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Space Marine Custom Titus Skins - Helmets for Titus!

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    Awesome work! I played the demo over and over again thanks to those Templar skins, going to play through the Campaign again with them now!

    I've got a couple requests, if you guys have the time or interest:

    1) Can you swap the Chainsword in the Campaign for the Power Sword? All the assets should be there model and animation wise, is it possible to just swap it into the Campaign?

    2) If possible, can you swap Titus's armor for the Black Templar preorder armor?

    3) Lastly, is it possible to give Titus a helm that resembles the Veteran helm from multiplayer?

    Not going to lie, if I could play a Black Templar Titus wearing the preorder armor with the Veteran helmet, cutting through Ork after Ork with a Power Sword, that would just make my day.

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    Outstanding helmet mods, NastyNoodle. You've made so many great contributions to the community.

    NeoValkyrion, download the Black Templar pack in the first post. That's the preorder black templar armour. It goes great with the mastercrafted black helmet.

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    Ooooh, shiny new helmets.

    Is it possible to get one for Sidonus as well?
    Not Leandros though, he's a douche.

    Now all we need is someone to go through all of Titus' sound files and add the awesome tinny reverb that makes spesh mareens sound so awesome.

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    Is it possible to still use the custom skins while using the helmets?

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    Of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by NastyNoodle View Post
    Of course
    How, exactly? I've tried every which way, and I can't get it to run with both the helmet and the skins, just one or the other.

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    Fairly simple.. just extract say.. the black templar preview into the folder, and then put a custom helmet one, and tick yes to overwrite

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    i want this why cant i download it like the others.

    the face with the termie eye and black beard one.

    be awesome to have a ghost busters theme :P space marine ghost busters!
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    Maybe it's a workaround or a glitch, but when using the white helmet, there's a set of teeth floating high above your head if you look straight up.

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    Not a glitch, those teeth are Noodle's. It's her way of saying she's always looking out for us and smiling; because we're playing with her custom mods. :3

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    @Nasty Noodle
    Demon Pastry, thanks to you, I dreamt last night that I was able to access the command line for the game and play as Drogan etc, but only had a plasma pistol and combat knife equipped, so spent four hours struggling to make a workaround in my mind.

    And with regards to Drogan 'actually' being ingame, unfortunately he's made of one big model, not lots of small ones like the rest of the characters, but when we get around to being able to actually edit the models, I could easily re-rig him.

    Thanks it would be awsome if you could do that so that we can play warhammer 40k inqusitor. Your mods have made this game so much better btw.
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    Awesome work with the helmets, made my personal titus look so much better:

    papa smurf

    Just need to finish up some texturing.
    Version 2 is going to have more modeled bits (New shoulderpad with tiny statues inside of it + cooler mk8 armour is required).
    Stock Titus is too.. bland for my tastes.

    What I'm curious about though, there's a librarian model in the game files, haven't managed to make it work yet, kind of curious about the bloody thing.
    + there seems to be a bug with the relic belt not working in singleplayer (Sidonus is supposed to have it on him, texture and model file is there, but for some reason it uses the same belt model as Titus.)

    (May release edited Titus if someone wants it after I'm done.)

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    New blingy ultrasmurf is welcome, Lefty!

    Also, is there a way to swap the chainsword or power axe for the powersword model/anims? I want to have that -so- bad in SP..
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    (May release edited Titus if someone wants it after I'm done.)
    Want. Also want

    What I'm curious about though, there's a librarian model in the game files, haven't managed to make it work yet, kind of curious about the bloody thing.
    Pics, unless you meant that you cant get it to import.
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    Well, it supposedly belongs in the multiplayer (I'm guessing it's not an unlock)
    But I honestly have no clue if it'll even work.

    librarian files

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    Noodles could you please tell me which blue you used for the helmet (hex or # code)? There's a "ultramarines blue" in the attrib_pc files, but it looks too dark and greenish when i use it in photoshop (#14232d).

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    Awesome work Noodles!!!

    Do you plan on releasing a psd so we can make our own diffuse textures easily?
    Plus did you extract the files (DDS, O3d...) from the game? How did you do such a thing?

    Keep up the hard work anyway, this looks beautiful!

