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First pictures of new Necron units

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    @Steelfaith - Uh, isn't that wall of text exactly the same as the one that revealed this fluff in the first place? Not being rude, I just have the feeling I've seen it many times before.

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    Necron Pricing

    Well, it looks like we have prices on the new Necrons. I think these may have already been leaked by Maelstrom in GBP, but these are what I got from Painted Figs this morning in USD

    Necron Warriors (10), 		$35.00
    Necron Lychguard/
    Triarch Praetorians (5)		$33.00
    Necron Destroyer (1)		$20.00
    Necron Monolith (1)		$66.00
    Necron Immortals/
    Deathmarks (5)			$33.00
    Necron Ghost/
    Doomsday Ark (1)		$49.50
    Necron Catacomb Command/
    Annihilation Barge (1)		$33.00
    Imotekh the Stormlord (1)	$18.25
    Trazyn, the Infinite (1)	$18.25
    Necron Overlord (1)		$18.25
    Necron Cryptec (1)		$15.25
    Necron Flayed Ones (5)		$18.25
    I'm not thrilled about Flayed Ones being Finecast, but if the price is fixed that's alright.
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    Five Flayed Ones for $18?

    That is actually good value for Finecast.
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    £3 something per model.
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    Yeah, I don't know if that's a typo or not as nothing in the Finecast lists to date supports that, ($100 for 5 Dragon Knights anyone?), but if that's the cost, I could be ok w/ $60 for 15 of them. I'm really excited for $33 for 5 Immortals, (vs $10ea in metal). I can finally have something more than destroyers, warriors and 2 monos.

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    Yes, they are tomb kings in space, but I wish they didn't have to chew half the existing fluff to pieces to get there.
    Races all go through this to evolve. People cry as if it has never happened before.
    All the major factions have changed rather radically during their period.

    Eldar went from space pirates, with similarly limited fluff to a Craftworld inhabiting dead race. Most of their fluff was retconned to do this (and eventually handed to the Dark Eldar), while simultaneously adding the the Chaos Fluff.

    Tyranids went through a similar upgrade to become what they are today.

    Ork history was massively retconned a while back, removing the Brainboyz history almost entirely (with nods toward it here and there).

    This expansion of the fluff was important for several reasons.
    1) The Necrons inhabited an area of mindless killers that was already dominated by the far more popular Tyranids. Yes the Nids have a bigger back story than simple mindlessness; however, the "big, alien, relentless threat that sits on the edge of the galaxy inevitably waiting to consume everything" is something that is great in small doses, but two players is just too much. The Crons would basically be the Nids' poor cousin. This affected their popularity as they really were boring. Even an interesting history on how they arrived there is EXTREMELY limiting, as the "current" actions is far more interesting and important.

    2) GW seem to be taking steps to remove (or, at least, reduce) the much complained about and widely disliked "the Old Ones did it" or, failing that, "the C'tan did it". It was a boring and limiting aspect of the fluff that really needed to be reduced to go forward.

    3) The Necrons were incredibly unpopular. Unlike the Dark Eldar, who were similarly unpopular, they didn't even have much supporter base among the other players. Dark Eldar were a race people still had a soft spot for because their limited fluff was quite interesting, very different and they had quirky gameplay mechanics that people liked (while hating the models and lack of fluff). Necrons had a lack of fluff, that fluff wasn't hugely popular (and widely got the view "well it's the OMG we're all doomed no matter what play again...") and the army itself wasn't popular. Best bet was to overhaul it entirely.
    The new fluff may bare similarities to some of the other races in places; however, it gives GW far more to play with than the mindless death incarnate (which is a plot development that really cannot support two races).

    4) GW also seem to be moving away from the "whatever happens everyone is screwed" style background. The Nids remain a huge overpowering threat; however, the inevitability of their victory has been reduced somewhat and there are more hints at potential hope (but they are still the only race that really retains that thick air of inevitability to them), while other races used to have that and it has been reduced considerably. Which is a good thing, it's boring to keep hearing "well this army is going to dominate everyone it is inevitable".
    It in no way reduces the Grimdark, humanity is still up against it but we don't always need it thrown in our faces every time that "there is no way the IoM can stand against this race".

    Finally, wait and see how it all comes together. Usually when you hear bits and pieces of fluff (ie key points), they may be accurate but generally lack context. Wait and see how everything pieces together and if it actually works. The fragmented info we have may not sound great to some people, but in context it may actually work.

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    It is not a necron unless it has those long gauss rifles with green neon lamps... I sort of like the new stuff. I hope didn't turn C'Tan into cuter versions of Eldar Avatar. I liked C'tan and the desperation of Necrons as a cautionary tale... I always liked "Necrons are screwed because made a bad deal with universe... no, not warp gods but things scarier and from our own reality!". If they are going big with Necrons make them susceptible to possesion by C'tan like human Pyskers only somehow worse and in masses, like a C'tan shows up and the whole planet is under his command, takes them away to kill things untill he is satisfied and leaves population the planet on the side of the galaxy.
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    So the Necrons are now up for Advance Order. Some of the model descriptions have incomplete descriptions of rules for the units. I haven't really been following the Necron rumors so I don't know how much is already known/suspected, but it should at very least provide official confirmation of things.

