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COH connection problems

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    COH connection problems

    Hello, excuse my english, please!
    I have conection problems with coh. When I'm playing 80% of all my games I get the message "You have lost connection to the Relic Online Server", but I'm still able to finish the game. When the game is over count in my stats only when I lose.
    I use:
    Windows XP
    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Levelone WBR-6005 router
    I try everything:
    Selective startup
    I have the following port forwarded:
    UDP 6112
    Update the LAN driver
    Please help me.

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    Hi when your connection is lost you are allowed sometimes to finish the game however all players in that game are replaced by CPU.

    The actual game u lost your connection with is still going without you playing it.

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