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TC (Team Colorable) Mod [Helmet Farseer, Tyranid Glow] 8/29/11

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    Photography TC (Team Colorable) Mod [Helmet Farseer, Tyranid Glow] 8/29/11

    This mod edits certain units textures for team color compatibility. some of the placeholder's i have concepts that i would like base the work on, tho I really don't know what I'm gonna do until I sit down and start working, Id like to have a plan...Also in the future I will add Race specific inclusive mods that combine all individual units from a race together in one easy to use .sga
    Imperial Guard

    Inquisitor - new link

    Space Marines

    Glowing Eyes

    Space Marine Helmet






    TC (Team Colorable) Mod / Bloom Mod
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    Very Very nice mod sir! looking forward to the commi

    uh oh!

    the mod seems to give the force commander a veteran helm portrait
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    @hadrun whoops, must not have deleted that when i was messing around with stuff, thats cool anyway, i found out that inquisitor common/rare's hat isnt team colorable so im gonna have to take care of that anyway , ill take out the portrait while when i reupload tomorrow

    also...i was thinking of ways to do commi, should i make his coat teamcolorable?

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    not sure the hat needs to be TC - doesn't really work in garish colours =P

    otherwise, cool mod

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    This mod works very well. The coat doesn't work very well with bright colors but most of the default paint schemes for the ig work fine. I'm glad to hear that you're doing the commissar next.

    Could you also create this mod for the techmarine and farseer?

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    @all thanks, appreciate the feedback

    @khorney the hat looked a little weird when it wasn't TC, however, if you would like a version without i can provide that, just need to delete those texture files

    @Necron0398 i will do techmarine head, as far as the farseer she seems good, let me know what you have in mind for her and ill consider it

    i also want to do the orkz, cuz i feel their TC is somewhat lacking
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    nothing to do with vid but was holding rubber band inbetween my lips (?) and i pulled on the bottom and it flung up into my nostril
    do orks, because you can't have too many colour schemes, can you?

    looks good.

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    Commi is on hold for just a little bit, good news, got the Tech Marine done, and i got started on some orkz, want some feedback before i continue on, so what do you guys think about the pants? the skin? disregard some slight offness of the textures i will work that out later

    Tech Marine


    oh and i guess i can show you what i have a commi done, also im gonna release one where coat is colorable and one where it lets you color the tint on the coat


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    Hey man, those Orks look great! When's the release due for them? What tools do you use to edit the colour schemes? I'd really like to do a tweak to the Marine skin so I can have Blood Angels with the blue helmets for Devs, yellow for Assault Marines and black shoulder armour for Sergeants. Is that possible?
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    unfortunately, prolly not, assault marines have a different head so you can do them, but anything the dev has regular tacs will have too including the sergeant. Ive been using photoshop, its actually incredibly easy once you get use to it, it takes me longer to decide what i want to do with a unit than actually doing it.

    As far as a release, im really close with orks, plus i did noise marines, a slight change to ogryn, commi was working but now its not (no clue why), and autarch coming soon

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    when you edit the tem files do you edit the layer channels for diff color schemes for each file?

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    i actually had to use santos tool model editor to have commi's head point to the tem file, bc it was pointing to a default texture. and yes i edit both diff and tem, but i make sure to merge any layer into the background otherwise it gets screwy

    EDIT: we're back in business, turns out the diff texture was too light in the tc area.....learned something new today, so their will be a big update tonight, commi, noise marines, orkz, possibly autarch
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    New Screens

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    God damn those Orks are sexy, they look much better.
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    Hi Muertz_15. I also have to say that I love the orks. I just have one question.

    On the Slugga Boyz, the shoulder and metal jaw parts seems a little brighter in the colours then the rest of the armor, and the shoulder fickers, is that something that needs work, or is it done as it is now?
    Just wondering. Still love the mods. ^^

    PS: I also noticed that the WeirdBoy's head is the same skin colour as all the other orks in this mod. But thats only the head, the rest of his body is still in his orginal colours, which made it look like hes been in a play and forgot to remove the makeup. ^^

    And also, the Warboss'es tattoos are missing. =( Anyway to get them back? And hes a little white on his ass. =P
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    @prince damian the flickering im not sure about, i get it with him sometimes other times I don't, i also get this with farseer 60 armor, thought it was my computer, anyone else having this problem? Tatoos are out, i removed them on purpose, didnt like them but i may make version with...warboss's ass is a little white, ill put that on to do list as well. As far as Weirdboy i changed his body along with the head, is this what you have him looking like

    if so, then maybe i need to relook at it, if not, i prolly missed a file and then thats on the to do list too. Thanks for the input tho. i guess with that dealt with, anybody have requests? its not everyday you hear that so take advantage

    Oh and @Shuma thanks for pointing me out to the model like a charm and really opens up the possibilities of this mod as well as we all really need to thank Santos too

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    @Shuma: you and your ork fetish lol, but i have to agree that the orks definantly look alot netter this way
    Damn It Ravenor, im a chaos worshipper, not a loyalist

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    This is how the Weirdboy looks for me.

