for, at the very least, a nearly indestructible defense, the Emperor willing.

    As my army advances across the battlefield, it's important to combine these powerful elements with solid strategic planning. Prudent analysis of terrain will be vital to establishing our lasting defensive positions, along with the liberal use of choke points as we dare the enemy to face us head on.

    Which brings me to the very key element of my strategy - it's focused around a slowly bounding line of HWT's, each equipped with a hammering AutoCannon. When massed, these weapons lay waste to everything in their sights, be it infantry, tanks, or the very Daemon spawn that taints much of the land.

    While this may seem to be a rather weak strategy at first, I find it essential to entrenching my ground for the long haul. While it's less swift and less mobile, conducted properly, it can secure key locations better than just about any strategy I know of.

    Enough talk, now. I'll detail all of my thoughts about the campaign to be conducted as responses to this thread. General Lukas Alexander, out.

    *turns on his "War" playlist, which includes a heavy dose of AC/DC*

    First up on the playlist, while we make our preparations: For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.

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    This day the Liberators struck their first blow against the damned Necron menace. We set out from Victory Bay, having the immediate choice of two roads; one West, towards the vast reach of the Necrons, the other South, against the waiting Chaos forces stretched along The Morriah Coast. While the Chaos armies (1) were lesser in number than the Necrons (3), we chose to take the initiative from the start and launched our might against the Necrons settling within The Pavonian Heartland. We shall drive our fist into those foul Chaos Marines in due time, though little joy should come of it. It's not like the men will be vacationing in Morriah Bay any time soon, not with the twisted Chaos stronghold on the horizon.

    Due to previous experiences, I've set us on the path towards the most abundant resources. Judging from historical reports, The Vandean Coast should prove a critical link in our military's supply chain. We must make it our first priority during our campaign across Kronus - if we can take control of the factories in Vandea, it should allow us to maintain the upper hand right from the very start.


    We inserted a small strike team by helo (*cue Airwolf Theme*) onto a hill on the outskirts of The Pavonian Heartland. The terrain here made a careful, slow buildup necessary so as not to overextend ourselves. Due to the numerous weaving paths near where we established our initial HQ, we had to map out a plan to strategically advance in short hops so as to maintain firm control of each area we passed through.

    Almost immediately upon setting down, we came into contact with our Necron foes. Our men, to be truthful, were not yet prepared for the grim welcoming party that received them. Two squads of Guardsmen had been deployed to scout the immediate surrounding area, while I stood guard near the closest Strategic Point to our main HQ. The Guardsmen had moved down the hill to our Northwest and begun making the area ready for our movement through it, when they were swiftly accosted by a small group of 3 Necron Warriors. They beat a hasty retreat back to HQ to report their findings, and we temporarily were on high alert awaiting more enemy forces. However, after a short period of time where we were not attacked, I sent the men back out to finish their task. Upon returning to the area, they marked two Strategic Points on their maps, but were then again set upon by the enemy. The Necron Warriors are slow of wit and foot it seems, so my 2 Guardsmen squads decided to strategically split up. One squad continued on deeper into the unmarked area to our West, towards the closest known ancient Relic, while the other squad lured the Necron patrol back towards our HQ where the nearest Guard Post (LP) was constructed. Under the cover fire of it's machinegun, the minimal squad of Guardsmen attempted to halt the advance of the dead. At that moment, the Necron Lord broke into the same clearing and I met him alone on the battlefield in order to buy my men time. However, it became readily apparent that Necrons are made of stronger stuff than their shambling appearance would suggest. My adamantium claws barely scratched the Necron Lord's paint, and I was forced to maneuver myself away from him after he dispatched my Priest with seemingly a single strike.

    With the battle just begun, I continued to attempt to buy our forces time to mobilize. All the while, the 2nd squad of Guardsmen had succeeded in securing three additional strategic points, including the aforementioned Relic. These men are to be commended for their dedication to duty. Their swift action allowed our 2nd wave of helos to drop additional support gear to upgrade our HQ to it's maximum capability. It should also be noted that we did suffer casualties early on. Guardsmen squad #1 was killed defending main HQ. They died on their feet, as all good soldiers should. With the command station operational, we began to call down the necessary forces it would require to lay claim to this battlefield.

    A squad of Ogryn was added to the guard detail just outside main HQ. A Priest took charge of them and together, we repelled the enemy invasion force. Two Basilisks were brought in to add supporting artillery fire for the immediate area. We began doubling our fortifications by setting up a machinegun nest manned by our best Heavy Weapons Team next to the Guard Post just outside our main HQ. To begin preparations for our mobile offense, a squad of Kasrkin was requisitioned as well, lead by another Priest. A Commissar was brought forth and dispatched to head up Guardsmen squad #2, who were lying in wait out of range of the enemy on the West side. A Tech Priest accompanied him through the alternating volleys of artillery coming from the 2 Basilisks. Squads of Necron Warriors continued to trickle up the hill being shelled, as if drawn to our HQ by some mysterious force. Who knows with these things.

    Final preparations were under way. 6 Generators were operational, and out of the way of any potential enemy attack. Our Armoury was raided bare by our men, to great advantage. All Heavy Weapons Teams (a total of 6) were set in the defense surrounding the nearby Guard Post, along with plentiful ammo for their AutoCannons. Multiple (3) Motor Pools were constructed to provide permanent access to our heavy armored vehicles, alongside the Bunkers (3) for the men. Knowing the might of the Imperial Army is increased eleven-fold by the addition of a BaneBlade to our ranks, the Tech Priests built a Mars Pattern Command to oversee construction of this devastating beast.

    The Tech Priest sent along to the Western-fold had succeeded in heavily fortifying all strategic points under his control. He was next sent orders to construct a secondary base at the far reaches of the mapped area, positioned next to the Relic to keep it secure from the enemy's grasp. A BaneBlade and Leman Russ tank were constructed and awaited deployment at main HQ. A Chimera and HellHound were added to the convoy, and a final Basilisk (#3) was added to the final vehicle count.

    After losing the middle area initially to the Necrons, our artillery and long range AutoCannons denied the Necrons access to the area leading up the hill to our main HQ. This strategy of area-denial granted us the breathing room to marshal our forces in a tight cluster surrounding our main HQ. During this build-up period, the Tech Priests completed two other projects that will prove crucial to the longevity of our occupation in The Pavonian Heartland. First, a short-term defensive posture was fabricated consisting of 6 machinegun Turrets, arranged in a V-pattern flanking both sides of the Guard Post next to our main HQ (3 Turrets on each side). Secondly, the Tech Priests quickly constructed a long chain of Generators running along the entire southern border from our main HQ stretching all the way West along the backroad until it was connected to our secondary base at the far Western Relic. There, they then built multiple HQ buildings (3 more, maximizing our HQ capabilities) to complete our plan.

    Meanwhile, the 3rd Tech Priest created a double-row of Turrets to the rear of our main HQ, which if not outright slaughtering any enemy who might dare stray across them, would at least provide us with ample warning in order to reassign troops to that avenue of approach.

    Having entrenched our main HQ into our relatively firm defensive position, 2 Tech Priests were ordered to remain on the Western front to add more fortifications to the Strategic Points closest to the known enemy locations. These 2 Tech Priests built several Turrets flanking the nearest Strategic Point to the central location, but due to caution, I did not allow them to press forward alone, even if they were under the watchful eye of Guardsmen squad #2. Satisfied with the current strength of our base's defenses, I dispatched the Leman Russ to their location to lead the assault to fully secure the Western area of our side of the battlefield. The 3 remaining Strategic Points were quickly brought into our fold. From there, the 2 Tech Priests began moving all the Western Turrets forward until they lined a ring around our side of the Critical Location separating our half of the battlefield from the Necron's half. We now securely controlled just over a quarter of the battlefield.

    During this, the Necron Lord himself seemed to be unable to find the "tranquility of death" that their kind are rumored to seek. No matter how many times our bullets battered his body, and our fists struck him down, the strange anti-life force that pervades him endlessly revived the Necron Lord, with such rapid succession that I hesitated to remove any of the men guarding him, until I was sure of the numbers of the Necron forces beyond our hold.

    It should also be noted that the Necron Lord himself seemed to be able to phase his body out of sync with the surrounding world, so that no physical damage could touch his body. He was able to do this to such great effect that for quite some time, he was able to cut down numerous Ogryn (and accompanying Priests) with every breath of unlife that resuscitated his body. Finally, my officers and I were able to determine a pattern in this mechanical abomination's cycles that enabled us to retreat our close combat troops to safety, instead completely surrounding him with our crack ranged troops, along with a single valiant Commissar armed with a cutlass standing over his dead body. This strategy finally removed the Necron Lord from the battle for the remainder of the assault.

    With their Commander in our hands, our tanks pushed into the enemy's territory like lightning. Backed by Guardsman squad #2 and a Tech Priest, they pushed SouthEast and captured every single point until they reached the border of our map. After securing the 2nd Relic in the SouthEastern corner, the BaneBlade, Chimera, and HellHound took up a defensive position in the middle-East, denying entry to the squads of Necron Warriors that sought to join their Commander within our territory. The Leman Russ and Guardsman squad #2 blockaded the far Eastern pathway, and our Tech Priests moved the Turrets from our main HQ's rear to that front.

    With now half the battlefield under our control, I ordered the Basilisks forward to aid in the offensive. Great praise should be given to the operators, for it was their precision bombardments that crushed the Necron outposts that sat on the Strategic Points we needed to take to continue gaining ground. Using long-range scanners, our main HQ coordinated with the lone Guardsmen squad #2 and radio'd the all-clear once the artillery fire had shifted targets. The Guardsmen squad proceeded to escort the Tech Priest to each Strategic Point and set up light defenses on each one over the crumbling remains of the Necron constructs. Point by point, our team advanced up the Eastern side of the map, successfully taking the large hill just outside where we believed the Necron's main base potentially existed. Once the immediate area surrounding the hill was scouted by our resident Vindicare Assassin, the Basilisks were again moved forward and positioned atop the hill, and proceeded to shell all surrounding areas. The Guardsmen squad laid claim to the 3rd Relic, while all Tech Priests on hand created a barricade of Missile Turrets (8) in the narrow path at the North side of the hill, denying access to the enemy Tomb Spyders that had just been spotted by the long range scanners.

