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[TOOL] Space Marine Tools - UPDATED 18-09 - OPPCExtract v0.1.0 released!

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    Space Marines [TOOL] Space Marine Tools - UPDATED 18-09 - OPPCExtract v0.1.0 released!

    Space Marine Tools

    Tools Included

    smoppc (v0.1.2)

    Command line program for unpacking Space Marine's OPPC archives.

    3D Studio Max scripts (v0.1.0)

    A collection of scripts for importing and exporting (in the future) Space Marine's models.

    Download Links

    Download from Rapidshare

    Change Log

    Version released (23-08-2011)
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    Love you santos! , any idea when you'll be able to pack em back up?

    As a reward, name a space marine chapter, and I'll make it for you <3
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    Love you santos! , any idea when you'll be able to pack em back up?
    Not sure. There's still some stuff in these files I don't quite understand, especially this big blob of data (288b) which looks rather important. There's also a possiblity, the game can load unpacked files (like in DoW2 with -dev on).

    As a reward, name a space marine chapter, and I'll make it for you <3
    White Scars. Ork blood is going to look really nice over their white armour.

    And in the meantime...

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    God's teeth you're fast when it comes to this sort of thing, Santos!

    Nice job

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    Am i understanding this right, community produced mod tools showing up allready?

    If so much hugs to Santos indeed .
    I don't know what i'm talking about, ignore me.

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    Awww I was planning to write that tool . Nice job Santos, I'm currently on vacation (China!) and couldn't even download the demo yet to have a look at the files.-cope.
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    Santos, you're the boss! But how did you get the mesh to open? I see the o3d file (beats me what it's doing there) but no recognizable model file.

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    Don't worry, there's still tons of work left to do, more than enough for both of us. Feel free to write a GUI version of this tool.


    I'm using my own import script and the actual mesh data (vertices, indices etc.) can be found inside DCM files.

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    Thanks. Let us know when the script will be ready for general use.

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    Okay so I managed to unpack everything in the data folder and have opened up some of the .dds files in photoshop, but I'm unfamiliar with any of the other formats. Is there a specific format I should look to download so I can open up models in 3dsmax?

    Forgive my ignorance.

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    You don't waste any time when I promise you a modding section, do you?
    I has a Blurb. And one of those Tweeter things.
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    Most of the file formats used by the game seem to be proprietary, so we'll have to create our own tools in order to edit them. I have already made some progress with model files:

    Gief modding forumz nao!

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    Nice job as always, will you be releasing the tool for just importing the mesh, for the time being?

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    Alright thanks, will it be any time soon by any chance?

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    This is insane. It's only been a couple o'days since the Demo, a mere (but awesome) forshadow of the full game, came out and just for those who pre-ordered mind (some should be getting the demo today, so I hear) and already the first wave of mod tools start appearing.

    You're insane! In a good way and I hope you keep up the insanely good work. So does this mean that there is at least some modding capability for the PC version of Space Marine then?
    All is dust...

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    So guys,tell me,with this unpacker,is this game now 100% modable?

    I'am not really into modding (but i love to use and play mods) so i would like to know.
    Game is pre ordered anyway but if you guys say me it's 100% modable then i would get a excitement overload.

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    @Santos: Great work my friend, I'm very excited to open up some of the art assets from the game and see the wire-frames. You are doing the Emperors work.

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    VERY nice! I was hoping someone might do it, but the speed is nothing less than astonishing.
    Any idea yet what the "" textures are used for? Most of them only use the red channel, i'm guessing its something like a lightmap.

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    They're for reflective maps Don, i.e. shiny metal surfaces. From what I can tell, red is the default, and blue is the 'shiny' level

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    Yes. Soon


    "Insanity" is my middle name. PC version is defnitely moddable but to what extent, it remains to be discovered.


    No. Unpacker just extracts files from the game archives. We still need to find a way to pack them back...

    @Don the Oiler

    Good question. Good answer. Been wondering about that myself.

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    Yeah, makes sense, i found some that actually use the blue channel.
    As much as i'm happy the console-gaming community can enjoy this game too, i was always afraid they wouldn't allow modding, to treat all systems equally. Good to see they didn't make it overly difficult (I'm judging by the speed this came out, it was probably still difficult enough for Santos). Now's hoping they don't change their minds till the full game comes out.

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    Would the music files happen to be in these OPPC archives?

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    Nope. All sounds are stored in another type of archive file with PCK extension.

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    So! Textures DDS or TGA? I want make mod of HDtextures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santos View Post

    Yes. Soon
    The ™ worries me.