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    @Lefty I'll take a look at the librarian stuff for you

    @Don the Oiler Open up titus' torso in photoshop, cut out a suitable blue part, then drag over the helmet, scale it up so it fills the image, and set it to 'colour'. Then, duplicate it, set it to darken, and use brightness contrast on the helmet to get it to the right tone. Sorted

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    Sorry for being a total noob about this but here goes......

    Can anyone tell me how to get the game to recognise the files? I dont mean just installing the mods, I mean copying over sections from the extracted data files so that the game then uses them ingame. EG the packs that are on the here to DL, how do you get it to use "sm_armour_dark _angels...." etc?

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    Excellent skins!

    Thank you so much for beautifying my marines.

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    @Tin: Youll need to word your question better.. all you should need to do, is toss the preview folder into warhammer space marine, then add -usepreview to the launch options

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    Nevermind I sorted it

    What I thought you were doing is throwing in MP file parts and having the game read the file names of the textures without renaming them. When I was trying this (by changing the bmat) I was getting crashes on load. I'm guessing that it was the models themselves that were causing the crash though.

    Just skinning using the SP stuff now, makes life easier :P

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    Those helmets are amazing. This is such great stuff. You are to be congratulated many times over.

    All your efforts are outstanding and very much appreciated.


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    Yea she's the best alright! :3

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    space wolves preorder armor

    Could someone give titus the preorder Space Wolves armor if possible and put the files up to download. I've tried but am not skilled in modding

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    Hiya, some awesome reskins! Could you possibly tell me which package folder has the file to edit the colour of Titus' hair? Thanks

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    ingame_titus and cinematic_titus

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    Congratz: You're on RPS.
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    Damn Cope, just came here to post that!

    Congrats Nasty! You do the modding community proud!

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    Hopefully this will serve as proof to Relic/THQ that mods in your games are a good thing. Congratulations Noodles.

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    Got on RPS this morning and lo and behold, this thread is linked on there. Congrats!

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    Congratulations Noodle!

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    Space Wolves and other colour schemes with ultra symbol on belt - this is stupid.

    Can u create Raven Guard skin without ultra symbol on the belt? Please.

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    No such things as stupid colour schemes, only stupid people who can't read <3

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    So you call her stupid then make a request..............

    If you read through some of the stuff here, it's not that hard to do it yourself

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    This mod is working for the full release of Space Marine, just copy the preview folder into the directory and add the run command "-usepreview" without quotes in steam
    or add it in the shortcut behind everything and a space between the quote after the path and the command

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    Your helmets are astounding!!!!!

    Have you any plans to do the MK IV Maximus Helm??? I would love a white with gold detail Like the awesome Relic One you have done

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    Great Work!But please, friend, make these pieces work for the full version!

    If you could do them for the full game you wil be remembered and honoured by your battle brothers and your name will be forever worshiped! In the Emperrors name, will you do this ?


    Please make them work for the Space Marine game , not the demo!
    May the Emperror guide you !

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    Sparta4ever, you want to read some post again (or for the first time as it is...)
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    [EDIT] Well since the community was rude and simply (albeit not directly) called requests as greed i removed my comment. Since i'm attending university and with all the commotion i simply don't have time for hobbies or learning additional stuff. I can't understand how something noodle wrote '' requests are welcome '' has been turned against me. I didn't put a gun to her head. I didn't even demand it. I simple asked and did not even expect to receive. But hey... it's the internet.
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    Great Work... But can you make the white relic helmet for titus, and the a blue (ultra marine) damaged helmet for sidonus, and a mastercrafted blue (ultra marine) helmet for leandrus??
    and by the way if you could do the normal helmet and jump backs for all the chapters you made with the right colors, it would be great, beacouse seeing a blood raven with ultra marine helmet is just wrong... the heads are for leandrus at the very begining on the thunder hawk and for the other ultra marines who assist when attacking the spire where the demon gate has opened.
    if you can do that your name will be forever remembered in the halls of glory.

    by the way, can you make the white helmet as white as the one in my avatar picture???


    I have a request, if possible can you make new designs like the helmet santos showed???
    if possible, I would like to know if you can make a full design that looks like the custodian guards for titus and his fellows.. and also if possible make the thunderhammer look like their spears
    and here are some pictures from "The Horus Heresy - collected visions" book
    http ://www . mediafire . com/i/?zw5ay9jr2f836ym
    http ://www . mediafire . com/i/?nr1y0c1ambni4iy
    http ://www . mediafire . com/i/?5uh4pu4yk65eaen

    Thanks again for your work....
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    Heh, reading some of the comments here, (dont get me wrong, lots of great work in here, always the first steps with modding a new game that are the most important!)

