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Very slow screen changes

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    Very slow screen changes

    I got the steam version of the game and this is my problem.
    The game kinda freezes in screens like the one you see after the defeat in last stand(the one with the tyranids) before a last stand game start or prior and after the missions.It starts to do this after i am about an hour into the game and a restart usually fixes it.Also when i attemt to close the game it just freezes for about 2-3 mins and then exits normaly.I tried verifying the files from steam but it didnt work.
    I can also tell that others have this problem cause when i join a last stand game i can see ppl not loading at all even though others are allready waiting.

    Is there a fix for this?
    the warnings file was 1 mb and i wasnt allows to attach if its nescecery i will just copy paste it in another post.
    THanks in advance.
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    Known issue - current workaround is to set physics to 'off'. No ETA for a fix at this time, unfortunately.

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