    Indeed, we had found the first base of the Necrons, and our artillery immediately targeted the nearest key structures with their devastating EarthShaker bombs. More EarthShakers were dropped in the span of ten minutes than had been during the previous 2-3 hours. However, a sizable portion of the Necron base could not be shelled by even the distant range of our Basilisks. I would not endanger those valuable men (and even more importantly, the outcome of this mission) just to knock over a few more buildings. Satisfied in the security of the rest of the area we held, I sent word for the BaneBlade and Leman Russ to advance on the enemy position and make the final assault. If there existed another enemy base after this one, we would stomp it flat in close succession.

    The BaneBlade and LeRuss rolled into the enemy base almost unopposed. I realize that our scouts excel at their jobs, yet I still had expected some yet unseen mass of Necrons to appear from their graves, upon rolling across them. Alas, I should not tempt fate by hoping for something so unfavorable. I'm certain we will face the Necron scourge in force before this campaign is over. There can be no other way to victory.

    Our mighty tanks laid waste to the remaining Necron structures present in their base. The largest of them being a great black pyramid radiating a strange green glow. My men photographed the rubble after the battle as mementos to spread throughout the ranks. It should improve morale considerably, and what better place to energize the men's spirits than The Pavonian Heartlands. Good that they have such enthusiasm in their hearts as we make our grand entrance into the fight encompassing this world. The future may only get bleaker from here on in.


    Final thoughts for the conflict, mainly center around the Necron Lord. I have never seen such a deadly foe, even when caged and guarded by elite soldiers. Extreme care must be taken in the future to handle this threat, whence we meet it again. As for the Necron Lord that we captured, well...heh. As I have heard the Sisters of Battle state, "I have yet to find a cinder that was not faithful in its praise of the Emperor." It's body was put to the flame, and that's the last I'll speak of that one.

    The trickle of Necron foot soldiers that appeared throughout the battle posed no real threat to our mission, except during the early minutes before the boots had hit the ground. This battle tested the men's mettle, and gave them both a taste for the realities of battle, and a taste for victory, which will be crucial to continuing the war effort. My men must thirst for the glory of the Imperium of Man, more than they thirst for water, more than they yearn for their beds. I'll have to have Commissar Gebbet keep a close eye on them throughout this campaign.

    Total Kills: 818
    Conquests: 1
    Defensive Victories: 0

    2 WarGear were awarded following this battle, for the following achievements:

    - 3-1 Kill Ratio
    - 1 Successful Conquest

    Due to my strategy's heavy emphasis on my frontline role in all battle operations, I settled on the Carapace Chest Plate, which will both greatly increase my durability, and additionally provide additional protection against ranged threats. With it, I will further steel myself in the face of my enemy. The 2nd WarGear I chose was the Governor's Raiment, as a way to commemorate the initial victory of my troops. Troops should now look to me without hesitation when called to the battlefield.

    ***END OF LOG***

    "I command in the name of the Emperor."



    *****ADDENDUM #2*****

    During our operation, we located a previously MIA squad of Guardsmen who were lost while on a patrol deep into enemy territory. They were initially a bit shaken up from their experience, but after hearing their harrowing tale of how they came face to face with death itself, I could see something else in their eyes. These men had shaken off the shackles of fear and survived where lesser men might not have. Their eyes revealed to me a new disregard for danger, and I will put that to good use. From here on in, this squad of Guardsmen will serve as my personal Honor Guard, both an honor to them to be serving under me, and an honor to me to personally serve alongside them.


    *****STATUS UPDATE*****

    It's fairly quiet on the front. Reports indicate that only the Necron have advanced outward from their previous position, attacking territory to the West where no doubt, the Tau are too learning firsthand how hard it is to make the dead stay dead.




    True to our name, the Liberators left no stone unturned while sweeping our path towards victory. On a bit of a spur of the moment manuever, we detoured into The Eres Badlands and exterminated some Necrons we found crawling around the rocks there. We lost 3 men upon our initial rush, but we counted 70 Necron troops destroyed by the time we cleared the desolate area, so I call it a win. Some of the men involved in the battle also seem to have come down with some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome, only notable due to it having been a larger portion of the troops than is typical for this small of a skirmish. Some of them claimed to have heard voices unaccounted for during the fight. Ha! Whatever the truth, Commissar Gebbet told me he would take care of them. The rest of the men seem to have been largely unaffected by the area, if only exhibiting a renewed vigor for the fight ahead. Let us give them an enemy, I say.


    As this was a much less formal assault, a handful of troops accompanied me along a rocky path. My new Honor Guardsmen proved my trust well-merited as they valiantly joined the fight against another Necron Lord without hesitation. 3 were killed throwing themselves at him in my defense. I immediately called forth reinforcements, and was answered by a squad of Ogryn and Kasrkin. 3 Basilisks joined the fight next, and as we were a bit disorientated as to the enemy's position, I instructed them to fire at will into the Fog of War in the likely direction of the enemy. This was shown to be a sound tactic, as a group of Necron Warriors waiting in ambush around the cliff were blasted into the next millenium. We held our ground at our makeshift defensive position for less than 30 minutes, until our Heavy Weapons Teams showed up to provide supporting fire. However, by the time a LeRuss arrived to aid in the push forward, it was all but over. We'll leave the small outpost consisting of 6 Generators, 1 HQ, 4 Barracks, 3 Motor Pools, 1 Armoury, and 3 Fully Fortified Strategic Points along with a small armed retinue, before we continue on our way with the march. The Chaos provinces lie to our South, and it would be foolish to assume those madmen will stay in one place for long.


    My only thoughts are vague ponderings as to the possibility that some of my men contracted the Taint of Chaos while crossing through those damned lands. I don't wish to wait until it's too late to find out that my men are harboring demon's thoughts within their souls, or that their hearts burn only to slay their own brothers. I need no time bombs lying in wait amongst our ranks. Anyone involved in that battle exhibiting any signs of the Taint will be removed under the guise of "reassignment". They'll be reassigned, that much IS true. To Commissar Gibbet's firing line.

    Total Kills: 888
    Conquests: 2
    Defensive Victories: 0

    ***END OF LOG***

    "In the baaaaaaad lands!" - AC/DC


    *****STATUS UPDATE*****

    Chaos has begun to mobilize in the South. If we are quick, we should be able to halt their advance and push them all the way back to that forsaken Stronghold of theirs. Our brothers in arms, the Space Marines to our Northern border, appear to be stuck in a stalemate against the Eldar. All is well though, so long as they keep the aliens off our backs long enough to create steady supply lines into the heart of this continent. We now continue our march Northward to The Vandean Coast. Many tireless miles await us before we reach our destination.
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    Our route to the The Vandian Coast led us through territory occupied by the Blood Ravens chapter of the Emperor's Space Marines. Upon reaching their vanguard, I sent word to them of our intent. The response I received was surprising, indeed. The Captain in charge relayed to me that Commander Thule had ordered all personnel off the planet's surface. The Captain seemed to believe that those orders in some way applied to me, Governor-Militant of the very planet he was standing on. This did not amuse me in the slightest, and I sharply informed the Captain that he would have his men stand down and let us pass, or our tanks would roll over them. I do not know if my words ever reached Commander Thule - the Captain in charge seemed to be trying to save face, less he be seen as backing down from a fight. I ordered my men to stand their ground and prepare artillery fire on the Space Marine's positions. If this fool of a Captain would not stand down, I would make good on my word. His men would learn the penalty of treason on Kronus.


    This idiotic Captain dared to take up arms against his own allies! Does he not realize that we are in the middle of a REAL war on Kronus!? I hope Segmentum Command has his head for this. Speaking of The Captain, Commissar Gibbet showed me this video of him on his laptop:

    I guess that explains everything.

    My troops began fortifying the roads to the East. If the Space Marines would not allow us to pass through, we would deny them access to the routes they sought to take as well. The Space Marines broke the stalemate by attempting to forcefully remove my men by means of automatic gunfire. My troops fired back in defense, and after that, madness ensued. It soon became clear that the only way to finish this would be to route this contingent of Space Marines and place the Captain leading them under military arrest.

    Following my orders, the Imperial Guard set up a line of defense along the southern section of the central Orestan Plains. Many Heavy Weapons Teams were deployed in the effort. Unfortunately, we were ill-prepared to fight a battle so rapidly in what we had thought was friendly territory. For hours, we held our ground, but could gain none against the Space Marines. Finally, our Vindicare Assassin relayed that he had located their Orbital Relay, and sent back the coordinates to HQ. HQ relayed them to artillery, and our Basilisks specifically targeted their Orbital Relay for the rest of the battle. After several more hours, we were able to gain ground and take the Eastern relic, along with a couple of Strategic Points in the East, leading North. However, we lacked the manpower to hold these positions while at the same time mounting a successful offensive. A wall of 30 Turrets was set up South of our line, but around this time it seemed that the Captain had wised up and stopped reconstructing his Orbital Relay in exposed locations. Out of reach of our artillery, there was little we could do but weather the storm until an opportunity presented itself. The Steel Rain maneuver used against us was relentless, but my men dug in, and though thousands were sent against us in the end, they were never successful in breaking through our line. Finally, a squad was able to maneuver and retake a distant Strategic Point to the East. I dispatched a Tech Priest to them and began my feint.

