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Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

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    I am not sure, but Hairesy always makes things better

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    NastyNoodle, I have a request!

    I'm not a fan of the HUD in this game at all, it's really too much for a PC game and obscures a good portion of the on screen action.
    While I really prefer your No HUD mod to the default, it would be great if there was still some information visible (such as the Fury meter).
    Is there any way you can make the HUD transparent, like really transparent / close to invisible rather than removing that stuff entirely?

    If not, thanks anyway!

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    here is the Dark Angels using his skin mod in the video.

    Anyways I have three really simple questions

    1) If I wanted to put in my own symbol on the Space marine Shoulder pad, and replace with my own. How can I go about doing that which file is it?

    I know your getting sick of helments suggestions but Honestly I think you love this suggestion.......Spartans?

    2) Can you make a Spartan Chapter Theme? I mean it would be so badass. Have the Spartan Helment like King Leonidas, and have their Spartan Symbol on their Shoulder pads of the Upside down V. I would love to play that hell even pay for that theme and so many others in the Space Marine Campaign. Hell even give him the Leonidas look with the black beard and all.

    3) Could you make like a cyborg face with a bionic eye like in these links.
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    Good new skin system, make things more easier.

    But I got a question about armor, the enermy's blood will splattered on the floor, armor, everybody knows.

    But lately I saw that Titus's chest won't get any blood. Does my eyes make mistake or Titus's chest armor won't get blood from enermy

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    Ultramarine armor, tailored made to repel blood splatter and dust particles. Gotta keep it clean and shiny.
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    I can't get the Grey Knights pack to load. I'm sorry if this has already been explained, but what am I missing?

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    At current, Titus' breastplate is gore proof because he's borrowing Sidonus' torso and not using his own; and there's probably something missed in the files that prevents the blood from staining his torso.. So, somebody will have to figure it out and fix it eventually. But everything will probably change once we get the full game and all of the MP assets alongside the SP assets.
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    I'm fairly certain that I know what the gore problem is

    But have been busy moving out of my apartment and stuff, so been kinda busy the last few days

    Edit: Oh and to SAW, you need to add "-usepreview" in the space marine demo launch options, no quote marks though.

    Edit: And Sun, I was gonna help you, till you spammed it in my thread, a new thread, and my pm box, so research it yourself.
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    it's good that you already know, it means the problem will save after you got more free time.

    After all, i like your mod very much, keep going on it.

    I'll try to find anything strange, thanks for share

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    NN, good luck with the move and the unpacking!
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    The reason I posted it in your thread because it was giving me problems of sending you the PM. So I didn't know if you got the PM or not that is why I posted it. Plus I thought my reply in your thread would be
    disregarded, that is why I created a thread. I had no intentions of spamming, plus I've told alot of people about your mod. Thank you for the response.

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    Hmmm now this is interesting:

    Video Commentary: The Forces of Chaos

    I didn't notice it before, but the Blood Raven walking alongside Titus at the first few seconds of the vid has a custom Blood Ravens aquila pauldron similar to the one on the Pre-order multiplayer skin. Looks like it'll be a good nab for some Blood Ravens modding come the full game

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    To LoweGear: Dark Angels should be in the game too from what I've seen in the files

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    the Blood ravens are probably there to steal stuff as usual

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    That Titan isn't going to steal itself son

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    new DoWIII item:

    Titan dropship beacon:
    "Call down a mighty warhound class titan. The titan was a "gift" of the manufactorum arakis to the bloodravens for helping the ultramarines during the ork invasion. The Ultramarines have no records of this"

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    First off amazing work noodle!! you are a truly talented person
    But i was wondering, what makes you so sure dark angels are going to be in it? Would they REALLY include dark angel files in a demo, without the DA actually... being... demonstrated!? :P

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    There is a lot of stuff in the demo files they don't "demonstrate". All standard weapons for example, or the Dark Angels/ Black Templars / Blood Ravens skins. Who knows why.

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    Oh wow im surprised. Thanks for clearing that up. And one last question, can you tell me what it IS that you saw? c: a pouldron? crest? robes? maybe pm me some pictrues if im not asking muchhhhh

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    Demo Mods work 100% with the retail game

    Evidence :


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    Wow, good to hear! Wait, what mod offers the terminator eye?

