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Space Marine SP Mods - Power Sword added

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    Space Marine SP Mods - Power Sword added

    I've put together a pack of small mods, including a fully functional Power Sword. The power sword functions identically to the chainsword, but does not replace it. You must start from a fresh checkpoint in order to see it. There are four minimods included in the pack, allowing you to choose whichever one you prefer:
    1) All Cheats - Makes Titus invulnerable, grants infinite ammo, grants almost unlimited fury, and sets his default weapons to bolt pistol, power sword, meltagun, and stalker bolter.
    2) Infinite Ammo - Grants infinite ammo for all weapons and grenades.
    3) Invulnerable - Makes Titus invulnerable.
    4) Power Sword - Adds a playable power sword and sets that as the default melee weapon for Titus.

    Power Sword

    More preview images here.
    Mod Compilation v1 Download

    My Grey Knight skins were originally posted in NastyNoodle's thread, but I've been able to make some significant improvements now that I have the full game. Titus now has a better breastplate model, and each character has slightly different leg armor, as well as individualized heraldry. Credit and thanks to NastyNoodle for certain parts (including the hazard stripe chainsword texture, and the gold shoulder pad is just a recolor of her Deathwatch shoulder pad).

    Grey Knights

    More preview images here.
    Grey Knights v3 Download

    Optional Grey Knight helmet addon. This adds a helmet for Titus, based on NastyNoodle's awesome master-crafted helmet.

    Grey Knight Helmet

    Grey Knight Helmet Download

    Also, just so that it isn't hidden in the middle of NastyNoodle's thread, I also made a small tweak to her excellent Blood Ravens skins. I gave the acquilla shoulder pad to Titus, and the corvus shoulderpad to Sidonus. I also gave Titus grey hair and silver service studs to make him look a little like Gabriel Angelos.

    Blood Ravens

    Blood Ravens Download

    Added minimod compilation.
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    So you can import the MP armor models to SP afterall

    I would argue that the Black Templar custom armor is better suited for a Grey Knights modification due to the shape of the collar, rather than the straight barrel-like shape of the Mk.8 collar. It's nice work still though

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    You cant LoweGear
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    Well, you theoretically could if you were able to edit the mesh in 3dsmax and then export it back into the game.
    But afaik for now we're just stuck with having fun with textures than any serious 3D or coding.

    (One can always hope though for the future!)

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    LoweGear, I agree that the Black Templar collar looks better, but the cross on the chest looked wrong. It was obviously Black Templar related, and there wasn't anything I could do about that.

    NastyNoodle, what do you mean? I have Titus using the MP Mk 8 breastplate, and Leandros has the Corvus-style MP leg armor pieces. I haven't had any problems with them so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NastyNoodle View Post
    You cant LoweGear
    Hm? I'm talking about the Black Templar custom armor used on your own Black Templars SP skin, the one with the pointy collar and cross + aquila.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morat View Post
    LoweGear, I agree that the Black Templar collar looks better, but the cross on the chest looked wrong. It was obviously Black Templar related, and there wasn't anything I could do about that.
    Was just a thought anyway.

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    I've updated the first post with a power sword mod, along with a few other minimods. The power sword is fully compatible with reskin mods.

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    Idk if this is just on my end, but the leg texture on the Grey Knights armor isn't complete. It's just see-through where the leg connects to the body. It's very noticeable when sprinting. Outstanding work otherwise, and my favorite armor so far

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    Hi there,

    I'm struggling to get the powersword mod to work despite having followed your instructions, the Grey Knight one works a treat though. Should the sim folder just sit in the preview folder?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Yes, the sim folder goes in the preview folder.

    Did you choose to start from a new checkpoint? If you choose to continue an existing campaign, or start from a checkpoint before you get the chainsword, then you won't get the power sword.

    Do you have any other mods installed as well?

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    Yes I have been using Noodles Dark Angels pack and now your Grey Knights. I already had the chainsword and loaded last checkpoint but I just get the chainsword in the GK's pack...



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    What happens when you load the checkpoint just before that one?

