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[REF] Majic's Guide To Space Marine Game Attributes

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    [REF] Majic's Guide To Space Marine Game Attributes

    This handy reference is intended to help Space Marine enthusiasts modify game attributes. Game attributes define the behavior and settings of characters, wargear, objects and abilities.

    Here the focus is on understanding how the game works, how we can modify it and what we need to know to do that. If you're just interested in finished mods, ideas for mods or requests for mods, check out:

    [MODS] Majic's Space Marine Mod Workshop

    Click here for who this is for, what skills are required, disclaimer, and please don't ask for mods.


    What you need to know about how to modify the game, working with mod tools and how to use this guide.

    Tools You Will Need

    Without these, you won't get very far.

    Working With OPPC And ATTR_PC Files

    What you need to know about extracting, modifying and installing them.

    How To Use This Guide

    How the guide is organized and what to expect.


    Descriptions of packages, attribute files, attributes and what they do.

    EBPS (ebps.oppc) Entity Blueprints: Captain Titus, Actions And Objects

    Entity blueprints describe various things found in the game environment such as the player avatar (Titus), NPCs (Non-Player Characters), their behaviors, objects found in the maps such as ammunition crates, and actions, such as doors opening and closing.

    Vanguard (vanguard.attr_pc) Captain Titus

    This file contains such attributes as player health, armor, fury, movement, default wargear and so on.

    We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

    Ammo Crates (pickup_ammo.attr_pc, pickup_grenades.attr_pc) Ammo And Grenades

    Get your bullets and bombs here.

    WARGEAR (wargear.oppc) Wargear: Weapons, Armor And Abilities

    Wargear refers to things that modify or are carried by the character. Wargear can thought of as items or abilities that can be “worn” and, in some cases, removed or upgraded.

    Notes, speculation and theories on wargear.

    Weapons (*.attr_pc) Common Attributes
    preview\sim\attributes\instances\wargear\wargear\(various subdirectories)\*.attr_pc

    These are attributes common to most weapons.


    Various items of potential interest to game mod makers.

    APPENDIX A: Majic's Attribute Cookbook

    Tasty recipes and shortcuts for a more appetizing Space Marine.

    APPENDIX B: Unanswered Questions And Areas Requiring Research

    Mysteries, conundrums and queries for inquiring minds.

    APPENDIX C: Acknowledgments

    Credits and thanks

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    Thanks for posting this guide. Really interesting stuff.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get things to work. I was able to set invulnerable_health = 1 for Titus, and that worked, but I haven't been able to do anything else. I've tried to troubleshoot, but it's quite difficult when none of my edits seem to have any effect at all.

    I tried adding the storm bolter to Titus default wargear, making ammo pickups infinite, changing the iron halo to grant infinite ammo, and I tried setting capacity_reserve_infinite to true for the storm bolter. All of these things should work, but when I try to test them in-game, I see absolutely no change. I'd assume that I was putting things in the wrong folders, but it all looks correct as far as I can tell.

    If it isn't too much trouble, I think it would be really helpful if you could post some examples files of things you've done, so that I could have something to compare to, and maybe be able to see what I'm doing wrong.

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    If the vanguard file is working and the wargear is not, that suggests there may be a path problem. If you have verified you're putting the modified *.attr_pc files into the preview\sim\attributes\instances\wargear\wargear\ directory, then we definitely have a mystery on our hands.

    The big thing to make extra sure of is that the modified wargear files are put in preview\sim\attributes\instances\wargear\wargear\, because without that second wargear subdirectory, the game won't load your files.

    Meanwhile, adding the storm bolter should work if you have been able to change Titus' health to invulnerable. I just updated the guide to specify adding it after the bolter entry, since the table seems sensitive to the order in which the wargear is listed, at least for some things.

    I'm not sure how to do file sharing or what service to use, but if the game isn't seeing the changes made to your files, I doubt they would see mine either.

    More importantly, however, figuring this out should make it unnecessary to share files at all, since anyone should be able to duplicate what I've been doing on their own system. If not, then I need to fix the guide.

    After all, if it doesn't work, there's no point in reading it.

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    Yes, I'm putting the files in that directory. I've checked that several times, because that seems like the most obvious problem.

