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How-To: Making smf and bsc editing

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    How-To: Making smf and bsc editing

    Hello, I've been messing around with smf and bsc files a bit and this is what I found out. First of all you'll need a hex editing program. This is what I used: Note: If you never used XVI before practice a bit first to grasp how the basic functions like copy paste delete, insert etc work.

    1. What are .smf files and how to convert .mp3 to .smf?

    Smf files are mp3 files with a simple hex string added at the beginning of the mp3 file. So you really don't need a converter, although it may be faster, one present on this site only converts from wav to smf what takes a lot more space what is undesirable. So open up your mp3 with Hex editor and insert this hex line (go to edit->insert string and choose hex string): 6673736D0100000002000000. Voila now you have a genuine smf file!

    2. What are .bsc files and how to edit them?

    Bsc files direct certain element/event of the game to specific smf files and manages various properties of smf files like volume etc. (Note: I used this to change main Menu music only so far but I guess everything else should be similar to this.) Open up frontend.bsc from data\sound\music\ folder and you will see a lot of gibberish (note every bit is important so be careful not to delete anything by accident, make a backup before editing preferably).

    You'll want to link this file to your newly created smf files which contains your music file. You will see references to 10 smf files here (use any except opening_ambience_with_birds and write name of your smf file which you placed inside your mods data\sound\wav\music\frontend). Now only one thing is left if name of file you just wrote is the same as the name of the file you overwritten then every thing is ok, but if it's shorter or longer you'll need to edit the forth hex space before path name so it's decimal value will match length of path you've just changed. That's it!

    Look at the pic below: count the number of letters marked in red and compare it to decimal value of selected hex place which is marked red here. They must match or you'll bsc file won't work and it will probably cause the game to crash.

    p.s. If anyone is interested here is a bit more but I haven't yet figured out what it all means so this part is useless so far:


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    Nicely written tutorial. Shifting over to How-To's.

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    Thanks for posting this up. Is there no other way to edit (or create from scratch) .bsc files? I looked around the internet and I can't find anything that even mentions them really, much less an editor or creator. It would be amazing to be able to compile a group of audio files together and be able to create a .bsc for them doing various things like an ordered playlist, random playlist, etc.

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    Good post, there already is a .smf converter made by Mannerheim here:

    Automates the process, and there are some posts here about progress at unraveling the .bsc code here, not sure if it helps:

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