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64bit Win 7 and a re-install/patches

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    64bit Win 7 and a re-install/patches

    I need to re-install COH, OF, and ToV onto my new system.

    Will I need to d/l all the patches or are they cumulative? That seems to be the one crucial piece of information not provided.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Once you install CoH/OF/ToV, ToV will update your games to 2.5. Then you will only need to update from there. Patches are not cumulative so you will need to download each patch at each version as it were.
    Everything you need to know is in this sticky thread, including download links and patching order.

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    Just to clarify a bit more, you don't need to install vCoH or OF at all. Just install ToV, patch from 2.500 to 2.602, and unlock the rest of the content using your vCoH and OF CDkeys. If you have a Relic Online account with all of the CDkeys recorded, it should unlock all of the content when you log in.

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