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DoW2 Ret running laggy?

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    Politics DoW2 Ret running laggy?

    Hey guys. My the game was running absolutely fine smooth as a babys bottom. I stopped playing for a week came back with the little update on the main screen at the bottom the little newsflash.
    Ever since then the game has been running laggy even normal DoW2 and DoW2 CR.
    All the settings are turned down low why the sudden change?

    Anybody else having the same problem? I would be very grateful for some help as i love this game.

    It seems Sup Com works fine and Starcraft 2 so why DoW2??

    Please help

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    Any notable changes to your system, ie updated drivers etc?

    Please post a Warnings.log, Dxdiag.txt and Hijackthis.log. This may help us spot the culprit to the problem.

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    Nothing has changed that would cause this, especially nothing has changed in original DOW2 or CR for a while, what has changed in your system recently?

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