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Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

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    NastyNoodle, no good deed goes unpunished.

    But I hope that won't put you off, because every time I fire up the game and see how glorious my marines look, I'm very, very grateful for what you've done.

    I don't think it can be said enough, but thanks.

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    Sorry about the requests, but i'm sure you know that you will make them only if you can and want to.... nothing else.
    and i'm really really grateful for your work.... it's more than enough that you even cared to do what you have done already.

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    in a word: awesome. great work.

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    oh come on!! of course it was a joke! with all the stuff you are releasing how can it not be? anyways, SORRY about that!!!

    I did a lot of modding work in the past (mostly texturing) and know how time consuming it can be. so believe me when I say your work (and the work of the other modders) is very much appreciated.

    <- that's me in the middle . . . just to avoid further misunderstandings

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    [QUOTE = spraehbuer;1045294047]
    Tin looking good. and seems like we had the same idea about the shoulder pad . . . well, an angel/guardian with a sword is not too uncommon for Dark Angels or Angels of Vengeance[/QUOTE]

    Haha yeah just seen that, and the chest piece too! Mine's just placeholder using some DA stuff I found quickly, awaiting me actually sketching some stuff for shoulder pads if we find out we can mod single player campaigns!

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    Great Stuff!

    I'm breaking thirty or so years of dedicated lurking, since the time of ASCII artwork and 2400 baud modems to say "ThanK You!"
    GREAT STUFF! Your time and skill IS appreciated. :-)

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    NastyNoodle: Can you tell me pls where did you get the blue texture, for Ultramarine Mastercrafted Helmet? Is it comming from game, or did you made it by yourself? I ask, because I can't find it in game files, only black and white versions...

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    I make the texture for every mod myself

    edit: and Tin, this isnt the place to discuss your dark angels stuff with someone else, sorry.
    Never befriend an Ork on Facebook without first limiting your public profile from The Emperor.

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    Awesome work, but the salamanders aren't black as in African, there skin is literally onyx black and they have red eyes

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    Now I can't wait to get this game! Once again- the Relic/ THQ Modding Community does not cease to amaze! Excellent work, everyone!

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    She is the reason I bought the game, and she is the reason I have been enjoying it so much
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    For Chaos?

    As I start adapting more Chaos weapons for use by Titus, I can't help but think how cool it would be to have a Chaos armor set to go along with them. Perhaps an adaptation of one of the NPC Chaos sets for Titus and friends.

    Combined with Chaos bolter drop-ins, other goodies (I'm working on those) and maybe some Hellblades (done), that could bring a lot of irony to the campaign, if you know what I mean.

    Not a "gimme gimme gimme", just a suggestion if it sounds interesting.

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    Can this be uploaded to a service that doesn't require cookies to let you download? MegaUpload?
    Fac et Spera

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    Hey NastyNoodle,

    Using your Battle Damage helm as a kind of guide, I am slowly figuring out how you have managed to make it work ingame.

    My question is, after you have edited say the 'ingame_titus.dcm' using the santos MAX Script. How do you then export/convert it back to the DCM format?

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    NastyNoodle: Could you tell me pls, how do you make those textures? ;D. Im trying all the time, but I can't get the right blue color (it always looks different then rest of armour)... Can you tell what program/tool you are using? Maybe even you can give me color codes? (for blue and gold) ;]

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    I'm sorry but I can't get any of these mods to work. None of the files I've d/l'd have any .tpf files and your install instructions aren't very clear.

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    Best way to do that crow, is to desautrate the texture and set the layer to multiply, then make a layer below it and add the colour there, us photoshop BTW

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    @ussmak: how can it be any clearer?
    If you're trying to use the 'older' reskins, use texmod and follow instructions from both the readme and the various 'how-to' posts in this thread.
    If you're trying to use the more recent moded files, reading the readme again might prove useful:
    Quote Originally Posted by Noodle's readme
    extract the preview folder into Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

    Then run from included shortcut whenever you want a helmet
    Once you've unpacked the 'preview' folder in the SM folder and the shortcut to whichever practical location you want, you just have to check whether the executable location and 'open in' fields of the shortcut evidently suit your installation location.
    At this point all you have to do is load the game from the shortcut and enjoy.
    There's no dumbing it down further or need to make things any clearer, seriously.
    We look to the heavens so that one day our children may look back towards home.