    Intentionally losing ground in the central area of the plains, all of my men pulled back to our line, doubling our resolve. We allowed our main base to be destroyed, and for the Space Marines to pin us between two groups of their attacking forces. With all their focus aimed at attempting to pummel our last line of defense into the ground, the Tech Priest constructed a temporary Forward Base (HQ) between two of the distant Strategic Points. A Motor Pool was then added, and now we had a roving artillery unit, as the Captain in his shortsightedness had left all of the back roads completely undefended. My loyal squad of Honor Guardsmen worked alongside the lone artillery unit in order to quickly seize loose control of the entire Northern backroads. The Tech Priest fortified each location with a machinegun nest and two Motor Pools per Strategic Point. Finally, upon seizing the Western-most point, the lone Basilisk took up a position firing upon two key Strategic Points that were still out of our grasp. A LeRuss was brought into the battle from the Western Motor Pool, while my men and I continued to prove unassailable. The lone tank was given orders to make quick lightning strikes into the back of the enemy's base. Because we controlled the entire backroad area, he was able to advance, destroy several key buildings, and then be gone before the enemy's main forces showed up. Retreating at the first sight of any Deep Striked troops, he was able to outmaneuver the Steel Rain. After pushing deep into the enemy's base during one assault, he returned on the opposite side of the battlefield along with the Guardsmen squad, and successfully led a raid on the Eastern Relic. As soon as it was in our control, we called in our BaneBlade, and it was the Eleven Guns O'Hell that returned to the back door of the enemy's initial base.

    During our initial barrage of EarthShakers, we had successfully destroyed 3 of the enemy's Forward Bases (HQ). The enemy Captain foolishly rebuilt all three of these HQ buildings on the island in the center of the plains where he held the Western Relic. I left these alone, knowing their location in the middle made them extremely vulnerable from all directions. Our BaneBlade plowed straight through the back of the enemy's base, leveling it's Orbital Relay, Sacred Artifact, and Armoury. The enemy Captain again proved his inexperience by not having secondary structures of these built elsewhere, and was forced to scramble all his resources in a futile attempt at reclaiming his lost firepower on the central island. Pushing straight through, the BaneBlade destroyed his original HQ building as well, leaving him isolated on the island with no recourse. Our Basilisks nearly sank the island as they rained down their EarthShakers from multiple directions surrounding the island. Finally, the day was done.


    There was much strange give-and-take throughout this battle. A concentrated offensive was attempted early on to take and hold the Eastern Relic, but it soon became clear that it was not the strategy that would win the day. The obvious disadvantage was the terrain when on the offensive. Taking ground was one thing, holding it, another matter entirely. Taking the middle meant fighting a 2, 3, or sometimes 4 or more front battle, which is certainly ill-advised under the best circumstances, let alone the extreme odds we were up against. We knew we could hold our entrenched position, so adapting to the devolving situation by making that line our life, proved to be worth the faith in our Heavy Weapons. Not only was the enemy unable to overrun us once we drew our lines, but having the enemy at our front and our back meant only one thing: there would be no retreat by us. The guerilla tactics employed by our Honor Guardsmen will go down as legend. Unfortunately, the awards they receive will be posthumous.


    Total Kills: 9,725
    Conquests: 3
    Defensive Victories: 0

    ***END OF LOG***

    "I'll, be, daaaaaaaaaamned." - AC/DC
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    We reached the city of Vandea today, though it was evident that word had reached the Space Marines stationed there of the battle at The Orestan Plains. Immediately upon discovering our presence in the outskirts of one of the manufacturing cities, we were besieged. We were in the process of reconditioning the power to the city, to maximize the factories production capabilities in preparation for the long campaign ahead.


    There's not much to say, as it was obvious that there would be no talks of a ceasefire with these Space Marines. We fortified our encampment with a Turret covering the main avenue of approach, while myself and my Honor Guardsmen personally stood watch. I was not about to let any more interruptions delay our progress in getting this region back to it's production peak. I estimate that there was roughly a Company of Blood Ravens securing the site, though they were too few in number and spread much too thin to be effective by themselves. Our work was not hindered by their attacks, and we soon had all the generators online and feeding the necessary power to the grid. Once that had been accomplished and the city was lit, the Space Marines guarding the area realized that further action taken would be wasted effort, as not even the elite Space Marines could stand against the entire 1st Kronus Regiment of the Imperial Guard.


    With this key location now in our control, we will be able to call in more men and supplies to the fight faster than normally would be possible. This is a big boost to our push Westward across Kronus. We now must return to the front, so that we may push back against the dark foes that plague this world. Our line WILL hold, and we will show them the true meaning of firepower.

    Total Kills: 9,800
    Conquests: 4
    Defensive Victories: 0

    ***END OF LOG***

    "High Voltage, Rock And Roll!" - AC/DC


    *****STATUS UPDATE*****

    During our return march from Vandea, Central Command in Victory Bay informed us that our ships set in a geostationary orbit above the region detected a loosely formed group of troops traveling outward from the Chaos realm heading North. They seem to be drawn to that damned Relic in The Eres Badlands. I've dispatched 2 more Heavy Weapons Teams to support the small forward base we left in The Eres Badlands. They should be able to provide a firm welcoming party should the heretics rear their ugly faces.




    Though my original plan was to mobilize my men against the spreading Necron threat, an urgent message was relayed to me from Central Command. A team of Servitors lead by one of our hallowed Tech Priests were conducting research in Pavonis attempting to find any lost artifacts left by the legendary Tech Priest Magos Paladius. Indeed, it was in Pavonis that our Tech Priest Magos Explorator Gaius uncovered a fully functioning Aeolis-class Orbital Control Post from the days just after the Horus Heresy. Securing this site became our instant priority due to the massive implications of not only the advantages it would allow our movements, but also too the undeniable lure this place would quickly become to all enemy factions. Better to fortify it now before our backs are against the wall.


    Upon reaching this former Imperial city, we immediately set about retrieving the Servitors previously left to their work by Tech Priest Magos Gaius. We had to contend with a Tau expeditionary force who had arrived in the city almost simultaneously. After organizing our forces, it was discovered that the Tau had become aware that something of importance had been discovered by the Servitors, and had begun rounding them up. Having their knowledge fall into the enemy's hands was an unacceptable outcome, so leaving my Honor Guardsmen alone to defend our makeshift base, myself, along with a squad of Ogryn and Kasrkin, road with a fleet of Chimeras to the North edge of the city to free the captured Servitors. We crushed the enemy base we found there, and escorted the Servitors back to our own base. When we returned, we found that our Honor Guardsmen had been ambushed by a Tau patrol equipped with cloaking devices. A Tech Priest at the base did himself honor by constructing an automated Turret while under fire from the enemy. This, along with our Honor Guardsmen's last breath, prevailed in disallowing the enemy access to our otherwise undefended structures. With 4 Servitors safe, we set out to recover the remaining 5 by following an enemy patrol back to a secondary base erected in the center of Pavonis. We leveled this place too, returning the 5 Servitors to Imperial control. With their bases in shambles, the remaining Tau infantry fled the city.


    Controlling the air space across the entirety of the continent will greatly expand our options when it comes to strategically charting our course during this campaign. No longer will we be limited to slower, adjacent advances. If time is of the essence, we will be quick. However, it is important to note that this capability now makes us a prime target from races that were not initially as concerned with our advancement deeper into Kronus. We must work to fortify this area if we are to maintain our momentum in the weeks ahead.

    Total Kills: 9,860
    Conquests: 5
    Defensive Victories: 0

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite! Ignite!" - Rage Against The Machine, "Calm Like A Bomb"




    After our report detailing the Aeolis-class Orbital Control Post in Pavonis was disseminated throughout the higher ranks of the Imperium, the Space Marines showed up at our doorstep attempting to lay claim to the city and it's mechanical marvel. I flatly refused their "orders" to leave and hand over control of the spaceport to their Command. This location will prove critical to my strategy going forward, and it seems clear that the Space Marines are strangely unwilling to fight together against the Imperium's enemies with us.


    Following their Commander's Intent, a company of Space Marines attempted to breach the spaceport and exert their control. This occurred during our building phase, and as a result of the swarm of Space Marines that descended on the Northern edge of the city, we lost the main HQ building that had just been constructed. However, on the bright side, construction of the BaneBlade facility at our primary base was completed exactly on schedule, so we held the line at home and sent the BaneBlade and a LeRuss to greet their envoy. Our BaneBlade located and razed the buildings the Space Marines had seized to act as their HQ and Barracks, scattering their massed force. Realizing that we would not be deterred by their aggression, the Space Marines haulted their attack.


    I can only assume that Commander Thule will not be pleased by this news. Perhaps this will bring him to the bargaining table and we can combine our forces. If not, my Imperial Guardsmen shall push on. Space Marine assistance is appreciated, but not required.

    Total Kills: 9,926
    Conquests: 5
    Defensive Victories: 1

    ***END OF LOG***

    "If you want it, come and get it." - AC/DC

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    Upon learning of intelligence reports that indicated the Eldar witch Taldeer was hiding out in a base in the Northern mountains, I directed my men towards The Panrea Lowlands. My duty in this matter is clear, as even with the war effort fully under way, the apprehension of Farseer Taldeer for the crimes against the Imperium she committed on Lorn V is extremely high on our priority list. As we approached the foothills of the mountains, we were openly confronted by The Space Marines who again claimed jurisdiction of everything from the moon to the sun. I'd heard enough by now that the moment they leveled their threats at my men, we leveled their Command with our Basilisks.


    After being engaged by the Space Marines, we swiftly mobilized our men in an effort to put enough boots on the ground to outnumber them 10-to-1. As the troops were called forth to the front lines, we began creating a final line of defense to solidify our assault. I led the charge with my Honor Guardsmen, while a team of Kasrkin and then Ogryn entered the field to add to our ranks. With the assistance of a Tech Priest setting up 2 Turrets next to the Strategic Point to the SouthEast of our insertion zone, we broke the Space Marines first 2 waves of attacks. Heavy Weapons Teams were brought to bear in a wide range from the central Strategic Point to the far Eastern side of the central field. Our artillery began to bombard the central Strategic Point until it's structures were dust. They then shifted fire towards the Space Marine encampment just across the river in the NorthWest. Quickly leveling the key structures located within, they focused fire on the nearest Guard Post.

