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DoWPro - SS: Version 3.59 + 3.61 Available

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    DoWPro - SS: Version 3.59 + 3.61 Available

    DoWpro:SS 3.59 is LIVE!!!!


    3.61 Link:

    To install:
    - Have SS 1.2 installed
    - Any prior DoWpro installations will be overwritten

    For 3.61 YOU MUST HAVE 3.59 previously installed

    3.59-->3.61 - Not yet, not over yet.

    3.60 has marked a point of inflexion. Filled with new changes, new fixes and new everything, 3.60 had everything to be good. But much far from reality there were a lot of things yet to fix.

    The easyness that both Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines through Tier 2 had to be solved somehow in order to make them feel "less easy" than before.

    Necron and Tau had some issues, specially for the former, which made them pretty much an army to abuse from Tier 2 onwards.

    Both Dark Eldar and SoB were still yet to be fixed in regards to some matchups and still had to find their own place within the mod. This version fixes them properly.

    Suffice to say, again, 3.61 solves many issues to accomodate the player's choices.

    In the interest of reviewing DoWpro's progress over the last few years I'll reiterate some of what I said in old releases.

    We're all aware of the dramatic and long design process of DCpro. DCpro 3.41 was released Oct 2008 and was a pretty exciting release marking the end of a slew of updates on the original DCpro 3.0 public release. Whilst Soulstorm had already been released for months the DoWpro team had made a crucial decision: to not move onto SSpro until DCpro had really been perfected. It took a long time but we eventually got there.

    However, our work was far from over with 3.54. Ultimately DoWpro is about delivering the best possible gaming experience and I certainly felt that 3.54 could offer more. 3.55 was the culmination of a 9mth journey to deliver a superior gaming experience. SSpro 3.54 was released on the 18th of February 2009 and represented the culmination of months of intense redesigning, balancing and feature expansion that took DCpro to a new level - improved gameplay and balance, more races and Soulstorm compatibility. 3.55 builds on this and delivers playable races with comprehensive updates, revisions and tweaking on 3.54; updated visuals; additional loading screens and sounds; and much more. 3.55's key focus has been gameplay - and I expect that most players will appreciate the revisions over 3.54 that offer superior tempo, depth and fun.

    SSpro has built on the mindset we developed when making DCpro and further increases the tempo and dynamic nature of the gameplay. Re-desiged elements of racial tech trees to better round the races and improve their progression once again feature in this release of SSpro. In 3.55 every single unit, ability, research and structure of every race has been individually groomed to give you guys the polished DoWpro experience you've become accustomed to.

    3.59 and 3.59.58 do feature a build of the amazing Dawn of Skirmish AI mod - however, it may not be functioning as well as it could as I keep making changes which outdates the AI's code. This is my fault and is in no way due to the AI mod - hopefully we'll be able to get it updated in the future to ensure maximal AI performance. I hope that 3.55 represents the start of a less turbulent time with regards to tech tree changes. This will mean that coding for the AI will not need as much revision from patch to patch which will make AI coding a much more manageable task than it has been over the last 9mths. We've been very lucky to have LarkinVB again assist with AI coding and hopefully, with less dramatic tech tree changes in the future, we'll have a chance of getting more regular AI updates.

    DE has undergone repeated updates and will continue to do so. Polishing a race to DoWpro quality takes time and DE is certainly getting there - with player input we hope to continue to improve DE even more. Luckily due to the hard work of Nicodemus DE are already a great race and with great community support from the likes of ReaperDudikoff I hope to continue to see them improve.

    Finally, We've managed to add several new gameplay elements and models courtesy of the excellent models from the Firestorm over Kronus mod team. Many thanks to these guys!! Their models are exceptional and add greatly to DoWpro.

    3.59 retains the great features of the 3.55 installer.....and goes further to add even more features as seen in old installers:

    - As per 3.55, a fully configured IRC client is bundled to allow maximum ease of reaching the DoWpro community IRC channel

    - A fully functional AutoWiki created by the amazing Nicodemus. "AutoWiki?" you say - we've managed to provide for you a COMPLETE stats dump of DoWpro that's fully up to date with the final version listing every single important stat you could think of of any unit/building/research/ability/weapon in the game. Access to it is delivered from a shortcut on your desktop. Dark Eldar is now added into the AutoWiki!.

    - We've provided a full compliment of manuals AND mp3's detailing each race of DoWpro along with some general overviews of various changes to help ease the learning curve for new players.

