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"*** Campaign Complete" Achievements not unlocking?

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    "*** Campaign Complete" Achievements not unlocking?

    Okay, just wanted to ask if somebody has had something similiar:

    Yes, I am an achievement whore. Yes, thus I am buggered that the "Easy/Normal/Hard/Very Hard Campaign Complete" Achievements don't unlock though I have gone through the entire campaign with both SM and IG on Very Hard. Anyone know that to do?
    Good god, it's been ages...

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    Well knowen problem I guess, I have it to with IG the other races have unlucked. IG will not for me done it 3 times

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    Yeah same problem here... using orks twice on very hard and nt a single acheivment popping up when i should get two, beating camp with orks as well as very hard acheivment
    the only thing i can think of doing is trying a different race? or starting the whole campaign again which kinda sucks

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    eldar isn't unlocking for me.. XD
    just did tyranid.. no unlock either... and the record+stats page isn't updated to show tyranid campaign has been completed..
    ditto chaos.
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