    Under the cover of their blasts, our Ogryn seized the central Strategic Point. Our line of Heavy Weapons Teams swiftly advanced on the middle of the battlefield and readjusted their line to face East towards the new direction of the enemy's attack. A LeRuss assisted in the defense, while our BaneBlade from the Southern Relic was unleashed onto the enemy. First, clearing the area in the NorthWest where the enemy's initial base had resided, followed by annihilating the few structures found at the Northern Relic. The Ogryn followed as a small but immensely strong support force, along with a Tech Priest to capture and fortify points. A Psyker was assigned to the task force as well, to provide a defense against the scouts utilizing cloaking devices we had come into contact with during the battle.

    Once we had carved out the entirety of the Western side of the battlefield, and began building a forward base next to the Northern Relic, I moved the 3 Basilisks there to continue their punishing fire support. They rained down their artillery atop the hill to the East, blowing up 3 enemy Motor Pools, which severely hampered their ability to send Dreadnought after Dreadnought against us. Another HQ went up in smoke as well. Our Long Range Scanners next located the position of the enemy's Orbital Relay, situated far back in the valley between the two enemy-held hills in the East. While deeper in the enemy territory, it was not well defended, with only 2 Missile Turrets providing overwatch on it. My BaneBlade rolled straight through the valley and removed the Orbital Relay from use. Once the Space Marine's Deep Strike capability had been taken away, the BaneBlade, assisted by our squad of Ogryn, advanced on the far Eastern hill and quickly finished the task. A Motor Pool in the process of being constructed, an Armoury, and another HQ building all were reduced to rubble. With the Space Marine's chain of support broken, the surviving ones retreated to their Command in Northern Vandea.


    This pattern of attacks by the Space Marines can no longer be overlooked. Whatever their intentions, I cannot have the rear of my army being constantly harried by attacks. Were I to leave the Space Marines stuck in their stronghold, too many resources would be expended that are necessary for front line operations. There are FAR more urgent matters that need attention for this petty squabble to continue. I will travel with an unquestionable legion of my men to Northern Vandea, and give Commander Thule this ultimatum. If he refuses to listen to reason, we will remove him and his men from this planet, one way or another. It need not come to such drastic action, but no longer do I believe that Commander Thule is here for the good of Kronus. There is something deeply unsettling about his actions since arriving here. Were he a mere soldier, and not Commander of three Companies of Space Marines, his actions would be considered treasonous at best. We may have to put him to the Inquisition to discover if there is perhaps something else at play in all this...dark thoughts indeed.

    Total Kills: 10,565
    Conquests: 6
    Defensive Victories: 1

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Aye aye, oh! Shake your foundations!" - AC/DC

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    To secure Kronus and restore it to order, I was forced to deport the Space Marines back to their battle barge, the Litany of Fury. The only way this could happen was with the death of their Commander Thule, for he would not cease in his mission to carry out the will of his superiors. I understand that one must follow the chain of command, but never before have I seen such blind ignorance. Surely his Commander's Intent did not mean for him to wage War within the Imperium itself? Whatever his reasons, it is now in the Inquisitor's hands.


    We began our assault upon the Blood Raven's Castellum Headquarters in a small clearing just outside their perimeter. Our Tech Priests prepared a set of 6 Turrets, 3 on each side of the center Strategic Point within our base, in the shape of a pyramid. The lines were designed to connect the three Strategic Points, should the need arise. A squad of Kasrkin was positioned just behind the center Strategic Point, and I headed up the defensive line on the right side. Our resident Ogryn squad lurked nearby our Eastern Strategic Point, awaiting any enemies that managed to make it that far. Our Heavy Weapons Teams were called upon to set in the defense. 5 guns were settled next to the Eastern Strategic Point, while 2 others were lined up immediately behind the Turrets on the right side. With our Vindicare Assassin spotting for our big guns, no enemy lasted more than a few seconds in their sights. 3 Basilisks were brought to the front and proceeded to shell the primary entrance to our base. Our fortifications completed, we began to roll out our attack plan.

    Two LeRuss tanks were sent along with the 3rd Basilisk to the Western corner of the map. There, they eliminated the turrets that were the primary protection for the coveted Relic which the Space Marines seemed fervently attached to. Indeed, after creating a Forward Base of sizable proportions directly SouthWest of the Relic, we raided it (after tunneling over our squad of Ogryn to capture the point) and the Blood Ravens morale broke like a twig. To guard it against retaliatory attacks, the steps leading up to the Relic were lined on each side by 7 total Turrets (4 on the right, 3 on the left). Our pair of LeRuss tanks then jumped East to the next hill and we seized that, too. After securing the majority of the Western grounds outside the Castellum's walls, a BaneBlade was brought in before driving the pair of tanks far into the depths of the Space Marine's layered defenses. At the very NorthEastern hill, they made short work of a small Forward Base containing a Barracks and Motor Pool, along with several machinegun Turrets and a massive Generator. They then swept South and cleared the hill holding the Orbital Relay, which we added to our arsenal as soon as the squad of Ogryn were brought forward to lay claim to the Strategic Point set atop the hill. The tanks then led the way to the Eastern Gate of the Castellum, where they parked, blockading all inside, while we finalized coordinating the end of our assault. Our 3 Basilisks were brought forward to the Western Gate, and began dropping EarthShaker rounds within it's walls at prominent stationary targets. The BaneBlade and LeRuss at the Eastern Gate destroyed two Predator-class tanks that had been lurking just inside the Castellum, and then pushed forward into it's heart. The Ogryn squad broke off and began laying claim to all the Strategic Points within the outer set of walls, while the BaneBlade and LeRuss again parked at the very center of the Castellum, sealing off the inner sanctum and preventing any possible escape of Commander Thule.

    Even after all the bloodshed, I gave Commander Thule one final order to cease fighting and stand down immediately. It made no difference, for he flatly refused even in the face of impossible odds. With that out of the way, we tightened our grip on the inner Castellum in a shower of bombs, bullets, and blood. Commander Thule died today, and though I believe he was clearly in the wrong, it should be noted that his stalwart effort to carry out his orders is most commendable. The Space Marines, having lost their Commander, in a strange show of resignation, claimed his body from the battlefield, and then demolished the site of his death with orbital fire.


    So ended a most unfortunate chapter in the War on Kronus. We alone, the Liberators, must carry out the Emperor's will in the fight ahead. What transpired here bordered on heresy, with the Emperor's own at arms with one another. Though the outcome was favorable for us, I hope with all my heart that such an occurrence never comes to pass again within the realm of the Imperium. Good men should die in the defense of their faith, not at the hands of each other.

    Total Kills: 12,036
    Conquests: 7
    Defensive Victories: 1

    "Killing in the name of...!" - Rage Against The Machine

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    The Hyperion Peaks form a natural land barrier against the expansive breadth of The Green Coast's jungles. That alone would make them an ideal territory to entrench, in an effort to wall off the Orks from the rest of Kronus. However, word came once again from our Central Command in Victory Bay, relaying evidence that Tech Priest Magos Gaius had discovered within the logic engines operating the ancient mines within the Hyperion Mountains. Tech Priest Magos Gaius found that the mines were operating on a lost ancient technology built by the legendary Tech Priest Magos Paladius. With this boosted efficiency, these mines were able to output far more refined materials than any other mine in existence on Kronus. The catch, however, was that in order to secure this location for the Imperium's use, a single armored column would have to be used to access the height of it's towering crest. If a vast Imperial convoy were to be spotted from afar by the Ork sentries as we approached the mountains, they would surely seal up the lone road winding it's way skyward. Casualties would be enormous, with no guarantee of breaching the passage in order to begin the real fight against the three Ork encampments positioned atop the mountain peak.

    Using the coordinates provided by the Pavonis Space Port, as soon as darkness took hold, myself and a small commando group were set down at the foot of the Hyperion Mountain range. Under the cover of night, we advanced up the mountain trail, taking the enemy sentries by surprise. This allowed us to make our entrance onto the plateau where we soon found ourselves wading through the Ork filth as we set about our extermination orders.


    Shortly after we entered the clearing atop Hyperion's Peak, we began to hear the drums banging in the Ork camps situated below us in the craters to the South of our insertion point. We knew that we had only moments to gain ground on the Orks before they realized we were upon them. Satellite intelligence photos had revealed a larger Ork HQ than the other two was located in the Southernmost crater. Further surveillance lead us to believe that this encampment was also responsible for breeding a portion of the Squiggoths that had been encountered stampeding through Kronus.

    Our mission brief designated the Northernmost Ork base as Base#1, the Southernmost as Base#2, and the SouthEastern Ork base as Base#3.

    Our platoon consisted of myself (along with 3 of my Priests), as well as my Honor Guardsmen squad led by Commissar Gibbet. I knew that this man would keep our soldiers focused on their duty at hand, above all else. A Vindicare Assassin, who had assisted our stealth entry up the mountain trail, was also along for the battle, as were 2 Psykers used to detect unseen Orks. Our armored column included 2 BaneBlade war tanks, 2 Basilisk artillery vehicles, and 2 Sentinels to provide close AV support. The Basilisks unfortunately had only enough room for standard munitions, as without a supplying convoy to resupply their larger EarthShaker rounds, we were forced to make do without them. 2 elite Kasrkin commando squads, and 4 brave Guardsmen squads completed our razing party.

    Our BaneBlades were immediately mobilized against the Orks. One was sent on a feint down the Eastern side of the craters, assaulting a line of Waaagh Banners at the Eastern Ramp leading to the hive of Ork forces centered within the 3 craters. He would draw the enemy's attention allowing our 2nd BaneBlade to proceed relatively unhindered Southward down the Western edge of the central crater. Speedily reaching the Western Ramp, he descended it into the heart of the Ork war machine. Turning right around the corner into the entrance of Base#3, with great skill he avoided a squad of Ork infantry who were the first of the Orks to leave their base in response to our sudden attack. Accelerating past them, he plowed straight past several Waaagh Banners set up near the front of Base#3 before parking in front of their Vehicle-production building and letting loose with all 11 guns. As more Orks began swarming in response to the ear-shattering noise being fired within their camp, the BaneBlade rolled over the building it had left in a crumbled pile of burning destruction and pushed forward further into Base#3. Several Ork squads were attempting to do what they could to slow it down but the BaneBlade's machineguns ripped through them as it's treads prevented any Orks from impeding it's progress. The BaneBlade next came across Base#3's main HQ, and gave it the same treatment that the Vehicle-production building had suffered. The Ork infantry's futile attempts to prevent the loss of their HQ resulted in a massive swarm from all over descending into Base#3, though there was nothing they could do but watch their command explode in flames. Satisfied with the level of carnage achieved, the BaneBlade pushed forward one final time to target Base#3's main Barracks which housed their Infantry. Poor building design had caused the many Orks to be unable to exit the Barracks before the BaneBlade arrived. The subsequent destruction of the Barracks achieved the added satisfaction of annihilating every Ork still inside. Alone and vastly outnumbered now, the crew of the BaneBlade discharged all their weapons at everything in sight, in a final blaze of glory. Their noble effort will be remembered high on the list of The Liberator's finest heroes.