    - Advanced new visuals to make playing DoWpro even shinier but also more intuitive with additional Fx's to represent in-game effects.

    - Expanded map choices with revamped pro versions of the originals!

    - A "Logo-less" option for those who don't want the "DoWpro" opaque logo visible in game

    - A significant update on the extra sounds bundled with should HEAR the difference! Many thanks to Hollow for his hard work here

    - All new in game loading screens and updates to the old tech tree's using Krix's great loading screens!

    - Updated and greatly expanded version of Yao's AutoSaveReplay Tool featuring greatly expanded features like APM graphs, build queue timelines and chatlogs!

    - Updated and expanded Translations (particularly Russian). Again many thanks to Hollow for coordinating this.

    - Several additional units and many Heavy Weapon options on existing units that are not found in the original game

    DoWpro provides not only a unique host of great features but also its trademark gameplay and balance. DoWpro 3.57 is another step up on what you've seen from the DoWpro Team before on every level. More Features. Better gameplay. Superior Balance....and two new races to play with!.

    SSpro 3.59.55 is the premiere DoWpro experience. If you haven't tried DoWpro before or haven't tried it in the last few weeks you're missing out. SSpro is not DCpro - it's an evolution of DCpro with many many enhancements beyond just a new race. You should see it for yourself.

    What is DoWpro?

    I'll keep this section somewhat brief in order to keep this release notice from being too pretentious. There's a FULL explanation in the manuals and audio guides bundled with the installer - I recommend you check those for a more expansive explanation.

    However, DoWpro is a gameplay and balance redesign of DoW:SS. It's a mod project thats been running since April '05 and is widely known throughout the DoW community. The primary goal of DoWpro is to create a deeper, more exciting, balanced and competitive version of DoW. A version where players can truly immerse themselves in their chosen race and explore a multitude of possibilities. Whether you're interested in skirmish against the AI, casual games with friends online or more competitive online play - DoWpro caters for your gaming needs. We try to capture the feel of the 40k universe, bring back some of the key features of DoW vanilla (eg. hard counters, importance of morale), marry it with great gameplay and top it off with super balance and AI. DoWpro aims to cover all the bases.

    We've got a very friendly and vibrant community based on IRC ( #dowpro) that is readily accessible using the IRC client bundled with DoWpro. We're also based at

    Where to Get Support and Meet Players:

    If you have any technical issues, or are just looking for a couple of games. please join us on the IRC chat Channel "#dowpro" on the "quakenet" server , either by using an IRC client such as MIRC, or Chatzilla (a firefox plug in) or by using the bundled client found in the SSpro 3.59 installer. If you want a game, this is the best place to find one. The most popular gaming time is from 10 to 22 GMT.

    Please post your problems or any feedback in our forums at Note that all our replays are also posted here - be sure to check out upcoming 3.59.5 replays!

    If you are playing SSpro online, I can recommend creating a new Gamespy account with a DoWpro tag, as this will help all of us finding and arranging games. The Eye Of Terror (EoT) is where we usually play, so please do come online or into the IRC and catch a few games with us. IRC is the single best place to try and find games as many players idle there throughout the day.

    Also, we have a Steam Group, so you can join in and ask for games, talk with the developers and more!.

    Finally - SSpro 3.59.58 and beyond

    SSpro 3.59.58 does not represent the end of DoWpro development - just a new level in maturity and polish.

    Rest assured that the SSpro experience will be built upon and enhanced over time.

    In the mean time please enjoy SSpro. Literally years of work has gone into getting it to this point and all of us on the DoWpro team hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

    - Korbah and the whole DoWPro crew.


    The DoWPro mod uses some material which belongs to some other mods. Some of them, are totally exclusive and cannot be taken out without the authorisation of the team leader of the mod that created the material which has been added. DoWPro mainly uses the following models from the following mods:

    - Firestorm over Kronus.
    - Purgation of Kaurava.
    - Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod.

