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Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

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    Owen D.
    Ive a question, im using the gold overload armour mod, how can i have just Titus have instead the DonsDeathwatch skins while using Majic's custom bolter and pistol? the files seem to be for the whole squad and if i overright it will change evryone, is there someway to seperate a list of the files i need to pinpoint?

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    Amazing work Nastynoodle,

    I've been looking for downloadable mods for the single player campaign, I too hate the ultrasmurfs. I am over the moon that you created some awesome looking black Templar skins. Now I can pretend to be a templer in the battle for Hellsreach!! =)

    Just one small question, when I click on the link for the black templar helmet the site open with a sign stating that the content has been removed due to violation. Any guess to why this might have happened?

    Thanks again,


    Me again,

    I've just attempted to run the newer texture mod for the Black Templar armour but it stated an error message explaining that the specified path did not exist. I have read through this entire threat and spotted your post stating that the demo mods work perfectly well. However when attempting to run the texture pack it says that the destined path it to the Demo, not the retail game. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem or weather its just me. Or maybe I'm talking out of my arse.


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    Love this mod Nastynoodle! Any idea when the relic white helmet will be available?

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    @ The Templar skin being removed

    That's very odd, no idea why anyone would have flagged it as copyright violation?

    Very strange... I'll look into it and post my findings
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    Can you make a Soul Drinkers?

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    DUDE. These are goddamned amazing.
    If you're still taking requests, I was wondering if you could perhaps indulge one for an Iron Lords skin? I would quite like to see those guys stomping some folks down.

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    Hi Nastydoodle, i have a kind of a special request.

    Maybe someone asked before but i would really like to see a Luna Wolves / Sons of Horus modification, along with some heresy era armor parts.
    I can help you with skins and background material as well, although i don't have the tools to extract files and such, so you should send me the skin file for me to rework it.

    What do you think ?
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    Hi NastyNoodle, I have the same problem as CHB (post #498). I followed the instructions, start the game through Steam, the textmod pops up, point it to the renamed Space Marine.exe and under the 'select package' there is nothing to select. So have I missed something? do I need to download the packages seperately?
    Any help would be appreciated (BTW, I am without a doubt a noob.)

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    Anyone know what files I need to tinker with in order to swap out the "basic" Marine helmets Leandros and the other generics have at the start of the game? Tips on how to modify the Ultramarine / Blood Raven reinforcements are also appreciated.

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    These look like really good skins to play with... These aren't by any chance available for Xbox?

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum, and I wanted to ask you something.

    The Ork Gunz mod has been erased, Is there someone who can send it to me?

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    Hey! Thx for the great work but how do i use Grey Knight pack? I dont find any .tpf file or shortcut in there! Thx again and sorry bother!

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    Hey Nasty! How do i let work Grey Knight package? thx and great work!

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    nice packs great job dude

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    Great Job on the skins,they look awesome. If you are still taking requests, I'd really like a space wolf helmet.

    Again, great job

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    The texmod crashes when I attempt to run the Imperial Fists pack. Any idea why?

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    I have that problem as well

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    Why dont make a Inquisitor skin/model thingy for Captain Titus ,something like Lord Drogan has .Just a suggestion .Mods are great especially Titus with beard ;D.

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    Hi there, two quick questions:

    Are these mods usable for the full Steam game? I get instructions to install in the SM demo folder, when I try to run the file in the full game folder, it doesn't work.

    Secondly, I've looked but not found any Celestial Lions skins. Does anyone know if they are around/ how to use those? Thanks so much.

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    Asterion Moloc
    Hello,i would like to make a request,loved the iron snakes skin and i would love even more to see a minotaurs one.could you please make that happen?by the way noodle,amazing,amazing stuff.perhaps for you it is easy but for is it means the world.thank you

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    Awesome stuff, wish there were preview pics.

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