    I'm not sure how to do file sharing or what service to use, but if the game isn't seeing the changes made to your files, I doubt they would see mine either.
    That's why I really want to test with some files that are known to work. One way or another, it would narrow down the potential problems considerably.

    As for sharing your files, just go to:
    Drag and drop your files to upload, then post the resultant link. It's very easy.

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    Majic's Vanguard File

    You're right. MediaFire is easy to use. Even I managed to figure it out.

    I am too new to embed links, so here's the modified URL for the folder containing both the XML and compiled ATTR_PC file:

    (Link removed. See below.)

    This file contains my own personal changes as well as the storm bolter and multiplayer sniper rifle. The rifle will behave normally unless you also install the autocannon mod.

    I chose that example because it's easy to tell if it's working: just hold down the trigger and you should see something you won't see from a normal sniper rifle. Also, you should see infinite ammo for that weapon.

    Majic's Sniper Autocannon

    Here's the URL for the pimped-out sniper rifle:

    (Link removed. See below.)

    It is grossly overpowered, but useful for satisfying bottled-up aggression.

    Where To Try These

    Just in case, let's make sure we're loading the same map, because some maps change the weapon loadout.

    I've been using Part 1, Chapter 2, “The Trenches” as the place where I drop in to test changes. Try that after copying the vanguard and sniper files into the appropriate places, and let's see what happens.

    Bonus: Majic's MAC-10 Bolt Pistol

    Oh yeah. I just remembered that vanguard file replaces the standard pistol with a gold multiplayer pistol bolter.

    If you manage to get the above weapon to work, try this out:

    (Link removed. See below.)

    I realized just now that uploading the XML files is unnecessary. Just convert them using Cope's tool and you'll have what I have XML-wise.

    Anyway, with this weapon I wanted to simulate the joy of spraying absurd amounts of small-caliber ammo. It's not very powerful or accurate more than three bar stools away, but it's loud and impressive, the way Orks like it.

    Here's hoping all this works.

    UPDATE: I removed the links to the early versions of these files to avoid potential confusion. The latest versions can be found in the workshop thread.
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    Do you place both the XML and the attr pc file into that directory in your guide for them to work?
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    Where are Titus' pistol and bolter wargear files?
    I have searched the wargear archive thoroughly and am simply not able to find the definitions for these weapons. Other weapons used by him also seem to be missing. The workaround is to use multiplayer weapons, and most work reasonably well. But animations for some projectile weapons may be missing, probably due to the projectile ebps not being loaded.
    I may have an answer to this. I mentioned in other thread that some OPPC archives have duplicate files inside. wargear.oppc is an extreme example of this, because some of the files there have like 11 or 12 copies! Now, I checked this and in most cases all of these files differ somewhat in contents, so despite having exact same name they are all different files and there should be a way to extract them properly...somehow.

    As for the Titus' weapons, there are indeed two bolt pistols and two bolters in wargear.oppc, one for marines and one for chaos. smoppc tool version you have, is simply overwritting duplicate files and since chaos bolt weapons are located after marine ones in the archive, that's why marine stuff is missing.

    I have some progress with this lately and I hope to find a solution soon™.
    I may be mistaken but i don't belive our freindly tool creator is that skilled a programmer, once he does a write up on the "format" (hope thats the right word), somone else with the coding knowlage will come along and do he work there. Don't look at me for it though, don't know a sasuage about programming, would like to learn but...- Carl

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    -> cobaltlotus Nope, all you need are the attr_pc files. The XML files are just decompiled or decompressed versions of the attr_pc files. As far as I know, the game won't actually read the XML files.

    -> Santos Ah HA! That would explain it. I wonder if there might be something in the OPPC file that specifies a pathname for each attr_PC file or, failing that, actually uses the pathname string in each attr_pc file to decide where each file would go upon extraction.

    If it is the second case, using the structure information Cope identified for his BAF<->XML converter to peek into each file and snag the pathname from them should work.

    Whichever is the case, making it so extracted files are written to separate output directories would resolve the overwriting issue. And, as a side benefit, make Majic very, very happy.

    Thanks for continuing to look into this!

