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    Dusted off this great game. Installed my coh goty and opposing fronts. Patched it to the latest version.

    Downloaded blitzkrieg mod.

    Installed it.

    At random times the game crashes to desktop and I have to end process to stop the game sounds.

    It happens without bkmod too, and is the reason I stopped playing last time.

    Tried lower graphics settings.

    Win7 64bit i5-750 5770 4gb.
    I also have dual boot vista 32bit...

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    Moving this to the CoH modding section.

    Best bet is to ask the guys who made the mod. They could help troubleshoot it.

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    But I also have the problem without the mod!

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    Well if it crashes in both Win7-64 and Vista-32 on the same machine I would suggest there is something wrong with your rig - memory or video card or mother board are funky - and are only crashing when the machine is under heavy load (like in a game).

    I've got both OS's on several machines similar to your specs and I have NEVER had VCOH crash on me and I play and mod it a LOT.
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    What would be my best troubleshooting method... Its a fairly new rig under warranty. Have reinstalled os and coh in vain... I had problems with ati card drver stopped and restarted or something with dirt2

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    Make sure you have the latest ATI driver loaded as a first step. But you might want to move over to relic's normal tech support forums/system - this forum is about modding so you're not going to get much help here on basic system issues like this.

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    It's most likely that your system runs out of memory while playing. IIRC Blitzkrieg uses HD textures for all infantry as well as having a shitton of different skins in general. Combine this with a lot of moving units around with explosions and stuff will make the game crash.

    Xali said you should never run the game with ultra textures when playing Blitzkrieg, so try lowering your settings.

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    Except that he says it happens even with VCOH.

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    The game can also run out of memory in general or due to an old graphics card driver. A warnings.log would be very helpfull .

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