    To be more specific. In the case of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod, there has been an exclusive deal from both mod team leaders (that is, between Korbah, Friedric_P and KRMZ). If, by any circustamce you take any of these models or content from DoWPro, which belong to the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas Mod you are not allowed to public it in your mod unless you have real authorisation from Friedric_P and KRMZ, the mod team leaders from the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod.
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    DoWpro: Winter Assault / Dark Crusade / SoulStorm

    Korbah - DoWpro Mod Leader

    Dev Team

    OctopusRex - Dev Team Leader
    Saaz - Coding
    Nicodemus - Coding, the amazing Autowiki and Dark Eldar race development
    mlai - Coding alumni
    Hollow - Coding and Sisters of Battle race development

    Content Team

    Denizasker - Content Team Leader and modeller
    Hollow - Translations and Tooltips legend
    Reeelax - the incredible Fx maker
    LoRd KoRn - Art and Icons creator
    DeviantGhost - Maps and Art
    DoOB & Dysthemic - Art
    Ellipsis Jones - Art
    Kurtcos - Art
    Ppipp - Art
    TurboPepsi - Art
    MurhpyJ, Pimpy, ActionDragon, Viparas, Whodunnit, Tauknight, Yao, Slates - Manuals
    Soutchka - Sounds
    Hollow, Ain, Dryden, JabolX, Lord_ET,, s1_ONE, The_$h0gun, Yao - Translations

    Public Relations Team

    Viparas - Public Relations Team Leader
    f4lx - DoWpro Homepage Administrator and Former PR Team Co-Leader
    Kurtcos, SoCoandCoke & Lor - Former Public Relations Team Leader
    Kablam - Former Public Relations Team Co-Leader
    Slipenbois - DoWpro Homepage Administrator
    terminus82est - n00b Boot Camp Sarg

    Hollow - Spanish Community Manager
    Decadence - Community Awareness Manager
    Khan - Swedish Community Manager
    Longrange - French Community Manager
    The_$h0gun - German Community Manager
    Yarrick - Former maker of Videos of pwnage

    Balance Team

    ActionDragon - Senior Balancer
    Ain - Senior Balancer
    Baneboss - Senior Balancer
    ChokoBambus - Senior Balancer
    Cloud7 - Senior Balancer
    Dux - Senior Balancer
    Khan - Senior Balancer
    Jozen - Senior Balancer
    Murphyj - Senior Balancer
    Pimpy - Senior Balancer
    Reeelax - Senior Balancer
    Slates - Senior Balancer
    TrueTheReaper - Senior Balancer
    Tauknight - Senior Balancer
    The_$h0gun - Senior Balancer
    Viparas - Senior Balancer
    Whodunnit - Senior Balancer
    Yaoquizque - Senior Balancer

    Former Balancers: Aegeri, Aron_DeTomado, BoRT, Brady, Chewin_gun, IKn3wFeaR, LoneVandal, Katana`7, Mantella, Moe, muuthauwg, Oldschooler, Re-con, Saaz, terminus82est, Visba, WarDM

    AI Team

    KaiserSoze - AI Team Leader
    LarkinVb - AI coding assistance
    Sire Thudmeizer - Skirmish AI Mod Liason
    ArkhantheBlack - Skirmish AI Mod Liason
    AI Testers - Allen, Capione, Capry, Cheeseman, Con1k, Leondegrance, Me987654, Nightwing, Ruprechtus, Tankhunter
    The Skirmish AI Mod Team - without these excellent chaps we wouldn't have their incredible AI
    Many thanks to all involved and for their continued support of DoWpro

    Models and assets

    Firestorm Over Kronus and Purgation Over Kaurava Teams (FOK/POK) - Medes, Mirage Knight, Hangar-8, Megazogg, Melooo and Horusheretic
    KRMZ and Friedric_P for the agreedement of the exclusive utilisation of the Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod material
    Cyclone Mod - Québec_Dug, XEN and Brother_Santos
    Chiu Chungling for his incredible texturing work
    Corncobman for his awesome help
    Camera Zoom Mod: Inquisitoriae and Gnome5
    Reaper R66: For his fixes!. Much apreciated!

    Special Thanks

    - Relic, for making such a kick-ass game and maintaining strong patching support
    - RTS Sanctuary and for their continued support
    - Excedrin, Moe and LoneVandal for their hosting support
    - Our fans and affiliated fansites around the world and Everyone who helped along the DoWpro journey

    Remember to visit the DoWpro section @ RelicNews, ModDB and etc. and our irc on #dowpro

    - Korbah & the DoWpro Team.

    F.A.Q (Frenquently Asked Questions)

    General Questions about the mod

    - Will this mod have a campaign mode?. Will it ever have?.
    As stated in the general description, this mod is clearly focused on the Skirmish and Multiplayer side. We do not have the time and the skills necessary to work on a campaign. It is however true that we had plans to work on a different campaign, but the idea was disregarded because it was too cumbersome.
    It will stay on Skirmish and Multiplayer until Korbah says the contrary.