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    Hmmmmm, I can only 'Restart Checkpoint', no option to load any others....

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    It doesn't work if you choose to continue from an existing campaign. You have to start from a new checkpoint. It sounds like you chose "continue" and tried to restart from the saved checkpoint, which will not work. You have to use "select mission" from the menu.

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    Ahh, that will be it. I missunderstood the instructions. I'll give it a go tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help,


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    can you please clarify what "almost" unlimited fury means?

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    It lasts a lot longer than usual and charges up by itself almost instantly when depleted. You'll be able to use fury for almost every fight in the game if you play a mission after you've unlocked it.

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    could the power sword be used to replace the power axe instead ? both the animations and the sound are much more fitting than the chainsword ones for it

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    It lasts a lot longer than usual and charges up by itself almost instantly when depleted. You'll be able to use fury for almost every fight in the game if you play a mission after you've unlocked it.
    oh, ok, thanks.

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    Power axe to power sword feels like a great idea.

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    heh i had the same idea so this came out

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    Hi, I am confused as how to make the mod for the power sword to work. Where do I find the -usepreview switch? Thanks

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    you open up your steam library, right click on space marine, go to properties, click set launch options, then in the bar type -usepreview, and finally, profit!
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    That Angelos-compared Titus looks brilliant. Really striking effect, especially with the hair.

    Good work
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    *gasp* that was my angelos titus!!

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    Your Blood Ravens have already been immortalized by the powers that be by the way, check the first video in my sig.
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    That video is pure win!

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    Yep, power sword fits perfect into power axe's place (good sounds, animations, finishers). Much better then chainsword. I can't post links yet, so just copy this to your browser's address bar:

    Mod is working, just check by yourself (same again, no links...):
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    thnx crow works great
    dont know how you did it, would be great to have a powersword_basic version or perhaps a little explanation on how to change it ourselfs

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    Crow, your powersword is AWESOME. And the power axe executions actually look natural for the power sword, which is nice

    Although, using the Chaos model Power Sword? What sort of Heresy is Titus up to?

    Edit: Managed to edit Crow's powersword so it uses the Imperium model instead of the Chaos one XD

    Download Here

    Also comes in MOAR HERETICAL version:

    Download Here
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    a full replacement for the power axe, excellent! Thanks for sharing Crow!

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    Two new weapons

    Chaos Power Mace:


    Chainaxe (on Poweraxe):


    Chainaxe (on Chainsword):

    It looks the same, so no screen here ;D

    PS. I think Chainaxe on Chainsword is better, but you can check both.
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    The Chainaxe does look and sound better on the Chainsword, has the necessary "bite" to it that a Chainaxe-skinned power axe doesn't have. Also, the execution animations for the Chainaxe fit the Chainsword better.

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    It's funny that they based the chaos power maul on the slayer of mortals. Just over sized.
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    hey mate, ur gk skin has a glitch. if u look up towards the sky u see a a little black hollow half circle. it gets worse if u combine the skin with other mods, u will a flying thing above ur head...
    its much noticeable on this screenshot, but i think its most visible when ur somewhere with a low ceeling

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    Lord Uranhon

    Where do I copy paste the files..?? and which files

    we downloads all your mods and tried to copy paste it every where and it didin't do any changes !!!! 0...
    so can you give the precise file to copy and the precise file where we copy it...

    Thanks for those mods but try to give details ^^


    PS: we're Franch players, and we use steam to play Space marine

    Uranhon Lord of Ultramar !

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    it seems the jumppacks in the cinematics are still ultramarines blue :P

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    Hello, I can't figure out how to install the mods... I have <steam..blahblah>\preview\blah...blahblah\ but the mods don't seem to work. I'm using "all cheats".

    I also added -usepreview to the "launch options" in steam and at the end of my desktop shortcut but the mods don't seem to be working...

    is there something else I need to do?

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    only issue with the power sword is it makes the chainsword sounds =\

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    Morat, i can't download the mod armor greyknight V3. Can you put it back please?
    Sorry for bad English

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    Also the helmet please? Thanks

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