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My Captain Titus, how does yours look?

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    Dabbling in Blood

    Current Titus is Blood Angels flavor:

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    Just a quick question why are you not using another chest plate instead of the Ultramamrines Any way it goes this is some great work and nice detail on the blood badges.
    "Acknowledge death as it approches but do not succumb to its touch, for your purpose is great..." Chaplain Hanius, Blood Angels Chapter

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    Well, I did the shoulder first, and I was mostly pleased with the way it worked as a ribbon on the shoulder. Then I spent so long trying to get that skull on the chest to look passable (ff you haven't played with them, the skulls on the various armors don't seem to be all just rescales, or at least things that looked fine on the larger skull just look dirty on the smaller ones) that I haven't had the heart to change it yet. (I will...) :-) I've redone the loincloth already, plain red with a gold band (the emblem was too cartoonie, I think.) I find working on the skins enjoyable, just like painting the figures, except if you aren't really happy with the way it comes out, its much easier to change... :-)

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    This seem better? :-) ( I like it better, since you forced me off my butt (my figurative butt) to do it):

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    Heres my version of Titus, Ultramarines with an overdose of gold.

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    nice power fist

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    Thanks. The one you're seeing was ported from DoWII. I'm still trying to work out the kinks though. Been using the chainsword animations for it, but the executions look a little weird, especially when it looks like Titus is giving a power fist noogie to the chaos marines.

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    Made a modest skin of him but I must improve the beard.

    Made a skin for Leandros too but he became so ugly I'm not sure I want to even show it.

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    Nice work on the beard, is it just painted on or some sort of bump map?

    So the power fist is a model you imported in SM? or did I read this wrong.


    V2.0 Titus WIP

    I changed the breast plate and belt, chains on both sides still need more texture work almost done

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    Yeah, I imported the power fist model from Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising. I made a new model from scratch that's higher res and higher poly than the DoW2 one. But I haven't included the new model in any of my screenshots yet, so the one seen in the screenshot is the DoW2 model.

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    cerberos008 - Belt from looks cool. Where did you get that? ;>. Is it possible to change belt, without changing chest? (as you did on this screenshoot), or you have to rework whole model?

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    I got it from the Relic mp armor set. Sidonus has the same one in his armor set too, but it wasn't included on his armor. The belt you see in the screenshot is actually made up of two pieces, the Relic belt and Titus' loincloth. There's already a loincloth attached to the original Relic belt model, but I much preferred Titus' loincloth, so I had it removed in 3dsmax.

    It is possible to change the belt without affecting the chest. Just edit the attr_pc file for Titus' torso to include a second attachment under the visual_data branch that links to the belt model. I had a third attachment included to link to Titus' loincloth as well. It's easier to do this using Cope's DoW2 Toolbox, but I found out that tool only works if you have one of the DoW2 games installed.

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    Modeling almost done...

    Well the new Titus, no parts swaps all new Geo. Just using the head, tabbard and weapons.

    Just need to finish the Zbrush work and get the textures right.
    New Torso, arms, legs, backpack, shoulder pads, and power axe.

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    Nice work on the beard, is it just painted on or some sort of bump map?
    Hehe, I don't go here that often so it's a bit late but the beard does have a normal map but I can't find an program/tutorial to make spec maps.

    And while I post, have a picture
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    Been working on a Blood Ravens theme. Still WIP, but heres some screens.

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    So it's been awhile since I had a look has any one completed any of these Great looking WIP?

    @cerberos008 is the head on your Blood Ravens a custom job or from DOW2?

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    I'm on the verge of completing my mods. Hopefully before I get too stuck in to modding Skyrim. But with the CK coming out tomorrow, I'd say I would be pretty preoccupied with other stuff to finish my space marine mods on time.

    The head was custom made. I took half of the Mk4 helmet and stuck it to the back of Titus's head, then I drew in the rest. But for sure I got the idea from DoW2.

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    Cerberos - How were you able to modify the cinematic head? When I do it will not go in right. I can modify the in game head but the cinematic head just gives me fits. Good looking work on you character mod.

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    For Titus or for the others? Cause Titus has a different, and a more simple way of doing it than the other characters. Just find <preview\sim\attributes\instances\wargear\wargear\race_marine\heads\cinematic\titus.attr_pc> and change its visual_data to refer to the helmet you want under the <preview\art> directories.

    For the other characters, you'll need to find their attr_pc file under <preview\sim\attributes\instances\ebps\race_marine\units>, then change the "cinematic_head" value under "wargear_ext" to link to the attr_pc file of the helmet you want under the <preview\sim\attributes\instances\wargear\wargear> directories.

    There are a couple of cinematics where Leandros will wear a fixed armor set, like during the opening cinematic and the first time you run into Leandros after the drop. The only way I found to fix that was to change the entity spawn list in the cinematic files. Instead of spawning "leandros_helmeted.attr_pc", I changed it to spawn just "leandros.attr_pc". There are some background characters during cinematics and ingame that uses "leandros_helmeted.attr_pc", so I didn't bother to change that attr_pc file.

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    Made some mesh-mods to alter my Deathwatch Captain a little further. Added Sidonus' cord and the Honour Guard belt buckle to Titus' torso and a scope to the standard bolter to make it look more "Deathwatch".
    Many thanks to cerberos and mel_danes for their insights into mesh modding, and of course santos, copernicus and everyone responsible for the modding tools.

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    Nice work as always Don, so you're making some of your parts yourself, what 3-D program are you using or do you like the best?

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    Thanks, but i should point out that basically everything i do is rearrange and recolour the stuff that is already in the game. I have made some models myself, already got a pre-heresy bolter and bolt pistol ingame, but UV- and normalmapping always gives me a headache so they're untextured so far.
    That said, i made my models with the relatively simple Google Sketchup, with a little tweaking in 3ds max. Problem is, i don't have permanent access to max and have to do my stuff on a friends PC. I tried Blender, but some of its fundamental design philosophies seem to be incompatible with my way of thinking.

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    @ cerberos008

    Did you ever get to finish the Blood Ravens theme you were working on if so could I get a link to DL it?

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    Had to make my titus a night lord

    By jjkrayenhagen at 2012-04-28

    By jjkrayenhagen at 2012-04-28

    By jjkrayenhagen at 2012-04-28

    By jjkrayenhagen at 2012-04-28

    By jjkrayenhagen at 2012-04-28

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    Hi Guys

    If anyone is still looking, I have posted before, but admittedly the modding gene is not in me. Can someone please explains or perhaps make a mod where Titus and crew are wearing normal Ultramarine blue Mk7 helmets with their orginal in game armour for SP?

    I am a bit desperate. I know there are other helmet mods and other great mods out there. But there is non that just gives them the MK 7 helmet.

    I would be very much obliged.

    Any help or generosity much appreciated.


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    Yes just like that . Is that available somewhere?

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    Oh wow. You are a star. Many thanks I do really appreciate it!

    You have the Emperor's Blessing.

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    wow! can you share this cuz this is the most amazing thing i've ever seen!

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