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Endgame, Titus, and Leandros

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    Endgame, Titus, and Leandros


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    I'm not 100% certain and cannot check right now either but I believe it was said at some point that Leandros only recently completed his training. That said I don't think he's a veteran at all. I do agree on the lack of control part thou. Like in one of the earlier chapters when.Leandros wastes ammunition on an ork who' already dead (which is even more surprising given the fact he is made out to be the embodiment of the codex throughout the game constantly nagging how the codex states this and that). All that aside I'm hoping for more character development in a potential sequel (more dialogue during the missions definately would have contributed to that)

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    He uses the Veteran gear and he has the Crux Terminatus on his knee, if he "just" completed his training then he must be a boy genius or some shit.

    Anyway, i think Leandros is just a massive dick and an idiot who can't see beyond the codex.

    Or he could be an Alpha Legionare Khornate Sorcerer because why the fuck not?
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    Titus is what, 150 years old? He looks to be about 40 or 50, equivocally. Leandros is younger, right? So he's just an upstart. He quotes the Codex hither a thither, bandies about spraying pious ichor about Warp influence, and ultimately isn't all that effective as a soldier. He's just an indication of the kind of blind loyalty and non-thought much of the Adeptus Astartes is bogged down with.

    I really wish Sidonus had survived. He was like an Eight-foot tall Anthony Hopkins death robot.

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    People? what you thing about continuation Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine?

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    Meh. And very unlikely to happen considering the state of THQ.

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    Your best hope would be the continuation of the story in DoW3, but then it took until DoW2: Retribution to continue the story of DoW1, so even then you might have to wait about 4 years.

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    Yes, because Ultramarines following the codex are an entirely non-effective fighting force. Yessss.
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