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Dropped when countdown or while loading

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    Army Lists Dropped when countdown or while loading

    I have this problem when I want to play coh tov with my friend via LAN...when he create the game, sets the game and then starts to countdown, in about 1 sek to begin the map loading, it disconnect me, but the game remains created so I can join it again in lobby. When I set "ready" and he starts the game without counting down, while loading the map it immediately drop says: "Dropped" on loading bar. Sometimes it drops him immediately, sometimes it takes a few secs of loading the map...but we never connect to game both...dunno wheres the problem.

    And yes, where playing mod, but I bet this isnt a problem..we played this mod together before and everything was fine...My friend installed win 7 and now we cant play coh.


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    It would help if you can get your friend to post their warnings.log here as well. Seeing what happens from both sides might give us some ideas. Also, I know you don't think the mod is the problem, but I'd like to eliminate it as a possibility.

    So, if possible, can you try to play another LAN game WITH the mod active then post both warnings.log files, then try to play a LAN game WITHOUT the mod and post both warnings.log files.

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