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[TOOL] Space Marine Tools - UPDATED 18-09 - OPPCExtract v0.1.0 released!

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    I have a question about a round about way to bypass oppc files.
    After we have extracted everything, couldn't we just delete the oppc files, and have the extracted files in the main directory?

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    but then the game would have nothing to load.. running in preview mode is what makes the game open to non-oppc files. if you turn of preview and delete the oppc you get a broken install XD

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    I think it's time this thread gets stickied, we already have a second page and without Santos, Copernicus and this thread, the whole Space Marine modding section would be empty. Well, full of requests maybe, but no mods.

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    Ok I'm having a really extremely hard time with exporting.
    I just edited the veteran helmet mesh and made it greyknight-like, and when I go to export it gives me export failed. A Edit Normals appears above Editable Mesh in the modifier list, and my helmet now has tons of green spikes shooting from the faces... How do I fix this, and what is the correct way to export so it works, and the game doesn't crash?

    Thanks in advance,
    Alpha Omega Protocol or AOP

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    how do i extract all of the oppcs at the same time using the GUI?

    EDIT: Nvm, figured it out myself. If anyone else was wondering, just copypaste the path to the oppc files into the source box .
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    Well that worked?!

    Ok Santos, I finally got new Geo in the game.

    Ho,ho this will be fun. Thanks for all the work guys. I'll get something worth looking at in some time soon.

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    Plz tell me how you were able to do that? I've tried the exporter, but I always get export failed errors.

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    Ooooooo progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by mel_danes View Post
    Ok Santos, I finally got new Geo in the game.

    Ho,ho this will be fun. Thanks for all the work guys. I'll get something worth looking at in some time soon.
    Should've had the kettle spout for the vox

    Awesome progress though. Looking forward to whatever crazy mods you think up

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    Still some bumps, but we are this close.....

    Santos I'm getting there. Thanks for all your work man.

    So modified Veteran helmet replacing Titus head, and a new proxy model for the Power Axe.
    With a little more work I think I can get real custom stuff in.

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    Soon... we shall have RUBRIC MARINES AND CHAPLAINS :o

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    Overfilled with so much joy seeing those pics that got me into modelling again.

    Take everything in Moderation - Even Modding

    Models created for Homeworld projects

    HWU mod Modeler
    Galactic Council Mod Contributor

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    @starscream, that looks awsome. the only problem i can think of is, the animations would have to be craftily dodged XD
    use that as a replacement for the thunderhammer, and when firing let it disapear for the melee weapon and apear in the gun hand? cause elsewise i think animations will be a problem XD

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    Hey Santos, sup guys.

    First let me thank you, and the rest of the peeps here for all the work you have done on this. It is truly remarkable.

    I was wondering if I could get some clarification on the animation side of things. Is it possible at this time to view game animations or import them with the skeleton into 3DSMAX? are they viewable trhough Havok? I read about the problems with Behavior and that it is not a component of the non-free version of Havok, but is the animation data in the behavior files?

    Oh another thing:
    With the newer version of the importer, I seem to hit errors with some files. Latest is the Titus Cinematic Head (cinematic_titus.O3d or cinematic_titus.object-manifest) The importer says "Import Failed" I get joints, but no mesh. I don't now if the joints are all there either. I did decompress it with the smbod tool, and other things like the torso work fine.
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    Purpleorc - Currently the importer does not bring in animations. We only get geometry, helpers, bones, materials, and skinning data.
    The Havok stuff is unbreakable at the moment. I have no luck with it, and Santos I believe said he could not crack it either.

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    I emailed you about exporting mel_danes, we're having trouble exporting it. The moment I touch the model in anyway it can't export to the game apparently. The game crashes when it cannot reload the original file.

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    Thanks Danes. Sad to hear any idea on which files the animations are stores? The HKXX files seem to be more about cinematics and cloth. I wonder where the in-game animations are found.

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    please help me: i can not understent how open dcm files in 3d max.
    i have inpacked it from oppc files but then i open 3d max and try to import dmc files it answer me: haven not a this import modul
    i aldeady instailed scripts for 3d max, but i am not understant how to use this scripts? help me
    P.S. sorry for so bad english

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    ivankazaven - Well are running the scripts to import or are you trying to import through max open files menu? I find it best to import the o3d file first, so you get the skinning data and bones structure.
    Hope this helps.

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    when I installed max scripts, opened 3ds max 2010, and try to import o3d files or dmc files, 3dmax give out to me error, so maybe I wrond instailed max scripts or I not understand how to use this scripts.
    can you explain in detail how to use max scripts?
    At what button in 3d max i must to push for i can import dmc and o3d files?

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    I also get the same error as ALphaOmegaProto, i simply can't export custom mesh into the dcm, could you give us a simple example how you got custom mesh in game Danes?

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    Export new Geometry foru use in Game.

    I also get the same error as ALphaOmegaProto, i simply can't export custom mesh into the dcm, could you give us a simple example how you got custom mesh in game Danes?
    So this has been an issue for the community at large, so here we go. The following assumes you have a basic grasp of 3ds Max, and more specifically the "Skin Modifier", and Santos tools.