    (Interesting footnote: The parser that detects links and keeps us new members from posting them won't allow an “at” sign anywhere in the post. Ironically, I first registered back in 2008, but guess that account got deleted, since I was able to register the same name a few days ago. Sigh.)


    NOTE: To make things easier, I just added the "Working With OPPC And ATTR_PC Files" section to the guide. Hopefully that will help folks just getting started to understand what the heck we're talking about here.
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    I think this might be it! The path inside attr_pc files starts with wargear\wargear and seems to be different for duplicated files. I will report back when coding is done.

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    I will try not to drool at the prospect, because nailing this down will open up new vistas of modding excellence.

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    It works! Release will be later today.

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    That is freakin' huge. I will be eagerly awaiting the fateful moment when I can use the new tool to explore ever greater depths.

    Just being able to modify the default weapons Titus carries will be great. I like the idea of being able to carry my golden MAC-10 throughout the entire campaign. Not to mention lowering the rate of fire of the default bolter and putting more “thump” into it.

    And that just scratches the surface. I'm sure we'll learn a lot more about how all this ties together with the benefit of the new tool.

    Not to suggest rushing it, but if you were to envision me pacing back and forth pretending to smoke cigarettes as I wait for this release, that would be about right.

    Here's hoping pre-release testing goes smoothly.

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    Thanks for providing some samples Majic. I just tested them, and they're working fine. Now I just need to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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    From what I understand so far, your vanguard file is working (I think). Heck, it was your vanguard file that you posted in the tools thread that got me started on this in the first place.

    An important thing to check if your changes aren't registering is making sure you changed the right instances of the variables you want. As an example, attributes like shot_cooldown appear in multiple places in most weapon files. If you change only one of them, you may not see the effect you want.

    A given value may be used depending on which table it appears in. Weapons often have a different rate of fire when you're under the influence of fury. When in doubt, just set all of them to what you want.

    Another thing to check is making sure the weapon pathname is the same as the one specified in the vanguard file. If not, you won't have the weapon to begin with.

    There are other ways things can go wrong as well. What I've done when stumped is start over from the beginning and triple-check each step of the way, just to make sure I wasn't overlooking something (like putting the wrong version of an ATTR_PC file in the preview folder, for example).

    Whatever the issue may be, good luck tracking it down!

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    I've figured it out. Now that I've got the basics down, I'll probably post a few small mods soon. Thanks again for all the help.

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    Excellent! Once Santos' new tool version comes out, we should be cruisin' in no time.

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    Thanks for all your hard work so far! Once this tool gets sorted it's time to play :P

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    The Candy Store Is Open!

    Now that Santos has given us the latest tool version that extracts ATTR_PC files to separate directories, many problems have been solved.

    In particular, all of the weapons Titus can carry (including the heavy bolter, autocannon and plasma cannon) are now available, can be modified and can be included in his default loadout. That also means the weapons picked up at kiosks throughout the game can be modified and potentially replaced by other weapons, maybe even including the heavy weaponry.

    I haven't played with melee yet, but all of Titus' melee weapons are there now as well.

    Needless to say, I will be spending some time playing around with these and having some fun.

    The heavy weapons can't be switched out like other weapons -- that is, when carrying them, it's as if they had been torn off the tripod. They can be discarded and picked back up, but you can't switch to other weapons while they are equipped.

    What I would like to do is make inventory-friendly versions that can be carried, swapped and equipped like any other weapon. That would be a hoot.

    Oh my, so many things to try.

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    Majic, I always thought DoW2 modding needed such a well-written tutorial post which just covers all the basics (but DoW2 never got that tutorial). Nice job!
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    Gosh, thanks! Coming from one of the DOW2 tool gods, well, I'll try not to go all fanboy on you.

    Of course, there's still a lot to be done and already a lot of corrections that need to be made, but at least there's a stake in the ground.

    But what I'm really looking forward to is writing up instructions for how to use Cope's Space Marine Toolbox with a nice GUI adapted from the DOW2 toolbox, nudge nudge, wink wink.

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    Hey everyone.

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for putting in all the effort required to get this mod rolling. Really appreciate it.