    This was the only real "problem" I've noticed with the mod. Everything else is small potatoes. ^^
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    yep, just looked at mod .sga, seems i forgot to add the weirdboyz common armor.....should be fixed, check it out let me know if its not fixed

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    Hi again Muertz_15. I'm back after trying the updated Orkz. And I am happy to tell you that the Weirdboy now looks like the rest of the boyz. ^^

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    i messed around with chaos lord last night, change his loin cloth and cape to be third color...looks pretty good, but i need to edit a little more b/c black kinda looks like shit, also working on glowing eyes for SM / Chaos, depending on how that goes may do eldar plus make team colorable eyes. Oh also messed around with SM Tacts head, giving them a legion of the damned looks like this...

    Legion of the Damned

    will post some pics when i get home tonight (maybe tomorrow)

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    No release yet, but thought id upload some pics to show what im working on....minus the stormtrooper, didnt turn out very good at all...prolly gonna take a break from him and look at him later with a new idea

    new screens

    chaos lord loin cloth, eyes on space marines toned down, might not be able to tell but noise marines texture is screwy with metallic colors, other than that, these guys should be available soon

    messing with the emi textures actually gave me an idea for way to make bloom mod better, may look into that as well

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    Hot damn i love those space marine helmets, and the glowy eyes for the Chaos Lord.

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    yeah i like how space marines helmets turned out, tho the eyes make them look kind of evil (that will be perfect for chaos tho ) , i didn't realize you had a very similar chaos lord till i was done, oh well...the eyes on chaos lord are weird tho, they are like half team colorable the middle of the eyes just stay white

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    Well Space Marines are pretty evil, we just see them as the good guys because they're human. Kinda. As for the eyes being white, that's because of the emissive value, it could be too high BUT i assume you're using the bloom mod, if you looked at them without it they could end up not glowing at all because of the Retribution shaders, so you'd have to check, or it could be that the green eyes are too bright in the diffuse map.

    i didn't realize you had a very similar chaos lord till i was done, oh well...
    I do?

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    the loin cloth/cape....pretty similar, minus the helmet - i do have to say im starting to like the chaos lord helm now with the eyes and white horns

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    Oh you mean the team color? Well i copied it from Hangar's so that makes 3 Chaos Lords with the same thing going for them.

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    for those that want more pics, i put some on steam

    new pics

    ill prolly release something soon (SM and CSM eyes) all inclusive material so far, still playing around with the stormtrooper cant seem to make him cool no matter what i do but im trying
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    Damn that looks so sweet, well, not particularly fond of the Plague Marine's eyes to be honest but a lot of people paint them like that in the miniatures so hey, who am i to argue? Looks really good, if you're short of ideas(and i doubt you are) and are looking for something else to do(i doubt that too since you have your hands full atm) i found this interesting color scheme for Space maroons in GW's site:

    Not a request, just throwing it out there. Looking forward to the glowing marines.

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    muertz, can you fix your TC Inquisitor Skin? It seems you made part of the hat TC and now the inquisition "I" has a bit of it TC'd using the hat's color and not the 4th color slot you intended. proof: try looking at the "I" on the frontend. its the lower left portion.

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    Online compatible?

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    upload pic circle problem, i cant see it, however i did find this problem

    after i see what you mean, ill fix both and re-release

    @ Existor - yep, only messes with dds files and some model files
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    holy glowing eyes brother thats what ive been missing in dow2 sm and chaos great fn job.

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    Shas aia Toriia
    For the Farseer, could you change it so that the strips along her back are team colourable to colour #2? There is only one strip below rank 30. As it is, it always is beige from the Ulthwe colour scheme.

