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[MODS] Majic's Space Marine Mod Workshop

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    nice mods, 2 bad u cant use the mp heavy bolter
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    I think with alot of time and messing around, you could actually get the MP Heavy Bolter Fortify ability to work in Singleplayer.

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    Well, I did get the model of the MP Heavy Bolter to work on the SP by modding the actual SP Heavy Bolter to look like it (seems the belt is part of the Heavy Bolter, which is logical considering how the Devastator looks in MP when equipped with Bolt Pistol). However, the moment you try to dispose of it, the game crashes ^^;;;

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    ye it may be a possibility, lets hope so

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    btw your chaos pistol mod seems to not let me download it keeps saying theres no servers for it and the rest of your downloads seem fine
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    hi majic. first up great mods. I especially like the heavy bolter, storm bolter pistol and powersword. I am trying to patch these together into a grey knight styled mod. so have picked up nasty noodle's awesome grey knight skins. i noticed earlier in thread someone asked about psycannon. i have been playing with your heavy bolter as a basis and added the following:
    plasma gun muzzle flash DONE
    plasma gun AOE for impact DONE but way too large cant seem to get it to scale smaller
    decreased range (i note you have 500 as range going on codex a psycannon is range 24 a hbolter range 36 so range 330) DONE

    to do
    get the bolt to be more like the plasma pistol any ideas how to achieve this?
    how to scale the plasma area effect more in line with plasma pistol than plasma cannon?

    for storm bolter instead of kraken bolts have psibolts rounds

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    I've tried something similar, but in the end I never figured out which entry in the attr_pc file controls what's fired. You could try replacing the attr_pc file of the heavy bolter with the plasma pistol's then just change the model, animation, and handling info back to heavy bolter. Don't forget to rename the file address under the GameData branch in the plasma pistol's attr_pc file.

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    @cerberos008 that is a really interesting idea. tbh something I had not thought about.
    however, I got the plasma pistol blast thing to work well so update on psycannon is:
    plasma gun muzzle flash DONE
    plasma gun blast mark on hit DONE
    damage change to 70 per shot DONE
    initial ammo change to 500 DONE

    range seems still way to long. the max_range does not seem to change the range of the weapon.
    don't know how to upload it somewhere for others to test out? anyone can help with this?

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    There's also a second max_range value under the ability_metadata branch you could try looking at. You could also try sampling values from weapons that have short range like the meltagun or chaos plasma cannon. Or you could even try using the plasma pistol's charge shot as the default shot cause that blast always arcs downward, which somewhat reduces range.

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    those two max ranges there are 15 and 0 so don't understand how they relate to the 500 from majic's mod or the changed 300 i made it. btw where u playing yesterday in an
    exterminatus map as cerberos? [TW]

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    Well entries like ranged_delivery_type can let you change the projectile type to something that can give you a shorter range. If you change the type to shapecast, like the meltagun, you can control the shape that the blast will take, not to mention it can also let you control the range. You could also change it to a charged plasma projectile to make it drop like a rock, which ideally reduces range too.

    I've had some weird things happen when I edit the projectile type to something it's not meant to be, or it could just prevent your gun from firing. I was able to put together a flimsy flamethrower that sprays blue plasma by editing the ranged_delvery_type, tho it doesn't really work that well. Either way, it's something you could look into if you can't manage to figure out how to get the max_range to take effect.

    Also, I haven't played MP since November. Too busy messing with the mods. I haven't even gotten the new dlc yet. I might tho, cause I hear they got some new models in that pack that I could use in my mods. Chapter Standard anyone?

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    For some reason, the plasma cannon version 0.3 charged shot is bugged for me too. It fires only 50% of the time.

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    majic, how can i mod the pistol stormbolter into chaos ver.?? im new to modding so can there be some tips?? n i modded that bolter for my own liking and now wan to swap model for my own interest

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    I've installed these mods correctly but in SP Campaign Titus's Chaos Back Pack/Power Generator is not loading at all. It shows in the mains menu but not in game.
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    Hey, just instaled the game. I installed the mods galore, but specifically I put in the Plasma Cannon mod replacing the Vengeance Launcher, and on level 1 on the Ork battering ram trying to shoot down the ork dropship, the objective marker that gets you to the plasma cannon - there is no plasma cannon, only the weapon's tripod. I use the plasma cannon in my arsenal, and it will not kill the Ork dropship.

    Need help on restoring the plasma cannon in campaign level. I got rid of the plasma cannon mod, and the cannon still won't appear on that level at least. Only the tripod will. I've reloaded the game from within the chapter's last checkpoints, right before the 'Stop the Tram part', have yet to try to start a new campaign at the beginning.

    Or are there any save game dls past that point?
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    No pictures?

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    Could you make a Portable Heavy Bolter replaces Stormbolter? I appreciate it. Tks!

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    I installed the god mode and now i can't play online even reinstalling the game. Halp!

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    remove -usepreview in launch option

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    I knew it was something like this, but i couldn´t remember.

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    Hi Majic, i'm working on a chaos marine mod, but i dont know the name of art chaos mp folders. Help???

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