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COH Map Creation

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    COH Map Creation

    Hi - After spending several days creating an awesome map I find that when I test it in skirmish, the enemy remains inactive without doing anything. Then when I try it in Multiplayer after sending to a friend, we have an immediate sync error as the game starts. Anybody know why? Please help!

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    Think maybe this needs moving to the Armoury, but usually when u get an inactive AI, it's because their HQ is too close to the map edge. Playing custom files with a friend online means u need to make it into an SGA archive (see Corsix Mod Studio), u can play on a lan using -dev mode.

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    Let's move this over to the Maps Bunker, the friendly people there are more likely to be able to help.

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    @Loreicelien what says the "My Games/company of Heroes/warnings.log" about and/or exist in "My Games/company of Heroes/Logfiles" an scar.log file with an actual date and an error message inside?

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