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Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

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    Space Marines Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

    Now you can stop asking for helmets, cos I've made one

    New Mod System:

    White Relic Helmet:


    White Helmet!!!!! :

    Mastercrafted Ultramarine Helmet :

    Mastercrafted Black Helmet :

    Death Watch Pack:

    Black Templars Pack:

    Blood Ravens Pack:

    Dark Angels Pack:

    Grey Knights Pack:

    Iron Hands Pack:


    Old Mod System:

    Stuff Needed To Load the Mod

    Just gonna mention here that the head packs are designed to work with any armour etc, all you need to do is select both packages to be loaded, e.g. darkangels.tpf and abaldtitus.tpf :3

    Check out my custom chapter, the Blood Saints:

    Every pack has been updated with jetpacks and works with head replacements :3

    Helmet Addon:


    No Hud

    A Mutton Chops Addon:

    Bearded Titus Addon:

    Cyborg Titus Addon:

    Shaved Titus Addon:

    Salamanders Head Addon

    Angry Marines Pack:

    Black Templar Pack:

    Blood Angels Pack:

    Blood Ravens Pack:

    Crimson Fist Pack:

    Dark Angel Pack:

    DeathWatch Pack:

    Howling Griffons Pack:

    Imperial Fists Pack:

    Iron Snakes Pack:

    Raven Guard Pack:

    Red Scorpion Pack:

    Salamander Pack:

    Space Puppies Pack:

    Storm Warden Pack:

    White Scars Pack:

    Any requests, critiques etc welcome :3
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    can't download for some reason, always dies at 4.1MB

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    Just did a test download, and worked fine for me, so I'll upload again and pm you the link, dont wanna have multiple dl links on the page

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    nevermind, chrome doesn't like it, firefox does....

    texmod eh...

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    Dont have many other options lol, considering its only been out for a couple of hours and there isn't exactly a mod community for darksiders :P

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    Well that was fast I will download this come the 22nd nice work NastyNoodle.
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    Thank you. Now I am even more sad I have to wait for demo.
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    Mods for this already? All I can say is DAYUM.

    Other than that.. Can you get rid of his hair? I was examining it closely the other day and it might as well be a cheap wig.. He'd be better off head-shaven.

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    Aww I'm sorry everyone *gives a cookie as an apology*

    And Cobalt, yeah, I enjoy modding more than playing the games x3, also, I worked for a little bit on making him bald, but because of the way his head texture is set up, making him bald without really obvious seams is pretty tricky, so will have to wait till tomorrow

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    I made a thread on the community forums to share your work with the other parts of the community hope you don't mind.

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    Lol. I also posted on the Honor Guard in the hopes you can make a shiny, badass Blood Angel texture. Is that possible?

    If you do, I will buy this game on PC simply to worship your modding prowess and epicness.

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    Daaammmnnn, you work fast.

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    Awesome work. We are going to need some kind of thread to discuss what things are moddable in Space Marine, and such, if we get some steam built up. I have already tested out Notepad on the UCS file and it works perfectly fine, the format name may have changed but the UCS file is that same old UCS file we have been familiar with since "the year dot".
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    We need a new SM modding sub forum, me thinks. Out of curiosity, is the usual stuff still there (module system, SGAs, Relic Chunkies)?

    Oh, and nice work NastyNoodle (as always).

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    Santos, everything seems to be packed into "OPPC" files under a "chunks" or "packages" dir. Might be relic chunkies, I wouldn't have a clue.

    Doesn't look as moddable as relic's other games, but I doubt any of us expected it to be, and that won't stop you guys I'm sure

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    awesome Deathwatch! was planning to do one for MP(with the customizer mind you)

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    Wondering if there's a way to mod Titus to give him a helmet...

    Nice skin though

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    I see, well it's a completely new engine from what I've heard, so we'll probably have to start decoding the data from scratch (that's the fun part least for me ). However, they're still using Havok and the old FX system, so it's not like everything is completely new.

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    Its not a new engine, it's using Dark Sider's engine, and from I've gathered, someone wrote a script or two for opps3, i.e. the ps3 equivalent of oppc's. So it IS possible Santos , looking forward to seeing what you can come up with, I have total faith in you

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    Made a Blood Angel, tell me what you think! <3

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    z0mg. I've been asleep and you made Blood Ravens AND Blood Angels?

    Now all we need is a way to revert Captain Titty to GABRIEL ANGELOS, CHAPTER MASTAH OF THE BLOOD RAVENZ

    Downloading the demo now, since I preordered. I'm looking forward to scratching this itch!
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    Doesn't really work....but....fuck yeah Blood Ravens.
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    Awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any chance we may see some pre-heresy era skins like the luna wolves?

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    Seriously, doesn't this take ANY time to make?
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    Normally yes, but I'm being clever with the way I'm doing the chapters, blood ravens/angels are very similar, same for angry marines/imperial fists ^^

    Next up, the Templars.

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    DEMO IS AWESOME. I loved every second. TIME TO PLAY IT AGAIN!

    Definitely a 9/10 based solely on the demo.

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    Then install one of my skins so its a 20/10 :3

    Oh and whats your steam lol

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    What about more unorthodox painted marines such as Brazen Claws, Eagle Warriors, or Disciples of Caliban?

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    Keep up the good work

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    These are terrific! Thanks for the hard work! I just wish I could grab them for my forthcoming copy for 360....

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    Steam is cobaltlotus

    I have Deathwatch, Blood Angels, and I'm dling the Impy Fists pack now


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    Angry Marines Pack:

    Now you need to do Crimson Fists

    Oh and great job

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    Is there a way to "change" the other Marines too? Having one Angry Marine and three smurfs standing around in cinematics is kinda lame.

    -----Red Dox

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    I absolutely love the Angry Marine skin, however, it doesn't match with Captain Titus's calm personality.
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    I'd have to do three times as much work for two characters that you barely see while playing, so maybe later lol

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    Space Wolves...PLEASE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hirmetrium
    Karon, you fucking rock man
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    I added you on steam, noodle. I'm loving all of your skins so far.

    I know I'm a greedy loudmouth to pimp my cap'n Titties, but is there a way to bling up the Ultramarines skin more?

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    Great work NastyNoodle. Sadly I don't have the demo yet, but I'll be sure to use your Angry Marines pack when I do get access to the demo.

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    is it due to your texture that his fists are.. Crimson.. or is it possible to change the hands separately?

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    texture I'm afraid

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    We need a new SM modding sub forum, me thinks. Out of curiosity, is the usual stuff still there (module system, SGAs, Relic Chunkies)?

    Oh, and nice work NastyNoodle (as always).
    You get me the tools, I'll get you your subforum.
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    A whole subforum, just for me!! =D

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    Imperial Fist! Nice one.

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    Updated with Dark Angels and Salamanders <3

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    Thanks for all your hard work, the skins look awesome!

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    This is something special indeed. Well done NastyNoodle.
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    I am logging in for the first time in years to tell you how awesome you are. Keep up the awesome work! I love mods <3 <3 <3

    Can you alter his skin and hair color, e.g. for Salamanders (dark skin and hair) and Raven Guard (light skin, dark hair)?

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    I'll update the chapter's racial features etc when I get to doing the jump packs. As the head's aren't being used in these, I could easily just make a couple of optional addons, black, ginger, white etc etc, to let people customise as they please ^-^

    Thanks for all the kind comments, they're the only reason I do this stuff <3


    *totally thinks she deserves relic armour for upping preorders in the last 24 hours* >:3

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