    The decoy BaneBlade, meanwhile, had encountered HeadHunter Gorgutz himself on the Eastern front. The feint achieved, our remaining BaneBlade returned to rejoin our forces at the Northern insertion point.

    While repairing the BaneBlade and taking the closest 2 Strategic Points flanking our position, the decision was made to continue our assault by moving to the Eastern Relic and pouring our fury into Base#3, keeping them from regrouping after the total demolition of Base#2.

    Our Heavy Weapons Teams were placed in the bunkered tunnels beneath the Listening Posts constructed on the 2 Strategic Points we held at the NorthWest side of the plateau. After they were temporarily secured, our entire force made a hasty rush SouthEast to the Eastern Relic across open ground. Some of the Orks had already begun filtering out of the central craters by this time and so we took heavy casualties to achieve our movement. Once we reached the Eastern Relic, a large mass of enemy troops supported by 3-5 Looted Leman Russ tanks began assaulting our still injured and disoriented troops, spilling forth from the Eastern Ramp to our NorthWest. Under enemy fire, I initiated a headcount to total our losses thus far:

    -1 Basilisk
    -1 Vindicare Assassin
    -1 squad of Guardsmen

    Individual casualties were also mounting, and at this point I discovered that our Tech Priest was nowhere to be found. Later, after the mission, I learned from one of the Guardsmen that he had been seen during the movement opening fire with his silly LasGun on an enemy Looted Leman Russ tank during the movement to the Eastern Relic. A single burst from it's machinegun dropped him where he stood. That fool almost cost us this mission.

    Without the ability to repair our heavily damaged armour, it became IMPERATIVE that above all else, our only remaining BaneBlade could suffer NO further hits from any enemy fire. Commissar Gibbet informed the men that if the BaneBlade received so much as a scratch on it's paint from here on in, he would personally follow them to Hell for their punishment. Every Guardsmen then began throwing themselves in front of the BaneBlade under the relentless hail of incoming bullets and Orks. We lost 2 more squads of Guardsmen, only being able to afterwards hobble together 1 squad where before we'd had 4. However, our defense of the Eastern Relic was achieved, and as the 2 Kasrkin squads and the Guardsman squad, along with Commissar Gibbet's personal squad of Guardsmen, bandaged their wounded, we advanced (along with our 2 Psykers) SouthWest along the narrow cliff that ran behind Base#3. As our infantrymen repelled the Ork infantry that attempted to defend their base against our heavy firepower, our BaneBlade leveled Base#3's Barracks and HQ buildings. With just the Vehicle-production building left standing in Base#3, our force continued to advance around the crater and made their way down the Southern Ramp. Our 2 Sentinels hung back behind our infantry and assisted in neutralizing several Killa-Cans that were waiting in the pass, even though both of the Sentinels could stand to receive no more direct hits (one Sentinel being so damaged that it could not even turn properly on it's own).

    Once our team had breached the entrance into the central area containing the Critical Location, our BaneBlade broke off into the crater containing Base#3 and eliminated it's Vehicle-production building. After cleansing the crater of all minor enemy fortifications, it rejoined the defensive line set up by our men in the center.

    To backtrack a bit, after our initial rush on the Eastern Relic, our Heavy Weapons Teams had been awaiting a connecting tunnel to be built at that location in order to safely bypass the exposed ground being patrolled by the Orks. However, due to the death of our Tech Priest, we were unable to construct the necessary pathways to achieve their reunion with our main force. Almost immediately after securing the Eastern Relic, a MASSIVE wave of enemy forces barreled around the Northern rim of the North crater. The cascaded down upon our Westernmost Strategic Point there, swarming it before our Heavy Weapons Team could retreat on foot. They slaughtered that team while HWT#2 radio'd the emergency situation in from across the battlefield. HWT#2 immediately abandoned the Strategic Point they were situated in, and evacuated the immediate area. They sprinted for the Northern edge of the mountaintop and hunkered down waiting for the enemy force to pass. Luck was with them, and while maintaining a ceasefire status, they subsequently evaded enemy patrols and outposts and made it to the Eastern Relic. Continuing SouthWest from there, they linked up with our men at the Southern Ramp.

    With our men ready to push forward, our Heavy Weapons Team mounted their LasCannon and with a Psyker acting as a spotted, began to remove the emplaced enemy Turrets in the Southern crater that had contained Base#2. Once the area was clear, our men pressed the attack and move North covering the entrance of Base#1. However, after receiving a welcoming by a pair of Killa-Cans, with our infantry numbers dwindling, the decision was made to risk no more men in order to neutralize the final base standing.

    The BaneBlade was ordered to make an all-out assault on Base#1's Vehicle-production building. It barreled into the base, heading right for the Vehicle-depot. It's main cannon blasted a hole straight through the front wall, and the followup shots succeeded in causing a critical structural as the building collapsed in upon itself. Under enemy fire from all directions, the BaneBlade made it's way around the North side of the HQ building and in it's final act, blasted apart the Barracks.

    The outpour of enemy Orks from the North against our defensive line now slowed to trickle as only basic Ork infantry remaining in the HQ, along with pairs of Mega-Armoured Nobz still came against us. We made our final advance North into Base#1, thoroughly purging every remnant of Ork creation. Our combined force tore down the remaining HQ building, and once the central crater was emptied, two teams were split up to hunt down all remaining Orks hiding around the plateau.


    This was a tough fight, no question about it. My men died valiantly in the line of duty, and our ultimate success in this endevour honors their sacrifice. More supplies and reinforcements quickly followed, and once the area was completely secured by our defenses, and our mighty Basilisks had begun being set up to rain EarthShakers into the jungles of The Green Coast, I granted the men involved in the day's attack the night off from front line duties. That night, they toasted their dead comrades and celebrated this key victory well into the night. Their revelry got a little wild at times. I stopped by to join the men for a short time after midnight, and got a laugh as one of them had painted "ORKS IZ NEVER BEATEN IN BATTLE" on his helmet in Ork blood.

    Total Kills: 12,565
    Conquests: 8
    Defensive Victories: 1

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Searching...SEEK AND DESTROY!" - Metallica

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    GENERAL'S LOG #10:


    After constructing our forward base on Kronus atop Hyperion's Peak, we swung our sights back East towards the looming threat of the Necron and Chaos armies. While they had been busy building their forces along our Western and Southern borders, they had been hesitant to attempt a frontal assault against our War Machine. With the Necrons readying their legions of walking corpses to march against our front line, we took one last opportunity to seize a section of enemy territory that their careful buildup of troops had cut off from their own reinforcements.


    We were set down on a hill in a clearing amidst the populated woods of the Aceria Forest. Our orbital radar had revealed a Necron presence lurking beneath the canopy of life that flourished in this place. A large artifact previously unknown to our cartographers, so this mission was both an offensive and a research mission simultaneously. Once on the ground, we coordinated with our reinforcements and began airdropping the necessary components to construct a fully operational outpost right where we stood. With steep walls aiding our defense, we guarded the only manageable path up the hill until our fortress stood completed. Our enemy, the Necrons, made their presence known soon enough, but we threw everything we had at them and they were quickly overpowered. As expected, it took some time for this first wave to be brought forth, indicating our suspicions that the remainder of their army stood at our doorstep in preparation for attack were likely right.

    After two LeRuss assault tanks were dropped into our base, we had them roll down the hill and begin clearing the offshoot immediately to our NorthEast where my Honor Guardsmen secured 2 Strategic Points along the brushline. As these began to be fortified, a series of Tomb Spyders coming from the South attempted to reach our hill. Our entrenched Heavy Weapons Teams smoked them all, with the one that got the closest to our base, barely reaching the pathway leading up the hill. As a result of these undead creations still littering the area in front of us, I had one of the LeRuss tanks pull guard duty by offsetting itself slightly to the East overwatching the closest Tomb Spyder to our entrance.

    The other LeRuss began the assault South, where it quickly discovered that the "artifact" that radar had located was a recently risen Necron Pyramid. After crushing the multiple structures surrounding the Pyramid, I ordered it to hold it's fire while my Honor Guardsmen secured the point surrounding it. Several more enemy Necron forces began trickling up the path that continued further to the South, so my LeRuss advanced in that direction to investigate the source of these troops. It discovered that another Pyramid was in the process of being excavated by Builder Scarabs, and quickly countered by putting a cannon shell in each of them. I joined their purge and together with my Honor Guardsmen, we secured the far South of the clearing. We continued our sweep West and then North, and while we found no further evidence of Necron structures, we secured every edge of the forest surrounding us. Reaching the North section of the map, we came across one final Obelisk, which we obliterated.


    I had ordered the black Pyramid to be secured during our quick strike so that my Tech Priest Explorator Magos Gaius could look it over to see what information he could glean about it and the Necron's unholy existence. My Tech Priest was not able to determine just how many millenia it had lied dormant beneath the planet's crust, but he noted in his report that he believed it had the capability to be triggered into some higher level of fuctionality. What that functionality was, he did not know, though he feared it to be some advanced form of weaponry. Unfortunately, that was all we could extract before I was forced to order the complete destruction of the structure. I will take no chances in securing Kronus against all potential threats. If this thing was a weapon, then it is now permanently out of the enemy's hands.