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    Sion - Thx, that worked good ;]. I used GIMP instead of Photoshop (too expensive for me ;P), and helmet looks awesome now (even better then NastyNoodle skin ;D). Soon ill post my version of Ultramarine captain and his squad .

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    Ok I got it figured out now, I'm an idiot and thanks Lleman. The shotcut included had a path reading Warhammer 40,000 and my game installed to Warhammer 40k.

    Very fine work on the Black Templar and Grey Knights skins NastyNoodle. One hiccup though, the Mastercrafted Black Helmet doesn't render it's neck, looks really weird from certain angles but otherwise runs fine.

    Thanks again and you totally deserve a job at relic. Helmets should've been an option in this game from day one.


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    hi ... i have a little request for you if is possible a very simple one i think but not for me...... i play the campaign but i don't like the actual look of the space marine team... i know is possible mod the game, cause i see the work of you and is all awesome, but i need something more simple...

    titus and friends are ultramarine... so i like keep them like that... i ask if is possible to have the ultra marine helmet on the chars... if is possible the classick one on the soldier (like the first cutshene), the nasty noodle mastercrafted on sidonius colored in the right blue color,and the nastynoodle one (that with scar) colored in the right blue color...

    if is not possible i will be happy to have just all three chars with normal blue helmet... sorry for my english... and gratz for your beautiful work...

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    I'd like to chime in with the choir and sing my praise for your awesome work. Excellent indeed!

    I do have a request... Scythes of the Emperor. Could you make that chapter skin as well? The poor bastards need some love being all nearly extinct and all that. We can discuss return favors through PM if need be. ;-)

    And once again standing ovation for you.

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    How can i add a helmet for Leandros and Sidonius?

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    For whatever reason, I can't get the shortcut to run. It ran one time, and one time only, and I decided to exit the game for a quick dinner and came back to yet another broken shortcut.

    Really really new to this type of stuff, but this seemed simple enough. Followed the 2 steps, downloaded, extracted to Space Marine folder and went to use the short cut, no dice.

    Any suggestions? I realize this is simple, which is why I'm having a tough time figuring out what's going on.

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    If it's a shortcut it should never break. You aren't moving the executable so it will always point to the same file with the same parameters that you had set.

    I did however have a problem where the game would not close properly when I exited, meaning that if I clicked my shortcut to reload then literally nothing would happen. This isn't a problem with the actual shortcut though, its just not loading because its already open. If thats whats happening to you, try opening task manager and see if the games still showing on there, if so kill the process and reload

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    You don't really need the shortcut itself though. Just add "-usepreview" (without quotes) to "Set Launch Options" on Steam.

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    I was wondering, is there anyway to convert the "old-system skins" to the "new system"?

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    @Bled: Have you set the shortcut properties correctly, as i explained Ussmak earlier? (second part of that post actually)

    Edit: and yes, Lowe has it simpler. :P

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    This worked great, thanks. I imagine to play online I just go back and edit it, yes?

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    ...or make a shortcut of the original AND the "-usepreview" one...

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    Space Marines

    Hey man, great skins, but I have a problem. I'm currently using the Mastercrafted Ultramarine helmet skin, and it works just fine and looks fantastic, but the only thing is there's a large floating texture above me. I can't see it indoors but if there's an open/no ceiling it is always floating there, following my character around. Here's a screenshot:
    hppt://i331.photobucket. com/albums/l475/Cattpride/spacemarine2011-09-2902-19-20-81.jpg
    Does anybody know how I can fix it?
    EDIT: I do believe that is indeed Captain Titus' neck. It is for some reason floating meters above him rather than securing the passage of air, food and drink from his head to his body.
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    I also need help on how to add helmets to Leandros and Sidonius?? i want each of them to have a different helmet if at all possible?