    When I first played the demo I immediately thought -

    "this game would be amazing if you could change the colour of titus and modify the bolter/weapons to be more like I imagine them to be from the tabletop game"

    And that's exactly what you've done!

    I've downloaded the oppc and attr_pc tools today so I can play around with my own weapon attributes for the SP. Is cope's space marine toolbox available yet? I would like to be able to mod the proper SP weapons rather than using the MP weapons in their place. Is that possible yet? I understand the seperate dir's issue has been resolved?

    Thanks again everyone!

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    I found that if you modify the default wargear attributes of Leandros and Sidonus to have a helmet (basic power armour head seems to be the only one that works), a vox/reverb sound effect is applied to their voices when they speak in-game. Unfortunately, giving a helmet to Titus (basic power armour upres head) doesn't apply the same vox effect.

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    Okay, I've searched and searched, Majic, where did you find the normal space marine bolter??

    I've looked in bolter.attr_pc, but it says:


    However you're modified golden bolter clearly says:


    Where is the normal race_marine bolter??


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    Be sure to use Santos' latest tool, because the earlier version wrote everything to a single directory, and many files overwrote each other.

    That seems to be the case here. You'll know if the tool is working properly because it puts everything in separate folders.

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    Sorry to be a retard, but I'm using the v0.1.0.0 SMtools from this thread:

    http ://

    I've searched the forums and I cant find any other update beyond this?

    Where is the updated oppc extractor?



    Nevermind, found it!!

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    Check the last page of that thread.

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    Majic, quick question, have you found a way to get all of the weapons to show up at the kiosks because I would love to add the ability to grab some of the heavy weapons without replacing the existing choices. That being said I hate the vengence launcher so I may replace that with one of the heavier weapons but I would prefer to have even more options. I ask because I am planning on spending tonight redoing the weapon damages and firing rate as well as redesigning how the armour/shield works to be in line with the Deathwatch RPG (will post the full conversion when done, I will need to drastically play around with the balance).

    Second question, I know in Sins of a Solar Empire, when you were in development mode and changed a file being used by the game it would automagiclly refresh using the new file. Does anyone know if that is the case here so that we can test faster or do I need to keep exiting the game and reloading the same checkpoint?

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    One quick note on burst fire:

    shot_cooldown () This always works right

    time_between_shots () This only seems to work if less then .1, when I set his to .5 and shot_cooldown to 5 the gun only shoots once every 5 seconds but when I set this to .05 and shot_cooldown to 5 this shoots a quick burst every 5 seconds

    burst_length () As per the note above it only bursts to this number when set to a small number. I have this set to 3 right now but with such a short firing time to burst it will be useless for my purposes

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    Where To Find The Latest Version Of Santos' OPPC Tool

    Quote Originally Posted by justiceforall
    Where is the updated oppc extractor?
    Yeah, it's buried back in there. Santos is still ironing things out, I believe, and we're working with a very early version of the tool.

    I updated the OP of this thread with a link to v0.2.0, which solves the "flat output" problem, and here's a link to the post in question: SMOPPC v0.2.0

    Of course, the tool is subject to further revision, so be sure to check the thread now and then for updates.

    Weapons Kiosks And Map/Script Modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by Shalaska
    Majic, quick question, have you found a way to get all of the weapons to show up at the kiosks because I would love to add the ability to grab some of the heavy weapons without replacing the existing choices.
    So far, the easiest way is to substitute existing weapons found in the kiosks. That has been tested, and works.

    Modifying the contents of the kiosks directly would probably require map or game script changes, and I haven't looked at those yet.

    But I would definitely like to, because in addition to the kiosks, I would love to be able to change things like enemy spawns to add more enemies in some of the areas that seem a little dead and involve a lot of walking.

    Maybe not for everyone, but I like having more things to shoot when I move through a map.

    Game Updates On The Fly? (Apparently Yes, For Art Assets)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shalaska
    Second question, I know in Sins of a Solar Empire, when you were in development mode and changed a file being used by the game it would automagiclly refresh using the new file. Does anyone know if that is the case here so that we can test faster or do I need to keep exiting the game and reloading the same checkpoint?
    The game does appear to load mods when you start from a checkpoint or exit a map and return to the main menu.

