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MDM zinc v2 error handler

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    MDM zinc v2 error handler


    Form Name:Mainform
    Form type: Normal Form
    {mdm}script v2 method:
    Parameter(s): "0" "boolean" , "BeforeExecuteInstaller"
    Frame Number: 22
    Zinc Error: Zinc has encountered the following error: Access violation at address 10099Eb3 in module 'librarylib.dll'. Read of address 00000000
    Would you like to open the debug window? Press OK to debug, NO to continue without debugging or ABORT to end program

    ^First error Message.^


    error code: 10212:0000064c
    C:\Users\Home\Appdata\Local\Temp\fedca5a1b36540e... etc
    "An Error occured when Installing the Windows Installer Package [Random Folder directory] The package may be corrupt, or an error may of occurred during Installation. If you cannot resolve this problem please contact THQ technical Support."


    Running Windows 7 Home Premium
    Radeon HD 5700
    1 TB Hard Drive

    I have manually copied and pasted the contents of the OPPOSING FRONTS CD to my Hard Drive. No Luck.
    I have used the Command Prompt to start the Install.lua file in order to fix one of the Zinc Error. First Error Message. No Luck. Second Error pops up after first is taken care of.
    When Debugging the Zinc Error Message this is what comes up:
    "MDM Zinc v 2.0 Trace Window global localeEnglish true init result true LocaleStatus2: undefined set productKeyCallback productKeyCallback forward button key B550-A982-F4BA-1911-0E14 entering NetConfig validation validation succeded. validator 32 Installtype is CXP1 result 1 System Perf check done amd 0 forward button forward button OnBeforeInstallLoad C free = 786840 SPACE_REQUIRED_MEGABYTES = 8583 forward button BeforeInstall_Forward false error installing"

    I have contacted THQ it's only been a day but I am Impatient. I have googled the Issue and every single Forum Site I have clicked on relating to CoH and this issue.
    Keep in mind I am using OF Stand Alone.


    One thing I should of never done, was I didn't correctly remove Company of Heroes from my Computer, there was an error going Online so I wanted to Reinstall the game, now I can't Install it back on.
    I manually deleted the THQ folder. I deleted the Patches from My Documents. I deleted every folder in the Temp Folder that had to do with CoH. I manually removed THQ folders from the Windows Registry. And when going to add/Remove programs CoH came up. So I uninstalled the game from there, (Even after manually deleting the THQ FOLDER.)

    Now these messages come up. I have ran both Setup.exe & GameInst.exe in Administrator. I have a normal User Name "Dan". I have tried all I can see possible.
    I used to have DLL error messages, but that is now gone sense I moved the contents to My Computer.
    Only errors now is the three I put up there.
    I think you guys have some techy guy from your site come in here and tell me how to fix it.
    I am going to get the regular CoH Disk from a friend soon and see if that works.

    Thanks, Names Michael by the way. Hope you can help!
    Form Name:Mainform
    Form type: Normal Form
    {mdm}script v2 method: mdm.DLL.addparameter
    Parameter: "0" Integer, "Undefined"
    Frame Number: 3
    Zinc Error: Zinc has encountered the following error: 'undefined' is not a valid integer value.
    Would you like to open the debug window? Press OK to debug, NO to continue without debugging or ABORT to end program

    ^Second Error Message^

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