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SP Weapon swapping mod?

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    Chaos SP Weapon swapping mod?

    Hi there, just finished the game in normal.

    I want to start a new round on hard, but am looking for this specific mod first:

    Ability to swap out the pistol and assault bolters.

    As in have 4 weapon slots available to me, rather then 2.

    Is this possible?

    In any case, thanks for your answers.

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    As far as I know it is impossible to make the pistol and assault bolters swap-able. However you can replace them with mods. Check here:
    I use his stormbolter mod of the pistol that turns the bolt pistol and plasma pistol into a stormbolter lol. Also I switched out the assault bolter for a heavy bolter cannon.

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    That "mod" only removes the restriction to pistol and bolter when equipped with a Thunder Hammer/Jetpack. It doesn't make those slots freely swappable.

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