    I haven't verified it thoroughly, but it does seem to work that way.

    UPDATE: Well, it's odd, but it seems only art, such as NastyNoodle's awesome armor sets, is reloaded without restarting the game. I first noticed that by accident, and assumed other files would be checked as well, but it looks like only the armor graphics are changed. This is probably more a case of the art subdirectory being checked each time the game loads an art asset, while the sim attributes are only checked on startup. Or something.

    Burst Fire

    I haven't done much with the burst fire mode, just semi and auto, but it does seem a bit arcane. For rate of fire issues, I recommend checking how the weapon behaves when instant_fire and wait_for_weapon_ready are changed. Not that they will produce the desired results, but I think they may affect how bursts behave.

    Attribute Guide And Mod Workshop OP Updated

    I did a little housekeeping and updated these threads now that I can post working links (yay!). I changed the name of the workshop thread to reflect a broader interest than just weapons.

    Hopefully the new formats will make things easier to find, or at least not make things worse.
    Last edited by Majic; 17th Sep 11 at 11:55 AM.

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    I'm wondering if there's any updated tool I could use to edit the .lua files from the util.oppc archive. I'm trying make some tweaks to the AI behavior, but after scouring through the forums and the oppc and attr_pc files for something to link to specific AI behavior, I've only narrowed it down to the .lua files, which I do not have an up-to-date tool to edit with.

    If there's no new tool for it, then don't mind me. It's not really all that important anyway, but I wouldn't mind an upgrade to the AI of the game.

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    What tools are people using to work with and characterize these large XML files? Currently I'm using Notepad++ and collapsing nodes like a madman, but that isn't really very helpful. I constantly lose track or lose my place and worry that I'm overlooking things while I'm trying to tweak. Is there some other tool I should be using that processes the XML into a more useful form?

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    Instead of having to convert the attr_pc files to xml, I just use Cope's DoW2 Toolbox. The tool requires at least one of the Dawn of war 2 games installed on your machine, but it's much easier to edit than using notepad. The O3d files must be decompressed before I can import it into 3ds max, so Santo's smbod tool is a must. Other files like bmat and object-manifest must be converted to xml using Santo's smbod tool again, so I just try to avoid having to edit those as much as possible.

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    Okay, I've installed his Toolkit, looks interesting, but I can't coax it to open .attr_pc files. In the file options it seems to be set to use the RBF plugin to handle those files, but it doesn't recognize them and won't open them. Is there some extra plugin I don't have? I do see that it's GUI-fying the contents of RBF files in a nice point-and-click way.

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    Open the tool, drag and drop the attr_pc file into its window . Back then it didn't occur to me that anybody uses any other way to open files =P.

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    I see that... now! Better knowing later than not at all.

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    Hi there. Just passing through here. I just played through an entire campaign in Space Marine using some of your mods, and seeing as how I had finished my Umpteenth DOW2 play through, I felt the need to Write this out, hope you like it.

    The Golden Bolter

    Fire rate: 3/10
    Reload Rate: 5/10
    Damage: 50

    Slower rate of fire
    Greater Accuracy

    +40% Accuracy
    +35% Ranged Damage

    25% chance on hit of detonating basic infantry

    +20 damage to Orks
    +20 damage to Daemons/Chaos Space Marines

    This Master-Crafted Mars-pattern Bolter was the Prize work of Forge Master Majic of Forge-World Graia. Having been completed shortly before the invasion that crippled the planet, The Bolter was recovered by Captain Titus of the Ultramarines 2nd Company. Captain Titus wielded this weapon throughout the cleansing of Graia, through both the Ork Waaagh and the Chaos Invasion that followed. In one day this weapon's slow and pounding fire saw the deaths of the Ork Warboss Grimskull and the Daemon Lord Nemeroth. This grand weapon was gifted to the Blood Ravens for their assistance in the re-taking of Forge-World Graia, and was sanctified by Blood Raven artificers to cleanse it of the Warp energies it was exposed to during Titus' final battle with the Chaos Lord. In-spite of being declared pure, some users whisper that the screams of the slaughtered Graian people can be heard with every round this weapon fires.

    Well there it is. I really liked the mods I downloaded and I look forward to your future work.

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