    1.) Create your asset and textures. Once built save it out as a Max file.
    2.) Reset your scene in Max. Import the (Whatever file your replacing) O3d file. The key here is to replace an existing piece of geometry.
    3.) "Merge" your Max file into the o3d imported file. Re-size your geometry to scale with the (Whatever file your replacing) and match the originals position.
    4.) Be sure to reset X-forms on your new object. This needs to be done or your stuff could scale all wrong in game. Once in position reset your objects center point to the 0,0,0 position.
    5.) Select the original (Whatever file your replacing) and determine it's Material group ID (probably 1), make your models Material group ID match it.
    6.) Select the (Whatever file your replacing), Be sure to toggle off the "Skin Modifier" while altering your geometry. go into sub object mode, "Element" then "Attach" your model. It will texture all weird, thats ok.
    7.) Still in sub object mode select all the pieces of the (Whatever file your replacing) and delete them.
    8.) Toggle the "Skin Modifier" back on and adjust your weights.
    9.) Open the "Material Editor", Find the Space Marine Shader material, go the maps section and re-target the maps to your versions. Be sure your versions are named the same as the ones you are replacing. You can copy your maps into the correct folder before hand, and skip this step.
    10.) Export out the dcm file like normal.
    11.) Pack all your new files into the preview folder and "Blast the Xenos Brother"!

    Hopefully this helps.

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    Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!!!!!
    I finally did it, after hours experimenting today i made progress! I wasn't able to completely follow your guidance but i managed get my custom helmet in game.
    I don't completely percieve how to add helmets in game so i used LoweGear's awsome Angry Marine mod for my experiment

    Finally Horned Skull Helmet!

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    Starscream, i can not open dmc files in 3ds max, how did you can do it& please, explain me


    maybe you can to send me some meshes and textures of some armor?


    in format off 3d max(example.3ds)


    of 3d max

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    The new files from the exterminatus chaos unleash update, the new files, such as killa khan only appear to have DCM and o3d, but when importing them, the bones to appear, and the model is scatter around. Was there any ways to import it correctly?

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    where did the smbod tool go to?? both links are down.

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    Could anyone tell me as what to put the red texture in 3ds max?

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    There wouldn't happen to be an o3d exporter in the making? I'm trying to move the exhaust fx of the cinematic Jumppack futher down so it fits the Chaos version.

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    No 3ds max o3d exporters atm. I don't think any of the previous modders are even working on SM anymore. But currently the only way to edit o3d files is to convert it to xml, then convert and compress it back to o3d, all using Santos's smbod tool. It's important that the o3d file has the same name as the model, else the game won't register it.

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    Can Someone send me that SMBOD file or a Link Plz i can´t find it anywhere and the Links are down
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    I need this too, I managed to get the original download, but the newer version that reads packages.xml.bin is nowhere to be found.

    EDIT: To be clearer, I am looking for OPPCExtract v0.1 or SMOPPC v0.2. What I have now is the tool linked to in the OP, which seems to be overwriting some attr_pc files with duplicate names.
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    could you please re-upload the new scripts, the links are down

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    Hey guys would like to know if there is Drop Pod in this , because i would of sworn i saw one. If there is could any one tell me which .oppc it would be ?
    I have been looking through all of the them and cant seem to find it.
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    There is a Drop Pod model in Space Marine > Data > Chunks > part_05__s_027_r500_bridges.oppc archive.
    I couldn't find it in packages folder, though.

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    There is a Drop Pod model in Space Marine > Data > Chunks > part_05__s_027_r500_bridges.oppc archive.
    I couldn't find it in packages folder, though.
    Ah thank you very much. I also need the new files but no one is being activate enough to release them >.<, i cant even import the .BMATS and such on only the .DCM's lol.

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    I hope Santos doesn't mind, here's the tools i found in my folder.

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    Don the Oiler
    I hope Santos doesn't mind, here's the tools i found in my folder.
    Thanks alot man , Just one question these tools you have here will it be able to import other than .DCM files as well ? =O

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    Hrm has anyone been able to extract any of the orks out? I can find their weapons and the WAAGH banner but I cannot find the actual nobs, boyz, etc... Where are they! I need a green tide!

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    Hi, guys. I know it is a little off topic, but does anyone know how to extract stuff from .OPPC game named Darksiders: Wrath of War? I take a look in other forums, but there is no tool released yet (the game was released in 2010).

    The smoppc didn't work as expected, yet another game after all.

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    anyone else got issues getting the import script to work in max 2013 ?...

    nvm me, helps to actually read the "readme" and not just think... "hell i know how scripts work"...

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    hi there,
    was hoping that someone could provide me with a SMOPPC v0.2.0 download link as the one Santos put up doesnt have the file anymore. would greatly appreciate it

    i think i may have gotten it

    yeah definitely need the tool. the one i was able to download isnt unpacking anything for some reason. would appreciate the help. thanks
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    Can someone please reupload smoppc (v0.1.2) because the one Don uploaded closes as soon as I open it.

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    People... Does someone still have export script? It was deleted and i cannot find it anywhere else.

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    A bit late, but anyway, afaik Strategy informer still have dcm export scripts:

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    Not late. I check it every day. I really need those scripts, so I'll check'em now.
    Yay, it looks like it is the thing I needed! Thanks, huge thanks!
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    Hey everyone, want to kick it off by saying that I appreciate the work you've done! The models you given us access too . . . just wow. I play a digital table top version of the game and am going to be using the models to create the tokens.

    Do you have any idea how to join the joints so that positioning the models become possible? When they're imported using your tools, the skeleton is in pieces.

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    hello everyone

    first time poster here :P

    after some trouble i finally managed to use this import tool and it's great

    however, i was wondering how i can import the game's texture. the models come without them. Is there a way ?

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    You need to extract the texture... usually it is already extracted when you extracted the model. Then apply the texture via standart 3ds Max stuff. Should work. I never tried it, because I still cannot extract the model, even without texture.

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    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I've wondered if anyone still has the version of SMtools that can import o3d files as well as well as the SMbod toolset that can uncompress those?

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    any tool to extract darksiders oppc file and import its to max

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