    However, in a stroke of luck, during his exploration, Tech Priest Magos Gaius stumbled upon an ancient Zeus-class relay and control station. I'm sure that given some time, he will be able to utilize it to enhance our operational capabilities. That, is better news.

    Total Kills: 12,798
    Conquests: 9
    Defensive Victories: 1

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Send in your skeletons! Sing as their bones come marching in!" - Foo Fighters


    GENERAL'S LOG #11:


    The Necron forces that were massing on our horizon engaged our forward positions today. We let loose our full arsenal upon them and drove them back to their lair beneath the depths of The Thur'abis Plateau.


    As soon as our scouts reported sighting Necrons inside our engagement zone, we mobilized our heavy armored division to eliminate every foul Necron structure and shrine they found. Our full mass of men manned the line of Heavy Weapons at the West-Central Critical Location, while a BaneBlade and 2 Leman Russ tanks drove forth from our defensive positions to lay waste to the enemy's positions. We began by raiding the North-East area across a vast open field. There, my tanks discovered that the Necrons had employed an unexpected tactic. Many more of those Dark Pyramids were being unearthed straight from beneath our very feet. My tanks unleashed a tempest of destruction across the width of the field, leveling every structure that rose out of the dirt. The battle raged for a surprising length of time, and it was discomforting to see just how many structures had been hidden in the area surrounding our defensive position.

    Once the NorthEast sector had been cleared of all Necron energies, the Tanks swept on into the NorthWest sector where they were met by a sight that was horrifying to behold. One of the Necron's vile black Monoliths was levitating in the air over the low mountain range in the West. As they engaged it, they received hard blasts from some strange green energy weapons that appeared to retract into it's sides. Several of our Tanks were destroyed in the surprise attack, but ever more joined the fold and relentlessly assaulted the colossus, finally bringing crashing down. While the BaneBlade guarded it, should it revive itself like all other Necron technology seems capable of doing, the Leman Russes pushed past it and annihilated the remaining structures in the area. Once we were certain that every last Necron had fallen to our cannons, the tanks surrounded the fallen Monolith and emptied their chambers on it's remains. If that doesn't do the trick to keep it from putting itself back together, I'm not sure anything will.


    With the attempted advance of the Necrons blunted by our unshakable defensive posture, the Chaos armies retreated some distance away from our immediate border. I'd like to think that they saw the error of their ways, but alas, Chaos does not subscribe at any semblance of logic that the untainted man could ever understand (nor would want to). However, this immediate respite will give us time to solidify out control of certain areas of Kronus, if we move fast.

    Total Kills: 13,003
    Conquests: 9
    Defensive Victories: 2

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Back In Black!" - AC/DC
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    GENERAL'S LOG #12:


    While Chaos finagles it's forces in the region of the Deimos Peninsula, we are using the time granted to extend our supply lines to the far reaches of Kronus. As the endless tide of Orks continue to keep the Tau military on their toes in the West, we struck a large group of islands that were long deemed irreparably lost to Imperial control. The thick jungles make cleansing them completely a daunting task. However, we were assisted in planning this operation by a commando platoon of Kasrkin who had scouted and engaged the enemy in guerilla warfare since shortly after the 1st Kronus Regiment touched down in Victory Bay. For their skillful coordination of the assault force on the enemy's stronghold, the survivors of the platoon were awarded the Ribbon Intrinsic for their actions, and were formed into a squad to be added to my personal Honor Guard.


    Due to our solid intelligence, we were able to pinpoint the Ork stronghold's location on a specific island situated amongst the Rhean Floodlands. Previous reports were confirmed by our scouts that the Ork leading this particular tribe was not, in fact, Warlord Gorgutz "'Ead 'Unter", but instead an Ork by the name of Warboss Hedkrakka. Apparently he was responsible for overrunning the former Tau occupiers in the floodlands. As the series of islands is detached from the rest of the continent, Gorgutz must not have seen fit to waste his time fighting Orks when there were other factions nearby to be concerned with.

    We made a quick strike across a knee-deep river from where the Ork stronghold existed. An Ork scouting party soon became aware of the large influx of Imperial troops. The jungle came alive with the greenskins, and we bloodied their nose when they attempted to raid our side of the river. Our men lined the gap between two tall hills, leveling their AutoCannons at any Ork that got close enough within their massive range. A squad of Ogryn joined the fray alongside me and my Command Squad of 5 Priests. We received no further attacks against our position because we quickly went on the offensive. As the first wave of Orks had come from the West, I sent our BaneBlade flanked by a pair of Leman Russes to Take and Hold the Eastern Critical Location. Once the trio of tanks had beaten back the group of enemy infantry that had been attempting to mass in the shallow waters there, our Ogryn squad moved forward and secured the location, with the squad of Kasrkin performing crowd control with their Hellguns from behind the Tanks. The Tanks then moved North and blockaded the Eastern entrance out of the Ork's half of the battlefield. All troops that the Orks sent against our Eastern raiding group were forced to only pass through on their side of the river, due to our line of AutoCannons denying passage through the river area.

    We captured the first Strategic Point we came to on the beach of the Ork's side of the river, and proceeded to press our attack, soon also completely taking the hill to it's East. I joined the Eastern assault at this point. My Vindicare Assasin received his new orders and crept West to scope the terrain from a safe distance. He was able to make his way deep into enemy territory, as the Orks were in a frenzy over the attack in progress. Due to focusing all their resources there, they had left just a single Turret-equipped Strategic Point protecting the Southern route to their base. My Honor Guardsmen took the initiative and claimed the Western Critical Location, and then with the backing of our Basilisks, demolished the lone Strategic Point, opening the way to the Ork encampment on the hill North of it. With our Vindicare Assassin spotting for them, our Basilisks repositioned themselves on the Western Beach just south of said hill and began shelling it while our Eastern forces began mobilizing from the static position they'd held. The Vindicare Assassin noted a Squiggoth being kept corralled in the rear of the Ork's base. He called down EarthShaker rounds to kill the beast shortly before our Tanks arrived. Through the combination of EarthShakers, concentrated tank fire, and airstrikes, the entire Ork encampment was reduced to cinders.


    Taking after our glorious allies, the Sisters of Battle, hundreds upon thousands of samples of the local vegetation and wildlife will be collected by civilians over the coming weeks. Afterwards, a task force will put the entire island to the torch piece by piece in order to ferret out all possible Ork hiding places and guarantee it has been fully cleansed.

    Total Kills: 13,464
    Conquests: 10
    Defensive Victories: 2

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Welcome to the Jungle!" - Guns N' Roses

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    GENERAL'S LOG #13:


    My men on the Eastern front lines pressed on and spilled into The Van De Mar Mountains while pursuing the Necrons as they retreated back towards their catacombs. Though a smaller region than some others we have cleared, due to the massively varying terrain, going was slow. In the past, both Tau and Space Marines equipped with jump packs were used frequently by the warring factions that once swept Kronus. Without access to these capabilities, my men were forced to secure the entire area by putting boots on the ground, along with interlocking fields of fire.


    As we moved deeper through these uneven paths, we eventually came across a sizable Necron force situated atop a hill, which itself existed smack between two small valleys. As such, accessing the plateau it was on was no easy task. Before we could set up a strong stationary position, we were set upon by a Necron Lord and numerous enemy Wraiths. With only my Honor Guardsmen squad as support for the first several minutes of the fight, we successfully gritted it out and struck down the advancing enemies. More Necrons soon attempted to overrun our position, yet again and again we blasted and hacked at them, refusing to give our ground. Finally, a squad of Ogryn caught up to our advance party and assisted in the hand-to-hand combat that had been in progress for the past several long minutes. A squad of Kasrkin was next to arrive on our scene, and their fire support was greatly welcomed. The Wraiths seemed to come from everywhere, so our Tech Priests quickly set up several additional Turrets in an effort to keep the lumbering Necron Warriors, and then Pariahs, at bay.

    Eventually, an armoured column of Leman Russes reached our position and we sent them Westward so that we could ultimately use their new position to flank the source of the Necrons attacking us. While Heavy Weapons Teams began to stream into the valley and provide a wall of bullets in front of our position along the Eastern cliff, the Ogryn squad and my Command Squad joined with the tanks and 2 Tech Priests and push NorthWest along the upper cliff. We destroyed a small Necron Obelisk residing there, and our Tech Priests quickly set up a secondary Forward Base. From there, we took a nearby Critical Location overlooking the valleys on both sides, and called forth 3 Basilisk from the rear of our army. Now that we had firm control of the Northern high ground, we were ready to launch our maneuver in earnest.

    A BaneBlade was brought in at the Northern plateau and headed SouthWest, plowing through multiple enemy outposts with impunity. Upon reaching the Western Plateau, our combined force eradicated a small Necron base that was in the process of being unearthed. We seized this area for our own utilization, and then proceeded SouthEast along the cliffs. Our Basilisks also pushed South, and now we had the enemy pinned between our AutoCannons on the East, our artillery from the North, and our mobile force coming at them from the West.

    We squeezed the noose tighter and plunged the BaneBlade into the Western side of their base. EarthShakers were launched and pulverized multiple targets, while the AutoCannons annihilated all units that attempted to flee towards the East. All together, we dealt the Necrons on that hill a swift, crushing blow.


    Our men's tactics were sound in this battle, and even though they were outnumbered at the onset, they faced the enemy down and thus prevailed. The Necrons now populate just two territories, though they also happen to be the two largest territories in the center of Kronus. However, with unshakable resolve, our men will eliminate this Necron scourge. They cannot be allowed to walk their path of death, not here on Kronus, not anywhere in the Imperium that a Guardsman still stands with breath in his lungs.

    Total Kills: 13,919
    Conquests: 11
    Defensive Victories: 2

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Evil walks behind you!" - AC/DC

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    GENERAL'S LOG #14:


    Using our capabilities for the distant transport of our troops from Pavonis to the far regions of Kronus, I initiated an invasion of the Agamar Desert. By controlling the surrounding regions, our capture of this sandscape (used primarily as a troop staging and transport route) was the last link in a war plan that essentially land-locks the Orks in The Green Coast. While that area remains one of the largest of all Kronus, containing these beasts to the best of our ability will allow us to focus more resources against the numerous other factions which still threaten the future of our planet.