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    And wraiths, pariahs and tomb spyders are no where to be seen. It's slightly annoying when they apparently have to axe 3 cool units and add lolegyptians in their place.

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    "Rumors" say that Wraiths and Tomb Spyders are still in iirc, it's just the Pariahs that got canned.
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    I agree. Yeah the Necrons had allot of wide scale involved fluff, they were pretty bland and I personally dislike "The C'tan did it" and other iWin button type races that are poised to sweep the galaxy clean. (Looking at you, nids).

    This gives them a bit more personality.

    Pariah gene just a random mutation now?

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    Wraiths are still in, they'll be coming back as a finecast kit, Tomb Spyders as well.

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    That makes it slightly better then I suppose. I still wish they could of simply changed pariahs into what the lychguard/Praetorians are. I might have even liked this update if that was the case. Though the arks are still mind bogglingly stupid.

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    Just one comment here. If the US is paying $18- for 5 Flayed Ones, they're still priced at $55- CAD for 5 on the Canadian GW site.

    MooFreaky is pretty much bang on in my opinion. There's a lot more depth to the race and hopefully will make for a more interesting race in general.

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    Aren't there a few units that need to be revealed still, like some sort of scorpion thing? And also a necron jetbike of some sort? I'm assuming there's going to be a second wave at some point?
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    The Flayed Ones are priced at $45 USD on the US version of the site, the $18.25 figure from Brother Wolf's source is simply mistaken. This really should suprise no one, as the cheapest five-model boxes in Finecast are in the mid thirties.

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    I'm gonna be honest I don't like these new models at all. The headpieces on the elite units and new commanders look strange, and the vehicles are really lame. And where are the new pariahs??? The one thing I like is the new immortal models with the cyclops eye, but other than that meh I'm not interested.
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    Pariahs are gone, enjoy your Lych guard/Tryarch Praetorians.

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    Necrons donning bonnets?

    Not impressed.

    EDIT: Some really strange design choices imo. Whats with the Crypteks chin attachment? And why do the Deathmarks have an orb poking out their backs?
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    Its 3 months since release.. What does everyone think now?

    My thoughts are captured on my blog.. materium (dot) blogspot (dot)com

    I did an overall review, a review of the fluff, the rules, and the models. Im an old school Necron player so I was a bit scathing on a few things. Overall, I have been somewhat successful with the new codex at my local game store but still pretty much get blown off the table by IG as usual. Pitty GW struggles so much with game balance. And (my opinion) the writing of fluff has declined a bit. The Cellestial Orrery? Seriously? (slaps forehead)

    Before jumping to Mat's defense, I simply ask that you read the codexes cover to cover... 3rd edition and 5th edition.. I fear that most (not all) people who love the new stuff didnt actually read the codexes.

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    Some say they are top of the ladder if played right. I have yet so play even one of them sadly. Looks like long wait hit our tin head players quite a bit.
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    im sick of supersonic transports tankshocking my -anything-, usualy exploding to deliver pratorians that charge me in turn 2.

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    necrons with their gauss and tesla special rules are very potent. they get their rerolls even against power weapons, monstrous creatures and double strength unless where stated otherwise. I'm losing walkers left and right because they get glanced to death. tesla weapons in combination with weapon experts can get you ridiculous hit numbers.

    they are pretty damn good, but certain armies can do a number on them, especially those with CC capabilities.

    The new vehicles have not made a big impact in the games I've had, because they get taken down, or forced to maneuver into positions where they lose effectiveness.


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    Mantaray - unless Necrons have supersonic tanks (with he does not, only tanks or certain vehicles with ramming upgrades) somewhere, I doubt he can tankshock anything. And if his flying supersonic transports explode, that means what was inside goes back to reserve, not jumps out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necropolis
    I simply ask that you read the codexes cover to cover... 3rd edition and 5th edition
    The Necrons were taken from one dimensional killing robots to things with drive and ambition. Not a bad thing. As for fluff getting worse from third, as you seem to indicate, compare the amount of background pages in a 3rd ed codex to a 5th, or even 4th ed codex. I know I was looking for inspiration for my BA, and went back to my 3rd ed codex, remembering it to be a font of knowledge...nope. A few awesome quotes, but as far as background goes, even the pdf dex was better. Same goes for the 3rd ed eldar dex. The 2nd edition codexes were much better for background, but the 3rd ed ones had to be pumped out quickly as every single 2nd ed one had been invalidated by the rules change.

