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Can't connect to relic online

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    Can't connect to relic online

    I downloaded the patches through the OF game client, but I cannot connect to relic online. I am not sure if I remember my old password either, but I cannot reset it because the option is grayed. No connection, no connection, no connection. I am forwarding the two parts that CoH wants.


    Nat with Independend Mapping and Port Dependent Filter - VoIP will work with STUN
    Preserves port number
    Does not supports hairpin of media
    Public IP address:

    I use a D-link DI-524UP. tracert to the cohlive servers times out.

    Any suggestions?
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    According to your warnings.log you're only at version 2.400 , so you need to patch up to 2.602 manually, that should do it. Get the patches here:

    2.400 - 2.500 (1.38GB)

    2.500 - 2.501 (107MB)

    2.501 - 2.502 ( 32MB)

    2.502 - 2.600 ( 45MB)

    2.600 - 2.601 ( 26 MB)

    2.601 - 2.602 ( 157 MB)

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    Okay, I patched up, but I still can't connect to Relic Online. Attached the new warnings log.


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    Maybe try bypassing the router and just plug the modem directly into your computer to verify it works. Router can block CoH.

    Can you surf fine? I assume so, unless you are on a different computer posting messages.

    If you can get in game by bypassing the router, try resetting the router by holding the reset button down for at least 30 seconds to restore it to default settings. any less time and it may only recycle the modem and not clear out all of the settings. reconnect the router to your computer and modem. Turn modem on first, wait for lights to settle down(maybe 60 seconds), plug in router and wait for lights to settle down(maybe 30 seconds), then turn on your computer. Lastly say a few prayers, cross your fingers, etc...

    Good luck
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