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Failed to Find Supported Hardware Rendering Device

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    Failed to Find Supported Hardware Rendering Device

    I just ordered the original Company of Heroes off of Amazon new. I installed it into my brand new laptop and got this message: "Failed to find a supported hardware rendering device. Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for Company of Heroes. Verify that you have the DirectX installed and the latest drivers for your system." My laptop has a NVidia gt 540m video card which is above and beyond what's needed for this game along with 8G of Ram and plenty of hard drive space. It could also run the Battle for Middle Earth II without a hitch on the highest graphical setting so I'm pretty sure I can at least run CoH. I have DirectX 11 so that's not the problem, and I also visited NVidia's website to download the latest driver for my computer. None of this fixed it. PLEASE HELP A BRUTHA OUT!! I just wanna play the game

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    Hey man...I too am having this problem...that one guy mentioned removing the Microsoft C++ Distrib. things and then reinstalling the latest one which is 2010...I found all those in my Add/Remove Programs thing via the Control just go down the line uninstalling all the redundant/old ones until you don't have anymore and then if you search google or bing (because it wont let me post the link here) for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable" it should show you a link to directly download it. Unfortunately, I thought maybe redownloading and reinstalling CoH might help so until that gets finished I will not be able to test what this did...but if you're anywhere like me....I'll give just about anything a go at this of luck man

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