    Yet its amusing how in recent years, the rn community is still mostly the same: gimme gimme gimme, i dont want to do it myself and figure things out if i can ask someone else!
    If half of the people who request things would learn how to do texturing, programming, 3d etc.. We'd have a far bigger community.

    Either way, keep up the good work , very interesting to follow any new developments!

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    Yet its amusing how in recent years, the rn community is still mostly the same: gimme gimme gimme, i dont want to do it myself and figure things out if i can ask someone else!
    Dude, i think all the internet is like that.

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    Not just the Internet, but the entire history of mankind is all "gimme gimme gimme" and, if Warhammer 40k is any indication, the future as well.

    Which ultimately leads me to the grand philosophical conclusion that it all boils down to what's in it for me.

    So... what's in it for me?

    Oh, I know. Zombie skins!

    Hey, why no zombie skins in this thread? OMGROFLWTF!!!

    I demand my zombie skins! Gimme gimme gimme!

    Disclaimer: Author does not actually want zombie skins. Zombies void where prohibited by law. See dealer for details.

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    Hah, if only we could do new campaigns and such, plague zombies and chainswords! :3

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    Well correct me if i'm wrong here, but we can in fact do new models and textures for Space Marine, just not new animations right? Only downside being that right now we can't pack archives back up.

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    Come on people..... Some of these requests are just ridiculous.

    NPC x have armour from NPC Y, helmet from this guy to that guy..... I can maybe understand requests that involve retexturing etc but these simple swaps can be done by just reading the posts here for like 10mins.

    And recolours aswell, you don't need much experience to do things like that!

    On a side note, thanks to Ms NastyNoodle for all of the progress so far! I'm hoping this thing gets cracked open and we can make single player mods... I have big plans for a SP campaign mod! Unfortunately I can't help crack it open, more of an art man than a code man!

    Started work on stuff for an SP mod though in the hope it gets figured out, here's a tease!

    files1. guildlaunch. net/guild/library/168088/WIP1.jpg files1. guildlaunch. net/guild/library/168088/WIP2.jpg (remove the spaces, another 2 days before I can post links!)

    Oh and so far not really new models.... editing of existing models (but very very limited, same number of meshes etc I believe)

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    Updated my Dark Angel skins since NastyNoodle is still too laz... erm, I mean too busy doing other things

    this time the links should work:

    the whole thing is nearly finished and I will post a link with the whole pack this week . . . if I don't get any new ideas which want to implement :P


    @Tin looking good. and seems like we had the same idea about the shoulder pad . . . well, an angel/guardian with a sword is not too uncommon for Dark Angels or Angels of Vengeance

    @NastyNoodle I just saw your post in Morats tutorial thread. Wouldn't it be better to make your thread the official skins thread and use the tutorial one for problems? I mean if you want it just for your stuff fair enough, just an idea
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    I think im gonna take down the requests welcome part of my thread, not that people will listen anyway

    edit: not that im sure that part even exists

    edit2: and even if you were joking, not sure I appreciate being called lazy considering the insane amount of work I put into this stuff
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    I know nothing about modding, but I can appreciate from the one preview you gave us, the kind of work that goes into making just one 're-skin' of Titus, let alone his squad. In addition, the helmets make it just perfect (And I feel your pain over getting bombarded repeatedly with requests for helms). You've gone and done something awesome for the gamers out there, even if there is a LOT of 'gimme gimme gimme' that's coming along with it (That must also be frustrating).

    And now for my question... Can you make -- just kidding. In all seriousness though, I'm curious about the helmets; when I installed the master crafted blue helmet (my fav, btw), there's a gap between helmet and the chest plate on his armor, making it appear to float as in mid air. However, when I installed the veteran helmet, in that gap is that sort of ribbed tubing that goes in the joints of all marine armor, just like on the models. Is that neck piece, for lack of a better term, part of the 'veteran head model', and therefore cannot be translated to the 'master crafted helmet model', or did you have to add it in yourself to the veteran helmet? Because if so, it matches really well to the glimpse we get of Leandros' helmet at the beginning matches up really well.

    Keep up the incredible work, and take a breather once in a while too! You've more than earned it.
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