    Quote Originally Posted by ~GOLEM~ View Post
    So! Textures DDS or TGA? I want make mod of HDtextures!
    They're DDS

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    I love DDS! )) SY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightshade
    The ™ worries me.
    Brother, your lack of faith is...disturbing.

    Release is imminent.

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    Release is imminent.
    Great, now i'll spent the next hours reloading this thread. I think i'll need a new F5 key.

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    Space Marine Tools v0.1.0.0 released!

    Space Marine Tools v0.1.0.0 released!

    Download Links

    Download from Hotfile
    Download from Rapidshare

    This is a first release of my tools for Space Marine game. Package includes model importer for 3D Studio MAX and previously released OPPC unpacker program, which is now called smoppc and received some small fixes. For those interested in creating more tools, I also included specifications for OPPC and DCM file formats (both are not yet fully complete).

    The import script is easy to use. In MAX go to Utilties tab (hammer symbol), select MAXScript and then choose Space Marine Tools form drop down list. To import model click Import Model button and select DCM file to import. DCM files can be extracted from OPPC archives with smoppc program included in this package.

    Note that DCM files do not contain complete information about the model. Some essential data like materials and skeleton are stored in other files (object-manifest, O3d and bmat). For this reason models are currently imported without materials. Texture coordinates are set however, so you can always assign textures manually.

    Script can import bones, however as I just mentioned skeleton is not stored in DCM files. For a time being I'm recreating it from skin bones, so that skin modifier can be applied but those bones do not form a real skeleton (with child-parent relationships). Consider this to be a temporary solution, until I can get real skeleton out.

    Note also that importing process can be rather slow, due to very large amount of data some models have. This is especially true when importing with Weld Vertices and Smoothing Groups options, which require lots of additional calculations. Sometimes importing takes so long (1-2 minutes) that it may appear MAX has hang up. Just be patient and wait until message box appears confirming import is complete.

    Have fun!
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    What the... ok you've saved my F5 key, now i'll spend the next few hours looking at the models in all their glory. GREAT work, as always!

    Edit: Having problems with some parts, "sm_armour_basic_upres_shldrl" for example gives me a "subMesh.skinBones[k] = (ReadLong file #unsigned) + 1"
    No big deal, just reporting in case this helps you for future updates.
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    Great job! Any Deathwatch models in the works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santos View Post
    Brother, your lack of faith is...disturbing.

    Release is imminent.
    Sorry just the TM thing made it sound bad. Forgive me : (

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    You have in plans made decomp for .bmat and .attr_pc?

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    I'm working on bmat atm.

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    Ooooh this is just priceless. The only things not working is some of Titus' stuff funnily, namely his tabard and his pauldrons. And some parts are misaligned, like the different parts of the weapons, or the eyes and hair of the head meshes.

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    Aye i noticed that too, the lion cloth belt don't respond well. Import error on all max.

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    i think it Hawok!

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    Santos, I love you in a very manly, Space Marine way.

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    Please post the names of all files that are failing to import.

    And some parts are misaligned, like the different parts of the weapons, or the eyes and hair of the head meshes.
    I'm aware of this problem. Not sure at this point if this is a bug. It seems that mesh positions and rotations can be adjusted with O3d file, so all of this might just "magically" fix itself.

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    So far i have


    that are giving me problems

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    Same here.

    Maxscript error msg give this, "--runtime error: memory allocation error (re)sizing array"

    Line script 184, on max give an error pointing to "subMesh.vertices.count = ReadLong file #unsigned"

    Hope that helps.

    There's probably more that has this same error as well. When importing it. Just seem to be the titus armors and few others that give this same error.

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    some site to upload those pictures to Don.. >.>

    ever heard of Imageshack? photobucket?

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    whats the vert count on the marine models? am in process of dloading game but will be a few hours yet b4 i can have alooksy

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    Santos, i so hope you eventually manage to make the game accept modded files. I have so many ideas, they all involve little work by me, unfortunately for them to work requires a lot of work by you.

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    Ok, forgive my lame-ness, I'm having trouble getting the smoppc.exe to work. When I double click it, nothing happens. Is this what I use to unpack the .oppc files?

    Thanks in advance!

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    copy OPPC file of choice drag into SMOPCC and should work

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    Christ... I love you Santos, platonically of course.

    Any word on how to mod stats?

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    Please see the smoppc's readme file for usage instructions.


    Stats are stored in attr_pc files. Upon inspection in hex editor they appear very similar to DoW2 RBFs. I'm sure Cope will have no trouble figuring this one out.

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