    EDIT: The bearded Captain Titus of the Deathwatch reporting for duty! Thank you again, NN!
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    Is it possible to model swap so that one could play through the game as Inquisitor Drogan?
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    @NastyNoodle "Any requests, critiques etc welcome :3"

    Just wanted to say Great work on the Mods, love them all but when you have the time could I request either The Storm Lords or the Imperial Fists chapters. When you have time I know you're busy, Thanks in advance

    P.S. are you planning on doing your head mods in the New Mod system, as I have not been able to get both mod systems working together.

    Check out current space marine using Black Templar until more goodies come along.
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    how do you use the mods for the retail game?
    add -usepreview to the launch options and place the folder in the main game folder?

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    Yep or edit the custom shortcut so that it points to the new directory. I'd use the shortcut because when you use the -usepreview command, it blocks you from Online (so it's easier to launch from the shortcut than to edit the launch option every time).

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    i'm using the "new mod system" and even after i use the shortcut it stills disables online.
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    Well what did you expect?
    I don't know what i'm talking about, ignore me.

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    So I guess no one knows if it is possible to replace the titus model with Drogan? Damn, it would be awsome to play through as an inquistor.

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    My guess: No way. Haven't played through the campaign yet, so I can't say if he even interacts properly with the game or is just there in cutscenes, but off the top of my head he would not have the necessary animations to wield any of titus weapons or perform the executions. If there is a model exporter, one could try to rig his model to titus skeleton, but it would lead to deformation and other issues for sure.

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    Demon Pastry, thanks to you, I dreamt last night that I was able to access the command line for the game and play as Drogan etc, but only had a plasma pistol and combat knife equipped, so spent four hours struggling to make a workaround in my mind.

    And with regards to Drogan 'actually' being ingame, unfortunately he's made of one big model, not lots of small ones like the rest of the characters, but when we get around to being able to actually edit the models, I could easily re-rig him.

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    Really nice Skins.
    But could you do a Emperor's Pointy Sticks Skin?

    They are the guys here and here.

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    *is wondering if any of the preorder armors and weapons can be utilized for SP skinning*

    Like changing the Power Axe to a Power Sword >_>

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    First link is still to viagra lol :P

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    That sounds like a fun dream to have. Thanks for the response. I know Santos said in his tools thread that he has discovered that new animations are not possible but that he did find out how to edit models so I guess it should be possible as long as he does not need new animations.

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    Strange, the link works for me.

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    Yeah TSOALR links seem to do that from time to time, some people get directed to the actual page while others get weirdly taken to Viagra.
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    Hi, really like the Spacemarine skins but never used TexMod before, I installed like the read me said but having difficulty locating any .tfp files. Would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out. Thanks!

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    Download the TPFs from the OP; select destination folder on download OR move them to a convenient folder afterwards (in short, know where you put your stuff!). Launch texmod and just browse to the folder you've put them in. Select. Load. Profit!
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    updated with helmets, huge thanks to Santos as usual

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    Awesome update! lol now that we have helmets, what else can we beg for?

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    Here's an idea:

    I may be mistaken but i don't belive our freindly tool creator is that skilled a programmer, once he does a write up on the "format" (hope thats the right word), somone else with the coding knowlage will come along and do he work there. Don't look at me for it though, don't know a sasuage about programming, would like to learn but...- Carl

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    Amusing how you two figured the helmet thing out at the exact moment I got stuck on it :').
    (Have to say, space marine game files + rain in the alps = amusing way to fix bad weather boredom.)

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    @Santos: Isnt that the guy from the books, sicarius or something?

    @Lefty: Ye of little faith

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    Yes, it's the helmet of Captain Sicarius. He is indeed featured in a book, Fall of Damnos, which I happen to be reading right now. Beware, lots of inside, but the necrons save the day.

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    God bless the Necrons, keeping the blue man down.

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    Hmmmm, is the helmet another case of replacing files or hex editing? My game seems to crash when i try to force titus to use a helmet using the way that worked to give him the mk8 torso and eagle backpack.

    Any ideas?

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    Not really Lefty, you need a basic 3d modelling and rigging awareness

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    Awesome helmets, just what everyone's been waiting for :O


    Mind if we request for the basic Aquila helmet next? >_>

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    <--- 7 years of 3dsmax experience.

    Pretty sure I have it figured out, guess titus's head has a specific set of bones etc.. that need to be used?
    If so, shouldn't be a problem.

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    Finally tested the helmets, and while they look good, they have one glaring problem: the helmet is essentially floating above Titus' body without a neck.

    Also, I'm using the "-usepreview" shortcut on Steam, and for some reason using the mods crashes the game minutes after loading an SP mission.

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