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    I'd like to make a snarky comment about you guys being a little late to the party.. just did...

    but instead I'll let you know that Space Marine is close to three years old and its publisher no longer exists, and suggest you to head over to and check out the upcoming WH40k massively multiplayer third person action game in development.
    I think I've been here almost as long as you have. I got the game when it was new. I've been following Eternal Crusade for a while now too. I was only posting because someone brought up the still-interesting topic of psykers in Space Marine. No, it isn't likely in THIS game, but the developers still exist, and this is THEIR forum, not one for the publishers who no longer exist, and there's plenty of reason to believe a sequel is plausible. They'd probably need a publisher and a deal with GW, but it's not an unthinkable situation.

    Yes, EC looks interesting, but persistent MMO gameplay and once-off arena combat matches are entirely different, and EC is going to be PC-exclusive, while a potential SM2 could be multi-platform. As someone who's been primarily a PS3 gamer in the previous console generation, I still think it's worth keeping consoles in mind for future games even though I'm moving to an up-to-date gaming PC soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obliviondoll View Post just did...

    I sure hope that Relic gets the opportunity to do a Space Marine 2 someday, yeah.

    IMO, right from the get-go, it should have aspects of DoW2 and Retribution's character advancement system (including classes), with cooperative play integrated into the campaign.. perhaps procedurally generated content too.
    So some aspects of Retribution, some aspects of Borderlands, some aspects of Left 4 Dead, and all the gameplay of Space Marine.

    It's Relic News forum btw, not Relic's, so it's hard to say if they'd come upon this.

    If they do, MAKE SPACE MARINE 2.
    If you have to, make Sega let you make Space Marine 2.
    Thusly do we decree!

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    Relic should buy out Sega! (actually, I would have no objections if that happened)

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    Sega own Relic.

    The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that
    heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'
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    ^ What Geoff said.

    Sega is a publisher, Relic is a studio. Sega owns Relic.

    So it's up to Sega, but if they're smart, they'd put Relic on another DoW game ASAP.
    CoH is awesome, but seriously, why else would you buy Relic, right?

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    I stand by my earlier comment...


    Relic should buy out Sega! (actually, I would have no objections if that happened)

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    Etc is going to be crossplat form
    Now you see, Here at the Imperium of Man. We only use, propane fueled Promethium. Thats a flame burning heretic i tell you Hwat!

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    So it's up to Sega, but if they're smart, they'd put Relic on another DoW game ASAP

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    Although very late, really wishing that perks could be unlocked in Exterminatus mode, since some players just don't do well in PvP modes and play Co-op modes mostly...

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    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Please Hey, not sure if someone will see this. Is it possible to make this game backwards compatible? I really enjoyed it when it came out but don't have an xbox 360 anymore to play it. It would be awesome if ya'll could make it backwards compatible because its a really great and fun game. Myself and many others have voted for it to become backwards compatible. Also side note, I hope you make a sequel to this game as originally intended because it was really awesome and good fun. Thanks

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