    - Why there are enough units in X race in this mod?. I'd like to see more!.
    We do not fill a race with over nine thousand units and randomly put them a role to see how it rolls out. We think firstly on the gameplay and playstyle of the certain race. After that, we look through all the units and play ad infinitum to see which roles might fit in, what abilties might come in handy, etc... . The purpouse of this mod overall is to bring an experience which tastes like Vainilla DoW, only flavoured with those additions that, through expansions were not in the Multiplayer aspect.

    - Are you going to add more races in the mod?.
    We could do it; however, and in our experience, the more races you add, the more issues you will find in the others; we do not want the nine original races suffer from unexpected bugs or balance issues and heavilly affect to the user in a negative way. Suffice to say, we will stick up to 9 races, maybe 10 if certain mod team gives us the necessary permission - which that race will be Tyranids. But after that, it is very unlikely that the team will work on more.

    - Are you going to update the Winter Assault/Dark Crusade versions?.
    We have finished working on both expansions with good results. We believe these versions are on its highest polished version; also, SoulStorm offers us more content and more possibilities code-wise.
    So no, there are no plans (and there won't be in the future) nor thoughts or reasons about getting back to these two expansions.

    - Are you going to update the models and textures for X race?.
    Maybe yes, maybe no. We only focus on the gameplay and balance aspects of the mod. Of course, we can update some models which require and urgent change texture and model, but at the same time we do not want to compromise things such as the space of the installation for the user.

    We "might" update some models, not all, but time will tell.

    - Are you going to reintroduce the flying units?.
    No. The team has been trying them out and by a large consensus, has decided to ditch them out for many reasons:

    1- In late-game they were gamebreaking any of the most balanced match-ups such as Eldar vs Space Marines and Tau vs Chaos. This lead to a lot of discussion.
    2 - They do not work properly path-wise. Their movement is sloppy and does not even help the player to get them.
    3- Their role most of the time was just overtaking other units who were pretty decent in their respective roles, thing which lead to a feeling of obsolescence.

    - Regarding Sisters of Battle: Are you going to include and/or replace with new models?. I am looking at you, Veteran Superiors!.
    All races have access to Sargeants/leaders after hitting Tier 1.5 (that is after armory is built); after Tier 2.5 Plasma Weaponry can be developed through research. Implementing the new Veteran Superiors would mean just ignoring those things for the sake of balance, giving a HUGE advantage to the whole race, which is not what I want. The old models do have Bolt Pistol/Inferno Pistol, which the latter has been repurpussed to be a "health degenerator" and keep it as far as much as we could from the typical plasma based weaponry. We also are not allowed to add weapons or even animations for the new models, so as you can see its a next to impossible thing to implement.

    General Gameplay questions

    - Help!. I don't know what are the effects a second HQ gives!. Is it good to build it?.
    Of course it is!. Building a second Headquarters provides a bonus on your Requisition income, access to any previous Wargear you haven't purchased for your Commander before, aditional population, and additional population and vehicle cap researches. This however doesn't apply to the Necron race, which have their wargear on their Forbidden Archives.

    - I noticed morale break works different from the vanilla game!. What does it do now?.
    When an unit suffers morale break, it suffers a 80% of accuracy nerf, their timed abilties are temporary disabled and suffer a penalty of 10% of movement speed. If the unit however is a Daemon type (like Horrors or Possesed Space Marines), the unit suffers a 50% of accuracy nerf and additional damage around 12 Hitpoints.

    - How does the builders stack now?.
    Each builder contributes half the build speed of the last one to join, meaning there is a 25%, 50% and 100% respectivelly. In the case of Necrons and Orks, this applies until you reinforce your Scarabs/Gretchins, meaning for example 2 Builder Scarabs will work at max eficency or 3 Gretchins will do the best eficency as possible.

    - How does the cover bonuses work?.
    In this manner:
    - Light Cover: 20% reduction of damage taken, 20% movement speed slow, 20% reduced Line of Sight.
    - Heavy Cover: 40% reduction of damage taken, 35% movement speed slow, 40% reduced Line of Sight.
    - Negative Cover: 10% increase of damage taken, 20% movement speed slow, 20% reduced Line of Sight.

