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And they shall know no fear: Ultramarines vs Word Bearers Round 2

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    And they shall know no fear: Ultramarines vs Word Bearers Round 2

    If you click the link above you'll see what I mean. It appears that the Word Bearers' legion (along with several warbands and daemons) is about to launch a devastating attack on Ultramar to finish (in their eyes) what should have been finished on Calth 10 millenia ago. The campaign is going to be divided across the world in a series of TT games to celebrate Dan Abnett's new HH novel 'Know no fear' (Release in March 2012).

    So if this is going to be made Canon, Will it be set in the late M41? Who's going to lead the Chaos army? Will Lorgar come out of his temple and lead the invasion? Could this be the end for Marneus Calgar? Will Ultramar shatter and fall? Will the Ultramarines make a miracle breakthrough and utterly destroy the word bearers, save for a few scattered warbands? Is the end for the (supposedly) greatest of all chapters?

    Which side will prevail?

    I'm no TT player but I am intrigued. Hopefully more info will come.
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    It was nice knowing you Word Bearers. They wil probably accept Calgar as their spritiual liege or something in the end.
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    i hope chaos wins. then all the non-codex chapters can turn up and show rowboat girlyman why solid adhesion to his book is actually a terrible idea.
    hmm.. in that end of the galaxy the seccond chapter on the scene would probably be howling griffons considering there LONG feud with word bearers (still bitter over CL Periclitor killing CM Orlando Furioso) admittedly Periclitor is a deamon prince these days, but Orlando? he was a cool guy. he's got a dreadnought pattern named after him that the chapter doesn't..even..use? (sorry. its hard to not point out plot holes some times)

    actually if we consider this happening some time in M41 after the 13th black crusade the HG Battle-Barge Force of Destiny would go through the ultramarines sector to get back to mancora. even if they are at less then half strength they have well over 3 times the number of marines that a chapter should have anyway. that ought to tip the scales.

    ....unless the force of destiny is going to one of their other recruiting worlds like Dennar IV, in that case it doesn't matter. unless perliclitor has ditched the night lords now and come back to the word bearers HG probably wont care (every HG initiate swears an oath to kill the -particular- deamon even if they have to go into hell to drag him out kicking and screaming)

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    Remember when the 13th Black Crusade and how that was supposed to be a big thing that changed the face of the warhammer 40k world?
    Remember when Abandon crushed Cadia?
    Remember when they stopped making plastic Cadians, and all us Imperial Guard players had to move over to a new "best of the best" army?

    Oh, wait...

    This campaign means nothing. Even if it is "canon" then wiping out the Ultramarines will mean less than wiping out the Cadians. In fact, I imagine it would mean less than when Hive Fleet Behemoth almost wiped out the Ultramarines. The only possibly cool thing that might happen is Daemon Primarch Angry-man joining the fight. If Marneus Calgon dies, he'll make a Tycho-esque appearence in the next codex (and forever more). Still... I might dust off my marines and get involved.

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    Too bad there is no such post on any but the English instances of the GW site... no crushing Ultramarines for non-english-speakers as it seems

    I really would have liked to bring my Night Lords and Thousand Sons to bear against the Ultramarines... and I guess that sentiment is shared by all Chaos (Marines and Demons) Players I know...

    But yeah the campaign means nothing ... in last campaign the hosted here in Germany the Space Puppies didn't loose either 'cause the dogs of Fenris can't loose in their first campaign after codex release, can they? Can they loose ever? ... I heard lots of stories of GW camp admin pushing IG/SW side of the field when things where coming down hard on them...

    BTW It would fit into the thing that the 6th Ed Starter Set is rumored to be DA vs CSM ... turning away from Ultras vs Orkz setting of Black Reach and the mindless promo of the great Paragon Marines of Ultramar to more interesting Marines
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