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ATSKNF? What's that?

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    Space Marines ATSKNF? What's that?

    Uh... I feel stupid but what is ATSKNF actually?

    Been playing for nearly a year now, and I still don't know....

    I didn't knew it existed before reading this fourm.

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    And They Shall Know No Fear. It's an ability that the SM Tactical Marine Squad uses to um.. do.. stuff.

    (from Temporarily receive less damage, knockback enemy melee units and gain suppression immunity, but move more slowly
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    It means "And They Shall Know No Fear" its a popular Space Marine Phrase
    In Dawn of War 2 it can also refer to the space marine tactical ability of the same name. The ability is unlocked by purchasing the SM Tactical Sergeant and is charged up when the marines take damage. Once activated the Marine squad takes much less damage and knocks back enemy units in melee.

    ^^well snap

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    Oh, I never actually read the description of that ablity lol. I assumed automatically it was tactical advance, it sorta is actually. Many thanks ^^

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