    - How does power and timer cost work on Generators?.
    Power Generators increase the Energy gost each time you build one, in order to prevent the massive Generator farming. It also increases the build time of each one.

    - As Necrons, how do I build Generators?. I am unable to build them!.
    In order to build Generators you must firstly select a Builder Scarab and you will see below the Building Icon there is another icon, this icon is an ability called Energy Grid Tap. By left-clicking on it, you will generate a slag deposit-like terrain, which will serve you to place the Generator above it.

    The reasons that took to do this change were to optimally serve to prevent Generator farming, to garantize a defense system (which generators include an Area of Effect ability which will harm both Line of Sight and accuracy to enemy units) and finally to actually give the Necron player to expand his base.

    Known issues and way to fix them (temporary).

    - Whenever I play with Necron Warriors, these ones just attempt to go on melee!. What do I do?.
    When necron infantry are killed in melee and ressurect, there is a chance the squad will think it is still in melee with that unit, causing it to ignore orders like ranged stance, hold ground, etc... and try to melee the attacking unit if it is on screen. This is an engine bug and cannot be fixed. However if you kill the attacking unit, or garrison the unit in question (Flayed Ones in monolith or Necron Warriors/Inmortals/WR in summoning core) the bug will be gone when they pop back.

    - When I play with Necrons I can duplicate a Monolith?. Is there a way to fix it?.
    Sometimes the Necron Monolith will not dissapear when its Restored upgrade is completed, which gives you an extra Monolith. This is related to the Monolith build animation, it is possible that it is fixable but no one has figured out how yet.

    - When I install the mod I just can't create a profile!. What should I do?.
    When installing DoWPro (or any mod), you must have already created a profile in Soulstorm. Not doing it will prevent you to create one ingame unless you remove the Profile1 folder which is located in the Profiles folder.
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    All I can say is, good job DOWPro Team.

    Welcome back Korbah, and ironically, thank you for helping me get that hidden research working.

    PS: Downloading.
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    Looks good - I'm definitely going to check this out.

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    Second post updated with a new version of the addon; fixes many bugs and also has some few minor tweaks in balanace, check it out!.

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    What a good comeback!
    I was a fan of DOWPro in the times of DowSanc...
    Very good work! I eagerly awaits the next release of the inquisition variant =P

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    Hi I've joined the xfire cult and the irc client. The irc client had only 10 people in it and the xfire all were offline. I asked in the channel where the main place was to find a game, and I was told it was the IRC channel, is that right? I'd like to join the DoWpro community, but I'm not sure I can if it only has so few members.

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    Yes, the problem is that we move on from timezones; it´s kinda hard to get to arrange some games, but when its done, is done. You can always get some if you are GMT +1, with luck and if someone is not lurking. The Steam Community is a bit more active than the X-Fire cult if you ask me, get a search on it!.

    Hope I see you around there!.

    P. S: Again, second post updated with a new version of the Inquisition addon - fixes even more bugs!.
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    I'll have a look for it.

    On a seperate note, is the DPS table up to date? And how come a lot of the unit types repeat? Such as there being two daemon prince tables.

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    Oh, that has to be the different hardpoints they use, if I am not mistaken. If not, then I´ll have to talk with Korbah about it, must be a possible error. In any case is fine ingame.

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    You did fix that taskbar glitch right? Very hard to miss, when you shrink it by hitting that button up above on the taskbar, it simply disappears, disabling the option to um... rise up.

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    Nope, sadly we don´t know what is causing such error; as far as I did my research everything seems fine, so I´m clueless, Korbah did the same, and the same result was given. Hence we would need a better clue in order to make the next step to fix it.

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    Ah that's easily fixed, it happened to me and after that I just made sure I memorised the hotkey for it...

    ...which is Ctrl + H

    @ Damien: Different Hardpoints? What's that?

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    It means different weapons an unit may use as it has been coded.

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    Well it had seperate weapon stats yeah, but i'm talking about daemon prince being put there twice. Have a look at it. Its nothing major, but it just makes the table look way bigger because of the duplicates.

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    True; I see it, is a glitch in all its rule, happens :P.

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    I am recently recluting people for the following tasks to do; if you are willing and have free time, why don´t you contribute? . I am searching for:

    - German Translator, fixed to translate those lines regarding the mod and also from the Inquisition addon.
    - Polish Translator, fixed to translate those lines regarding the mod and also from the Inquisition addon.
    - French Translator, fixed to translate those lines regarding the mod and also from the Inquisition addon.
    - Russian Translator, fixed to translate those lines regarding the mod and also from the Inquisition addon.
    - 3D artist and/or modeller/texturer to help out so many things regarding the graphical aspect of certain areas of the mod.