    A large force would be necessary to push back the multiple tribes of Orks already present at the time of our landing in the Agamar Desert. We had barely begun setting up our structures when the first of them appeared in our camp. Assisted by a total of three Vindicare Assassins, however, we were able to quickly eliminate the largest Orks of the packs, who from what I understand also happen to hold high leadership positions within the Ork ranks. Two beasts with one deadly bullet, I like to say.

    Once our line of 9 Heavy Weapons Teams were deployed, we began our slow ground assault to push back the waves of Orks. We expanded our hold of the immediate area Northward until our line of defense covered the entire clearing for 180 degrees. Anything that attempted movement through the area was immediately killed on sight.

    Our support squads of Kasrkin and Ogryn moved North along with a BaneBlade, while a pair of Leman Russes guarded the rear entrance to our main base. The BaneBlade was parked in 4-way intersection to act as a blockade, supported by my squad of Honor Guardsmen (+Commissar Gebbet) and a fully manned squad of Kasrkin. The Ogryn waited while the Leman Russ tanks navigated the cliffs between their previous position and where the BaneBlade waited. The Ogryn secured every single point on the Eastern side of the map while being assisted by the Leman Russes. Slightly North of the BaneBlade, on the road heading in that direction from the intersection, it forked into two more paths, one heading West, the other NorthEast to another clearing. A Leman Russ parked at the West road, and called forth any backup we could spare to assist in keeping the enemy from leaking through that pathway. 3 Commissars (ordered for close combat) and 3 Psykers were added to that spot, as well as one of our Vindicare Assassins. Collectively, they succeed in maintaining security there while the other Leman Russ tank and the Ogryn squad took the North East clearing. Tech Priests were called forth, dotting each clearing we secured with a forward HQ, and the NorthEast one with a full secondary base for future operations.

    The 3 Basilisks that had been providing fire support for our line of Heavy Weapons Teams in the South were then moved to the NorthEast clearing, while I (along with my Command Squad) led the front line of Heavy Weapons Teams to advance Westward until we had a secure hold on a narrow pass which acted as a bottleneck the enemy could never successfully pass through, though those foul Orks tried time after time.

    Moving to the Northern end of this canyon-filled environment, our squad of Ogryn, their accompanying Leman Russ, and the 3 Basilisks captured a Relic, yet quickly continued their push over the crest of the hill it was built on. To the West, our Long Range Scanners provided coordinates of one of the Ork's primary bases. From atop the hill, our Basilisks rained down EarthShakers on every structure within it until none were left standing. Any surviving Orks fled SouthWest as our Ogryn squad and Leman Russ rolled down the hill and exerted control of all Strategic Points on the formerly Ork-held plateau. Our other Leman Russ tank along with it's retinue of Commissars and Psykers, advanced West along the short pass they had been guarding, and linked up with them outside the front entrance in order to bolster our defenses there.

    Soon after, our BaneBlade was mobilized and also pressed Westward down it's road, and together it and the Leman Russes joined forces outside the front entrance leading into the final enemy base. With the forces there distracted by our armored units, I safely took my Heavy Weapons Teams West through the pass and maneuvered them South around a large expanse of open terrain. Upon realizing our true intentions, the Ork army pulled back and attempted to halt our punishing advance into the rear of their base. However, the Heavy Weapons Teams were chained side by side in a long horizontal line, and no matter what the Orks threw at it, nothing could overcome the massed firepower being blasted from our Big Guns. We ground the enemy defenses into a fine pulp, continuing our push clockwise until we reached their base's back door. Our armored units advanced from the East at that point, while we simultaneously entered from the West. Every single building fell in a matter of seconds as we unleashed our full barrage of weapons upon the enemy encampment.


    The victory in the Agamar Desert was absolute, which only proves that the Emperor is with us in more than mere spirit. We ARE the Emperor's might, and as he wills it, we break his enemies asunder. It should be noted that after the battle, we were approached by a large group of figures who had been lurking in one of the canyons. Our Heavy Weapons Teams almost annihilated them before a spotter called a ceasefire. Amazingly, the figures were a lone squad of Ogryn who's orbital transport had been shot down on the far side of Kronus during the very beginning of our campaign on Kronus. The survivors, landing hopelessly deep within enemy territory, immediately slaughtered a passing Ork raiding party and disguised themselves in the Ork armaments. After which, they proceeded to take refuge in a cave in the area, ambushing lone Ork squads in order to resupply themselves as they waited for the Liberators to reach them on the Imperial Guard's march across Kronus. Their faith in the ability of the Imperium's forces did credit to themselves and as such, these hardened warriors have been promoted to my Honor Guard.

    Total Kills: 15,236
    Conquests: 12
    Defensive Victories: 2

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Big Gun kick the hell outta you!" - AC/DC

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    GENERAL'S LOG #15:


    A pocket of Orks that had been previously overlooked were discovered holed up in a remote outcropping of the Janus Savannah. A section of our men began to comb through the rocky terrain in order to exterminate this ragtag group of greenskins. This operation was a necessary evil, for if we are not vigilant in our duties, our barrier against the Green Tide will evaporate as assuredly as the sun the sets. It falls to us to uphold the light in this world, to be the beacon of hope for all Imperial men and women. We will not falter.


    This operation moved swiftly, but thoroughly. As we advanced North towards the location of the Ork's camp, we set up a stout perimeter manned by our Heavy Weapons Teams. The Orks, aware that we had discovered their settlement, attempted to drive us off, but they were far too few in number to be effective with their usual tactic of rushing their enemies. A small group of our troops branched off, checking every crag and crevice on the West side and removing any Orkish constructs we found. Rejoining the main force, we pushed North across the Critical Location, taking it, and repeating the same process on the eastern bluff. Once both sides of the battlefield had been secured, our Heavy Weapons Teams positioned themselves along the foothills of the Northern ridge, effectively preventing all enemy movement along it. Our troops all climbed to it's height on it's Eastern slope, taking back a Relic and securing a final Strategic Point. Our Tanks rolled West and positioned themselves at the only exit from the Ork encampment, preventing any attempts at leaving the kill zone we were about to create. Artillery fire from our Basilisks then annihilated everything within the canyon's walls. We searched through the rubble after the smoke cleared, performing our due diligence so that the oversight that necessitated this excursion does not carry forward.


    Amending my previous report, I ordered the 1st Lieutenant that previously had given the all-clear for that sector to report to Commissar Gibbet for review. I'm certain I know what the outcome of that will be.

    Total Kills: 15,672
    Conquests: 13
    Defensive Victories: 2

    ***END OF LOG***

    "And they call me WARRIOR! They call me LOYALTY! And they call me ready to deploy, engage and destroy, wherever you need me to be!" - Kid Rock


    GENERAL'S LOG #16:


    The Necrons attacked again from their stronghold at the center of Kronus. Though a slightly stronger attack than their previous one, we repelled it with extreme quantities of heavy fire. Our quick response time largely contributed to the battle lasting just a short while.


    As Necron Warriors began to pour forward through the mountain pass we hold, 2 Necron Monoliths were spotted being excavated from their earthly tombs. The watchmen on the front lines immediately radio'd the cavalry for armored support. A BaneBlade and Leman Russ tank quickly responded to the call, and gathering a squad of Ogryn in the immediate vicinity, the Commander on the scene took the initiative and immediately attacked the Necron positions before their massive Monoliths could be brought online. The BaneBlade streamrolled past the lumbering mass of Necron Warriors that were spearheading their attack on the Western edge and leveled it's guns at the Necron's dark monuments. Because of the immense threat a fully functioning Monolith poses, all fire was initially directed at those black pyramids to ensure they did not rise to power. After their successful destruction, the mobilized forces of the Imperial Guard handily routed the remaining Necrons.


    Though the Necrons were again pushed back to the dark holes from whence they came, the entire Imperial Guard remained on high alert across Kronus.

    "This is, how we'll stand when, when they try to take us down! This is what we'll be! Oh, Glory!" - Paramore


    Indeed, this was fortunate, for at the far outskirts of the Rhean Floodlands, Gorgutz, being unable to penetrate the formidable defenses we'd stationed to keep his Waaagh from expanding, attacked with a sizable force by way of the sea.


    Reinforcements stationed in Pavonis were immediately deployed to the front to assist in maintaining our grip on the Rhean Floodlands. Two large tribes of Ork landed along the shore and began attempt to work their way inland through the thick jungle. However, our remain-behind force was ready for them, and defended the Critical Location while our reinforcements took flight. Once they joined the assault, the Orks were pushed back across the river, turning tail and retreating to their hastily constructed chain of buildings in the NorthEast, with a BaneBlade one step behind them. We quickly razed the meager settlement they had managed to put up, and then crossed through the jungle to the West and met up with a pair of Leman Russes to purge the other settlement that was also in the process of being erected. The leftover Orks either fled back into the jungle or were killed where they stood.


    This renewed offensive by our enemies has long been expected, and our men were well prepared for all challengers. The Liberators will not cede an inch of ground on this planet to the likes of aliens and heretics. This entire continent will be stained with our blood before that day comes to pass.

    "You want some fun? You gotta fire your guns!" - AC/DC

    Total Kills: 15,841
    Conquests: 13
    Defensive Victories: 4

    ***END OF LOG***

    "Alright partner, keep on rollin' baby. You know what time it is." - Limp Bizkit

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    GENERAL'S LOG #17:


    The moment was finally upon us, as today we mobilized our full strength against the souless Necrons that plague Kronus. With no recourse due to the Space Marines being dismissed from this campaign, the Imperial Guard must prevail alone. The entire surface of the Western Barrens was swarming with Necrons, and hundreds more are emerging from the depths beneath The Thur'abis Plateau with every passing moment. Such it was that had we not acted now, we would have been even more hard-pressed to gain ground against their endless ranks. The Western Barrens appeared to be being utilized by the Necrons as a staging ground for some sort of doom march across Kronus.