    Also does anyone have the white relic helmet for download? i dont mind using it with the bugs or errors

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    Thanks for the awsome work, but can i have a Power Sword with Chain Sword animations ?
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    Indeed. A downlaod with helmets for Sidonus nad Leandors would be most welcome. I can't get them to work either. I always get missing heads

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    Teh skin i've put together...
    http ://i940.photobucket. com/albums/ad245/LeopardX/spacemarine2002-02-2510-34-46-23 . jpg
    Thanks to:
    1: Nasty Noodle for the armor,helmet.
    2: Don The Oiler for the bionic arm
    3: Mangoose for the permanent jumpack.
    4: Majic for the portable Heavy bolter, Storm botler, Power Sword.
    Thanks for the awsome work.
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    Hey Nasty! Awesome skins, I am now one step closer to not having to play as a bloody Ultramarine, so thank you for that. I have two quick questions:

    1. Will you be updating your old skins to the newer method (using the preview folder and such)

    2. Will you be changing the Ultramarine logos on the belt buckles and backpacks at some point?

    Either way your mods are great and very much appreciated.

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    These mods are awesome. I was wondering if someone could help me in replacing the Titus and squad heads with the normal MK VII helmet.

    Thank you,

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    There are 2 problems with the mastercrafted halmet
    There is no neck
    There is something ( i guess its titus head) floating above in the air when you look up. Causes weird shadows.
    Other than that, its awesome!


    There are 2 problems with the mastercrafted halmet
    There is no neck
    There is something ( i guess its titus head) floating above in the air when you look up. Causes weird shadows.
    Other than that, its awesome!

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    Hey Noodle,
    Your work is awesome but I was wondering if you could update the Crimson Fists, to make all the gold trim into dark silver trim.


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    Is it, or will it, be possible to replace Titus' body with another character?

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    it's also for pc?
    instruction for use of the space wolf?
    simply launch the exe on my pc? needed to copy file somewhere?

    thanks in advance

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    NastyNoodle, there's a problem with the Blue Mastercrafted Helmet, Titus is Neckless with it.

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    helmet for all???

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    Very nice work but I wanted to let you know the download for "Mastercrafted Black Helmet" has been removed from media fire for
    "The file you requested has been removed from MediaFire for a violation of our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy"

    And if you need a new skin to do id like to submit my request for The Star Dragons which you can find on
    wh40k (dot) lexicanum (dot) com/wiki/Star_Dragons#.Tu64HlvbMmc

    Thank you so much for making these mods I HATED the ultramarines look

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    Great job man, Angels Sanguine would be very welcome.
    "power armor for pussies" (c) Duke

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    hmm i tried the no hud mod on the full version of the game (nohud readme file suggests demo) and it only slightly works. It has the health symbol but not the bar and it has a yellow tip for the bar that moves once you get hit.
    Also i tried to use the -usepreview mod method as well but the two didn't work together unsurprisingly. Anyone know if theres a way to use both the preview folder with the nohud together? Being a chaos marine without any hud icons would be awesome to me

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    @nasty noodle: awesome work. incredible amount of effort on your behalf. in a vein similar to majic's post above, not a gimme gimme gimme, more a you can clearly do this WAY better than i can, would a reskin of the power sword into a more grey knight Nemesis force sword be possible? I ask as i am using majics portable heavy bolter code to make a psycannon, his storm bolter pistol for the storm bolter and his power sword as the Nemesis force sword, and of course all paired up with your awesome grey knight skins to give an overall grey knight experience.

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    Sorry for necro-ing the thread but maybe I just don't understand or I simply can't find the how to... But how do I install the packs? I downloaded the mod pack, placed it into the correct folder, renamed the actual exe file, started it through steam and it popped up. Set the actual exe and went to select the packs... Nothing. Is there a download link that I missed or is buried in one of the ten pages in this thread? Or am I simply not doing it right?

    That aside, the fact that my anti-virus popped up stating there was a trojan is a little displeasing.

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    I must be doing something wrong or I'm an idiot. But is this only for the demo?

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    The White Helmet mod doesn´t work to me....always if i want to start the shortcut it says that the path is incorrect...

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