    Those interested, can reply here in this thread or send a PM willing to help.

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    Sorry for the double posting; second post updated with a new version of the Inquisition addon - added lots of new stuff so check it out!.

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    Very good!
    This mod is very well done. Can't wait for the next release!

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    Do you have a changelog for the new version?

    Also, you misspelled Seraphim in places, so there are serphaim squads running around.

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    Ah the Ordo Malleus units miss all the possibility to work with the "Hero" feature.
    Despite this they're fantastic.

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    I gotta say something.

    I LOVE the Dark Eldar! You guys are amazing at creating them. Awesome job. Totally revamped and kick ass slick, eh ha! I think I found my favorite race for the moment.

    One suggestion. Totally ignore me if ya want. Could ya make their buildings... relocate? Add a DE like effect to the relocation and walla! You have the relocation matrix!
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  23. Modding Senior Member Tabletop Senior Member Boardwars Senior Member  #23
    I'm pretty sure the team are able to utilise existing code, Cylarne

    (and there is no such thing as webway_gate_ext)
    I am an Iron Warrior. Iron Within, Iron Without.

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    @Cylarne_04: Thank you for playing it. The main thing about Dark Eldar consists basically of beign like the main Eldar, however, more of the assaulting type instead of specialized troops. We try to make them pretty different between each other, but converging in some points (for instance, the Fleet of Foot ability), but putting on such ideas in another way (the utilisation of Webgates in this case is pretty much different). Although, I think that we might have in mind your idea and see how we can do it properly, without altering much the existant balance.

    In other news I am glad that some of you are enjoying the Inquisition addon. I know its pretty much half-done - wish I could have a solid team to make on quick some things which are yet left and passing on the next thing in supporting this mod for my part. In any case, enjoy it as maybe soon I would release another version with more fixes!.

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    Any tips on taking down a Tau player with the Inquisition? I'm always getting completely steamrolled.

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    Right now its hard to deal with Tau as them, you can try this:

    - Ordo Hereticus path: 2 squads of Sisters (one with flamers pursuing and another with Heavy Bolter for backup), both of them with Missionary + Lady Inquisitor either in close combat or in ranged, once armoury has been done you can make Seraphims to pursue and laters to obtain Blessed Ammo which deals neat damage against them, not to mention on the same as Rhino. Mainly it goes like this.

    - Ordo Malleus path: 2 squads of Stormtroopers with Grenade Launchers to, in the maximum possible prevent the massive damage they deal in ranged combat and close combat the Tau Commander using Lady Inquisitor and/or Grey Knights. Purgation Squad is a must as they deal good damage against heavy infantry thanks to their Psycannons. For antivehicle you can try to get krak grenades for Stormtroopers.

    That is a bit in general lines.

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    Woo, did it earlier through sheer force of numbers using Hereticus. The guy started playing Hide the Webway Gate as Tau, and I ended up having to chase him down. Is there a complete changelog from DoW to DoWpro, though?

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    No, sadly there is not; however we provided a full set of stuff such as a wiki and manuals which you can find in Soulstorm/dowpro/dowpro manuals. At this moment there are only seven out of nine (or half nine) done, expect in the future that Dark Eldar and Inquisition are done.

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    Install DoWpro -> look at your desktop --> click on the DoWpro manual's shortcut --> open the "welcome to dowpro.pdf"

    That'll give a pretty detailed rundown on what to expect

    To Join the DoWpro Team - PM me!

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    Not your type of cat Hollow's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    The next version for the Inquisition addon will be very very big!. It will include a new UI, new toys to play with, bugs fixed for certain races (Korbah might check it out), rebalance of some aspects of the army and...who knows what else . On the other hand I am still searching for the people willing to do the tasks I posted above; again if you need you can do something very useful and want to expand just a bit more not only this mod but the others to come, don´t think twice!. PM me or reply to this thread.

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    Love the inquisition! Can't wait =P

  32. #32
    Just downloaded 3.59 yesterday and I absolutely love it. The balance is great and I love the fact that enemy heroes can't steamroll through 2-3 squads of SMs anymore. One thing I wanted to ask about is you seem to have improved the "Persistent Bodies" setting and I'd like to know how. I noticed going from Dawn of war > WA > SS that SS added a giblet system (if that's what you'd call it?), and that Persistent bodies no longer worked anywhere close to as well as it did in DoW and WA. I noticed a great improvement in the setting with the mod, but it's still not the same as it was in the older games.