    Our Strategists back at Central Command in Victory Bay estimated the defensive strength of the Necrons already in The Western Barrens to be a 9. We knew that any battle against the main body of the Necron army would test the resolve of every last Guardsman we threw against them. While our air support pounded the perimeter of the massed Necrons with clusters of missile salvos and punishing artillery rounds, I took up a position in the heart of these nightmares by being airdropped with my men and supplies atop a long mountain overlooking the black sea of Necrons down below.

    The Strategy was simple. By taking position on the mountain, we would force the Necrons by means of our unyielding AutoCannon fire to flee or be destroyed. However, there would be no true option for retreat for the Necrons; our main army was ready to receive them with bombs and flame, no matter the direction they turned. My men and I would force the Necrons to run straight into the grinder that is our War Machine, the 1st Kronus Regiment.

    As soon as we hit the ground, I knew that our planned position was not the correct place to mount our defense against the surging Necrons that surrounded us. After temporarily securing the immediate Strategic Points ringing our landing zone, I ordered my men to move all essential supplies West to the adjacent plateau. I made Command aware that I would need an immediate resupply if we were to last longer than 10 minutes from here in. The Tech Priests set about raising our makeshift fortress on the far plateau near the Relic. After all essential military buildings were completed, they set about building a secondary HQ as I requested. As we progressed in our base-building, more and more troops were dropped to our position. My Honor Guard consisting of a squad of Guardsmen, a squad of Kasrkin, and a squad of Ogryn were the only non-specialists that our infantry roster included. 3 Vindicare Assassins helped direct the fire from 12 Heavy Weapons Teams. Within moments of beginning construction of our backup HQ, the Necron hive mind became aware of our presence, and the walking dead flooded the path leading up to our position. Our massed guns yielded the expected results - piles of motionless Necrons, littering the ground in front of our position. Little seemed to deter their advance except their sudden destruction while staring down the barrels of our ring of AutoCannons, a fact that I was quite alright with.

    While the Necrons (and their body count) climbed, another mass of Necrons found their way up the mountain by way of the path leading to our LZ. Had we not abandoned it earlier, I have no doubts that we would have been quickly overwhelmed by the relentless assault from 2 opposite directions. However, the distance the change in position provided us allowed us to use our Basilisks to keep the new mass of Necrons at bay. Shell after shell found it's mark, and soon enough our previous plateau was once again cleared of enemies. The second wave of Necrons had succeeded in destroying our rear Turret (Strategic Point), along with our original HQ and Armoury, but besides those losses (which were expected once I made the initial decision to move our base), our war plan was still on target. We began calling for our armor, and within minutes Command complied by airdropping a pair of Leman Russes and a BaneBlade straight onto our plateau.

    To stem the flow of Necron infantry that were still attempting to reach our position, the BaneBlade was parked sideways at the top of the path that lead to our base. It's main cannon was aimed down below at a footpath the Necron were following around the mountain. Our pair of Leman Russes rolled down the rear pathway by our LZ, and relayed to us that the Necrons had been successfully thinned to the point where a small commando force could be inserted to quietly begin securing the immediate area to our SouthEast. The Kasrkin squad was tasked with this and began maneuvering while the LeRuss tanks covered their movements.

    After some time, they had succeeded in capturing the entire SouthEast area surrounding the mountain. The Tech Priests were escorted to a clearing in the South surrounded by high walls on 3 sides. There, they again radio'd Central Command for a resupply and constructed a massive secondary base to fall back to, should our men be pushed from the mountain.

    However, this proved to be largely unnecessary. Using the Southern pass, we were able to move our Basilisks to a position just NorthEast of where our BaneBlade was parked, maintaining a wide defensive perimeter. Our Tech Priests placed several rows of Missile Turrets surrounding the Basilisks to prevent enemy forces from attempting to assail them. The Basilisks were now in position to drop EarthShaker rounds on the NorthEast Necron base. The base was thick with black monuments from corner to corner, but our Basilisks launched hundreds of EarthShakers until no more Necron structures rose from the desert sands. With that fortified position eliminated, our Tanks advanced to the far Western Necron base and pressed the assault. With the Basilisks supporting them, the second Necron base quickly fell, and a raucous cheer erupted from the ranks of the Heavy Weapons Teams lining the cliffs above.


    With the significant victory achieved here, The Liberators have succeeded in driving back the dark tides of Necrons from the surface of Kronus. But there is no rest to be had now, not unless we wish for the eternal tranquility that the Necron would gladly bestow on every one of us. No, we must devise a way to strike a catastrophic blow to their black crusade. We must never allow them to see the light of day again, for there must be no hope for those of darkness.

    Total Kills: 16,861
    Conquests: 14
    Defensive Victories: 4

    ***END OF LOG***

    "War Machine" - AC/DC

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    GENERAL'S LOG #18:


    With no time to lose if we were to stop the Necrons infesting the planet from amassing their genocidal army above ground, we settled on the best plan of attack that our Strategists felt had at least a chance of succeeding. We would be forced to venture into the depths of the Necron's twisting catacombs, home for over a millenia to the most heartless beings the universe has known. Therein, I would plant a bomb that would generate a cataclysmic seismic wave, the hope being that it would be able to penetrate the Necron's lair in all directions, through the very earth itself, and ultimately collapse every tunnel and chamber that was part of their foul necropolis.


    Immediately upon entry into those dark caverns, we were attacked by Wraiths and Tomb Spyders. Necron Warriors emerged from the black at the edges of our vision, the only thing making us aware of their presence being the beams from their glowing green energy weapons. We had to be exceedingly careful in those tunnels, for the Necrons were waiting around every turn to ambush intruders. We created a temporary Command base at the entrance to the underworld once we had cleared it of threats, and then began bringing down men from the surface. 9 Heavy Weapons Teams bounded in pairs down the long corridor moving North, as our 3 Vindicare Assassins utilized their night vision devices to scout the way ahead. Once they reached the first open area, they fanned out while the rest of our force moved in. Our Leman Russ tanks led the way further into the deep, while the Heavy Weapons Teams remained behind to cover our escape route once we armed the nuke. A squad of Ogryn accompanied the tanks, and they soon came across a open chamber so vast that it would have been an incredible sight were it not for the damned creatures roaming it's halls whom had carved it. Due to it's openness, the forward movement reported a potential artillery position South of where they waited.

    3 Basilisks were brought down, and our ground-pounding radar detected a dark Beacon set atop the hill, along with a swarm of otherwise invisible Necron Warriors. Our Basilisks were first used to shell the hill until they'd destroyed the Beacon, and then took a position at it's height where they could be called upon to provide fire support in all 360 degrees. Our tanks, as well as the squad of Ogryn and a squad of Kasrkin, moved South following one of our Vindicare Assassins. A giant pyramid existed on the next plateau, as the tanks drove East after a BaneBlade joined their ranks.

    At the far East of this passage, they came across a horrifying sight. Rows upon rows of the black Monoliths were lying dormant in some sort of mass graveyard. A 2nd BaneBlade was brought down and as quick as they could, they set about demolishing these unholy icons. Once this graveyard had been razed, they continued following the path still deeper as they came across another Beacon. These Beacons radiated an unknown energy signature, but we had not the time to stop and allow our Tech Priests to examine them. This Beacon too was reduced to a pile of rubble as our men signaled to the rear that they were very close to the target location on our own radar beacon. Accompanied by my Honor Guard, we followed the trail blazed by our advance party and met them near a giant tunnel carved into the side of the cavern. However, I would not willingly travel the Necron's handiwork while expecting to secure our escape. As such, I had our Tech Priests drill a tunnel connecting our position with the temporary Command base near the opening to the world above.

    Once that task was complete, our convoy of armor and men moved further down the giant passageway towards the designated detonation point. However, before we could reach the chamber, out of the abyss came two hovering Necron Monoliths, who unlike the ones now littering the graveyard in pieces, this pair was very much alive. However, our BaneBlades, backed by the smaller LeRusses, were more than their match in firepower, and the eerie green glow that radiated from them again faded to black. Quickly, our men and I pushed onward just a short distance as we readied the explosive. One final Necron trap threatened to imperil our mission, as some ghastly spectre materialized before us, silently challenging the courage in our hearts. With a mighty shout, the Priest leading the squad of Ogryn rushed the nightmare, and our men rallied around his brave charge. While the Ogryn pummeled the Reaper, I input the arming code to activate the bomb. The objective completed, I shouted to my men to fall back to our escape tunnels. The Ogryn joined me in our hasty march back South, but not before finishing off the Necron Lord, who had exhausted his ability to maintain the transformation. Gleefully they turned and sprinted for the exit, as our armored units followed behind us.

    Once we reached the tunnel, I ordered our men to initiate the self destruct sequences of their tanks, the BaneBlades doing so just inside the tunnel to collapse it so that no Necrons could follow. As soon as we reached the surface we scattered far from the entrance.


    As thousands of Imperial Guardsmen looked on, the ground buckled across the plateau as the detonation occurred. So strong was the blast that every Guardsman fell to his knees while the tremors shook Kronus to it's core. The Sisters of Battle would later state that this proved without a shadow of a doubt that the Emperor had his hand in the Necron's fate, and all who bore witness to the extermination were made to bow before his wrath.

    Our sensors detected no signs of movement within the planet post-blast, and that the hypocenter of the explosion had been so devastating that they could no longer detect any of the vast array of catacombs that previously had been located beneath the plateau. All were buried with miles of rock, a fitting tombstone for the shattered Necrons below.

    Total Kills: 18,905
    Conquests: 15
    Defensive Victories: 4

    ***END OF LOG***

    "O Death, Won't you spare me over 'til another year..." - Supernatural

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    Quality AAR

    Had to register an account just to say how awesome a read that was.
    Aren't many well informed and interesting after action reports for dawn of war.
    hope there's more somewhere!

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    Wow, what an awesome undertaking. I loved reading this log, The story embellishments were awesome even the handling of friendly fire issues.

    Would love to read more -- how about some great skirmishes?


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