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Space Marine Exterminatus Crashes - PC

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    Space Marine Exterminatus Crashes - PC

    So i recently bought the new DLC for Exterminatus. Start playing a match with friends when half way through the second wave of the Chaos map the whole PC crashes. No cursor, not able to open task manager and Skype is stops producing any sound or sending mine. I have to hard restart. This is not the only time this happens on Space Marine, on Hab arena 2 the same thing happens. I originally just avoided that map but now i have effectivly wasted £7 on the DLC. The other map on Exterminatus works without any problems and skipping the two arenas mentioned above has solved the problem but i have to play a private match which means we do not always have a full party and obviously cannot enjoy the full content of the maps.

    I hope some one is able to help, regards DStow

    EDIT: I have managed to fix this... i don't honestly know why but on my second re install it worked :-/ Ahwel thanks for the help!
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