    Questions aside, I really can't stress enough how great this mod is and I'm happy to see work toward adding the Sisters of Battle.

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    Thanks c_kaiser; we have checked on the code as in DC/SS they added that "giblet" system, which is part of the health_ extension (as I remember, I don´t have right now the tools to check it). Thing is that the more you add those persistent bodies, the more use of RAM there is, so it might kinda risky to add, if you are going to ask about adding moar corpses. Just that we preffer suitable things corresponding the gameplay and balance rather than that, actually.

    In other news, and sorry for the lack of updates - the Inquisition addon as at hold; both paths are almost finished (100% at Ordo Hereticus, while Ordo Malleus is yet at 95%, despite that there are many other things yet to be done in the case of adding new voice scripts and all). There is also another addon announced by me which is yet to see the light which it will be called "Who Needs Dawn of War 2?". It will contain some model updates and some other minor things which I hope I can get it to see its green light. Stay tuned for more.

  34. #34
    Thank you for looking into that for me and thank you again for the fast response. I understand that the topic I brought up wouldn't exactly be on the top of your priority list for the game. However, if you know I way I could turn this feature off I would like to know whether it helps the setting or not I don't like how it looks honestly. Great news to hear Inquisition is so close, will it be released as an addon like the alpha or a full reinstall of the mod?

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    We will look into the persistant bodies further - I will talk with Korbah for it (or if he is lurking here he can give a response too). About the Inquisition it will be added for the future release of the mod (that is 3.60, I hope) if everything is going alright and there are no rushes in Korbah´s plan. For those who had it installed separatelly they will have to delete the folders (that or I hope that the installer removes the files by itself).

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    I'm tempted to download the inquisition add on right now. Would it be worth downloading right now? Or should I just wait for the full version?

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    Download it if you wish; think about it as a whole demo - the version I´ve got is much bigger and better, gameplay wise. I made a gigantic step, though it could be cool for you to start getting it and learn how it will work in comparisson with other races.

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    One thing I noticed, my SS folder is loaded with error logs since I downloaded the mod. I'm assuming it has something to do with running the mod (or perhaps an error since I have multiple mods installed) I downloaded SS through Steam and I was wondering if there was a way to stop error logs from being generated. If not I can delete them manually

    On another note I downloaded Inquisition, but can't seem to get that to work either. I used RARextract frog to unpack the the archive in my SS folder... tried a few things but in the end just ended up deleting the folders and .module file. :/

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    Those error logs as I remember are normal - just remove them and thats it.

    To "install" the addon, you must place the file and the module file inside your SoulStorm installation, that is. C:/THQ/Soulstorm, after that, get in the Game Manager of the main menu of the game and select it.

    Easy as that.

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    Got it right. Problem was my extractor was set to automatically create sub-folders. Anyway I do really like the new Inquisition units (especially the Dreadnaughts!! which raises the question why take away Space Marine's assault gun add-on to dreadnaughts? ) I enjoy the melee-oriented units, but definitely miss the flexibility of the Sisters of Battle units. Can't wait for 3.6 already

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    Because Ordo Malleus on its totality has enough close combat units (assault) to deal enough damage, the Dreadnought is settled to offer a fire support as best as he can, as the whole path lacks on many things (specially anti vehicle) to deal in ranged.

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    Are there any plans to make the campaign playable after all the races are added?

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    No, there is no intention to make a campaign available for the mod right now - as it is, it could screw up many things if we start coding (or far worse, who knows what else can´t be touched), it was something that has been discussed many, many times, but was dismissed because of finding out the major problems we will find. SCAR, taking too damn long time in making a new whole campaign, etc. We don´t think that making the same whole campaign just with those changes would be cool, know what I mean? .

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    Update Time: Again...Again?

    At this day, the Inquisition race has almost everything finished, just some little things to done and a last unit to add (which I hope Melooo has it at fully :P). The AI will be done soon and once everything is settled I will give it to Korbah, so he will start with it a new version - 3.60.

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    Very good news!
    I'm on this forum every day for updates in this mod ^^

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    Does 3.59 comes with Inquisition?

    Im really looking forward toward this now. Looks really good.