    Mat Ward writes good, fun rules, but the fluff is yet to be decided. Remember the outcry when the BA allied with the Necrons? It didn't make sense at the time. Now it does.

    Mantaray: As per Grimdark, a vehicle needs the 'tank' type to be able to perform a tank shock. AFAIK, no necron vehicles, or any with the supersonic rule can do this. You're being cheated, mate.
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    Have to agree with Xenith. I'm actually ecstatic over the new changes to the Necron story. The 3rd edition Necron codex was a fluff abortion at the time, awkwardly shoehorning C'Tan into every conceivable aspect of the 40k background material. It's been quite awhile so many players don't remember what things were like pre-C'Tan. But now it finally feels like, nearly a decade later, some balance has been restored.

    To be fair, there are some things I've needed to rationalize internally.

    Pariahs - I miss these guys. Having a masterplan to 'shut out the warp' was one of the few redeeming aspects of the old codex, and Pariahs (thanks more to Relic's Dark Crusade game than to anything by GW) were one of the only units that had any character, so seeing them not mentioned was disappointing. However, there are multiple mentions of 'Apothoesis,' of the Necrons working on a plan to regain the true life they once had. It's not much of a stretch to think that the Pariahs might be a major part of that plan. Just because they don't have a unit entry doesn't mean you can't find creative ways to work them into your list, or army background. Personally, I think they make great courts for your Overlords or Lords to lead your troops. Many other players are using them as Lychguard.

    The C'Tan might not really be all gone - There are pretty strong inferences that Orikan the Diviner is actually a remnant of the C'Tan, likely a powerful shard of the Deceiver attempting to recover his lost power. The character background describes a 'thousand millennia' of planning, which is obviously much less than the sixty thousand millennia that the rest of the Necrons slept. It would seem to me that Orikan was 'replaced' at some point during his sleep. Perhaps some calamity freed a C'Tan shard imprisoned near Orikan's tomb, or maybe one of the C'Tan escaped the revolution and found him while he slept. Regardless, a C'Tan skilled at deception could be responsible for many of the Deceiver sighting and encounters that have been written since the 3rd Edition codex. Essentially, there's a pretty good reason to think that much of the previously written fluff hasn't necessarily been 'retconned,' merely reexplained.

    Command Structure - One overlord per cluster, one Lord per tombworld? Nuh uh. Doesn't work. Every single Necron list is going to have an Overlord, often two, frequently with several Lords to lead the warriors. You can't possibly tell me it takes the combined leadership of multiple Dynasties to lead your little 2,000 point skirmish force. So I just interpret the titles as relative rather than absolute. To me, 'Overlord' in the Codex just means the Lord, Overseer, or Nemessor leading the force, of which any Tomb World would have many. Lords in the army represent the numerous minor nobles that make up their courts, which could be Lords, Gravs, or Vargards.

    The Great Sleep - In the 3rd Edition Codex, the Necrons entombed themselves because the galaxy was tearing itself apart after their great war with the Old Ones, who had desperately used forces they could barely control to hold back the C'Tan. The reasoning in the new book makes somewhat less sense, stating that the Necrons feared the Eldar at the height of their power and just wanted to wait for them to die off. This doesn't really work for me - the Eldar would have been even more powerful during the War in Heaven, and putting your entire race into stasis for millions of years would only make you more vulnerable to an enemy that specializes in outmaneuvering their enemies and predicting the future. So I figure, let's keep the whole 'galaxy wide warp overflow' idea as the backdrop of that era, that the Necrons knew they had no real chance on reconquering the galaxy while it was torn apart by warp swarms and daemonic invasion, and that Ward just decided not to really focus on that part. Additionall, I think that Orikan (the master prophet of the Necrontyr) purposely picked the rough date range for the Great Awakening as the 41st millennium because it was several thousand years after the Fall of the Eldar. If he could foretell the fall of Eldar civilization would fall, he could have known the time as well, and known that the Eldar's gift for prescience would fail them if the event they were trying to scry came AFTER the destruction of their own race. Essentially, he 'hid' the Great Awakening behind the racial-consciousness-shattering disaster of the destruction of the Eldar empire, so that the Eldar would not be able to find most of their tomb worlds. I think this would go a long way to explaining why the Necrons decided to sleep rather than fight, and how they survived the sixty million years of vulnerable stasis sleep, even though Ward did a poor job of rationalizing it in the book.
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    I stand by my previous views. I despise the utterly overbearing EGYPTIANS IN SPESSSSS theme of the update. The lore is ok.

    If they got rid of the over the top egyptian elements, namely the ark, the lychguard/praetorians and the headdresses/ loincloths, I might have actually liked the update. The barge is ok since it seems more alien than anything else. The deathmarks I consider to be perfect, alien, not over the top egyptian, an ideal evolution of the necrons.

    Really, it's the design/naming that I hate.

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    Avoiding spamming the same post, so here's a bit of news concerning the second wave: ->HERE<-
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