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    as a present to all you patient folks...SM glowing eyes released, csm are done, but i don't want to rush releasing it tonight and i need to go to bed. Oh i should add, librarian has sm helmet, if you don't like that TOO BAD!....nah j/k let me know and ill release different version, i have a version for fc with regular helmet too, but i didn't want force people into having that, again if that's something your interested in let me know, ill release that version

    @Shas aia Toriia - i plan to do Eldar after Chaos, so ill look at that as well

    @Shuma - i do like that Knights of Medusa camouflage color scheme, i might try to do it, if it looks half way decent i might even release it

    edit: also, looking for feedback, i had csm with static eye color(red), the glowing eyes i personally think works better with that, but then went back to TC eyes from slot 3, its more versatile but darker colors don't look as good(glow as good)....which do you like better?

    this is static red eyes

    this is slot 3 eyes

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    I'd go with TC eyes personally, as for the marines, unfortunately as expected the eyes don't glow that much without the bloom mod:

    Also both downloads are the same, neither have the fancy legion of the damned style TC helmets.

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    @shuma, my bad about the link i was setting up for helmet version, the link is the same since i copied the format for glowing eyes and forgot to delete the link, ill upload that tonight, also that sucks that its not as glowy ill take a look with regular retribution shaders and see if i cant make it look better

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    I did a version for retribution shaders....doesn't look quite right, i might have to modify the emi texture

    bloom mod:
    Bloom Mod Shaders

    Retribution Shaders

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    any plans to TC the Soulstones on the Eldar Guardians?

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    @hadrun, nope that already is a mod

    Guardian Gem Mod

    what i might do tho, is make eyes TC with the soulstones for all eldar...not sure yet, and as a bonus ive been working on dlc farseer, gonna working on the gems on her back being more emissive, and already altered her eyes and face mask...i also was thinking about releasing altered defaultchapterscolours for Eldar_Ulthwe_DLC for each other craftworld so that if you own the dlc you could alter the colors if you wanted without breaking online and keeping restricting it to only people that have paid for it

    if this is a hit, i may do it for dark angels too
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    Update: Added Chaos Lord, CSM glowy eyes and changed helmet, Bloodcrusher, Noise Marines, SM helmet change, and TC Eldar DLC change

    new screens

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    The bloodcrusher link is incorrect and the chaos space marine glowing eyes file doesn't seem to work with their elite helmets.

    Also, what does the space marine head file do? I can't tell from the pictures.

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    @necron0398 - fixed the bloodcrusher link...the glowing eyes for both space marine and csm work, they just don't look as good with retribution shaders, in the screenshots im using the bloom mod which uses the shaders from chaos rising and dow2. i am going to release a version for regular retribution soon, i played with it the other day and it didn't look quite right so im modifying it

    the space marine helmet should add a tc part based on the secondary color for the beak of assualt marines and regular marines in the middle of the face

    edit: just noticed you put glowy eyes not working with the elite helmets....guess i should ask, are you using bloom mod?

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    I was incorrect. The glowing eyes for the CSM is not working at all. The eyes for the chaos lord and space marines work but not the csm, no matter what head they have.

    I am using the bloom mod. I've tried removing every other mod I use and this will still not work.
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    updated: fixed csm link, common and epic helmets emi files weren't attached to the model, try it again and let me know how its working now

    edit: also fixed the inquisitor today, added tc to sword, fix I hanging from belt, switch around ribbons hanging from belt, fixed hat issue (i believe)

    edit: also finished chaos lord, made gun tc to reflect loin cloth

    chaos lord

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    It's fully working now. It's nice but I really can't wait for the TC eyes!

    Also, could you release a version that doesn't change the bottom of their helmet? Glowing eyes for the Chaos Sorcerer would also be nice.
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    Loving the new eldar DLC mod, is there a possibility of releasing a version that I could custom colour? Cheers

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    @Luque13 - unfortunatly no, i can't really do that without letting people that haven't paid for dlc be able to access it since i would have to modify the original farseer to be dlc farseer, original warlock to be dlc warlock, etc

    but i can let you know how to i changed the config and you could change each slot to any color you wanted

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    good work !
    I love Warhammer

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    Happy screens for everyone....and ill prolly release them tomorrow(later today - its like 1:00 am right now) or friday, im holding off cuz i kinda want to change the helmet for the warpspider exarch to secondary color and markings to primary (basically flipped from what it is now) and im not sure if i want to give the dlc warlock the bands on the head or the two black i think the gems on the farseer are off, some are really shiny some not so much, as always your input is important to me so let me know what you think

    edit: oh and regrettably i have like 2 days left of photoshop it might be awhile after this release till i put something out, either till i get gimp working(and get comfortable using it) or get myself a copy of photoshop

    new screens


    one more thing, to those of you thinking im giving the dlc eldar too much love...your right, so here is alittle something for ya

    new farseer

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