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    No, you will have to download it appart - for 3.60 Inquisition will be fully implemented; on another side, once its released I will recommend that any of you to remove the separate folders, just to save some space

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    Full Inquisition? I mean including Grey Knights terminators?

    On the other notice I think that Ordo Hereticus is swell,but Malleus on the other hand. Purgation squad need a damage boost or whatever done to their psycannons(I mean reading Grey Knights omnibus you'd at least think that those weapons would blast demons/light infantry/commanders off the battlefield). But they are incomplete so it's a-okay.

    I've been a fan of DoWPro for a while now. Actually it is one of few things I regularly play in DoW as is. Balanced sides+wargear+heroes mod=F.U.N.It has given DoW a few years of extra life,so I wanted to thank Korbah and Hollow and everyone that works/has worked/had worked on DoWPro. Now if only you would incorporate those nice custom army skins by Hangar 8 and if possible some kind of Chaos Dedication this would blow all DoW mods and all the other/future DoW's too. Perhaps you could implement dedication the same way you did Ordo's or paths for Tau.I don't know(because it would interfere with balance and that's last thing I want-until then I'll keep playing Word Bearers or Iron Warriors). I'd actually be devastated if Korbah came and said:That's it boys and girls. Show's over-lights out.
    Anyways...If you need any ideas about balance or global game design(as in how would I implement this or that) I'm your man(I've tried every possible strategy against every race on every difficulty-yes even some weird because I try to stay "in spirit" of the army/legion/chapter I play).
    Call me Ixim

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    Thanks for the input Claw of Lorek. Mind you that this public version is higly outdated; psycannons for Purgation Squad have now a more and better impact killing some kinds of infantry and dealing with light/medium vehicles. I wouldnt want to put the anti daemon counter because thats the Incinerators are :P. The version I´ve got has major changes on the Inquisition for both paths!. It´s gonna bring on some and interesting additions.

    About balance changes on Tau, I can´t do much because I don´t want to interfere on the balance of the eight original races, however I do know that many people have their concerns about two races: Imperial Guard and Tau. Which Korbah should know what to do, of course, providing a whole set of replays and explaining point by point the issues - not to so easy to say "balance this" or "this is imba, fix it", trust me :P.

    I would gladly do a last job once I finish the Inquisition and I told Korbah for it, but it will be very very secret and it won´t have for now any exit until events come as I expect .

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    Tau are... how shall I put it? Ah yes,OP right now. Considering 2x Knarloc+3x Krootox+Vehicles and Stealth Suit squads is just over the top. One good thing is the fact that you actually limited Carnivore+health(when they eat corpses). If that thing remained on +300 health(which would basically mean that for one Carnivore model you get one "invisible" model-essentially you double their health)-that would just finish the mod off imo. Mont'Ka ain't better. With Broadsides and Crisis Suits you can blast your opponent's vehicles just like that while razing their morale to basically zero in mere moments. Combine that with Fire Warriors which are basically like a squad of guardsmen each and every one armed with plasma guns(can't help it though. Tau are envisioned like that-they are supposed to be OP in range). What would I suggest is that once Teachings of Mont'Ka/Kauyon are researched then you couldn't research the other.
    Why? Well because I think that Tau OPness stems from the fact that you can optimally combine Cannon fodder+Vehicles+Beasts. You couldn't do something like that in TT without being hampered somewhere(either Carnivores wouldn't have Shapers,Stealth Suits Fusion Guns or you'd have Ion Cannon Hammerhead instead of Railgun one). Just me opinion(could be irrelevant though).

    On IG-Yes I know about them. You've always had problems with them(I remember when I read strategies and stuff on Sanctuary... good ole times). The problem is that there are like 3 strategies for them tops and that's that. In early game just hug your buildings,look down look up,what do you see? Mechanized Command with 4 Sentinels armed with Lascannons decapping your points... now imagine that you even Leman Russes... and voila I'm on the horse(tm). Only difference if you prefer Guardians or Kasrkin, and your Command Squad loadout(often I like to take four priests for the lulz) and that's it. How to solve that without upsetting balance-short and simple, I don't know. I'd toss Hellhound and Leman Russ variants in,but that would surely upset balance.

    But who actually mentioned Tau? I just asked if the Chaos Dedication(Tzeentch,Nurgle...) could be done like choosing a path at Tau's(or something) without upsetting balance. If no-I'll be content with Inquisition and Word Bearers and Tau().

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