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Bloody Gulch (4) and (6) - v0.71

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    Bloody Gulch (4) and (6) - v0.71

    Here is the idea, recreate the counter-attack of Carentan, the Battle of Bloody Gulch (wiki)

    June 13, 1944, WEST of Carentan.
    Elements of the German 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division and 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment are preparing a counter-attack on Carentan, they will be stopped by American 501st, 502nd and 506th, Parachute Infantry Regiments (PIR) of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division, reinforced by elements of the U.S. 2nd Armored Division.

    Story and original places

    (screen took when playing Blitzkrieg mod, that explain the different fuel values)

    Stable releases: 2v2 and 3v3
    Download Bloody Gulch (4) v0.71 (sendspace)
    Download Bloody Gulch (6) v0.71 (sendspace)

    Watch out for false download buttons that are real s**t adds. Click on "Click here to start download from sendspace"
    sorry for that, if you know a better host i'm open to suggestions!
    edit: those fake buttons are really annoying, i will post a new mirror elsewhere asap.
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    Looks great, always a pleasure to see a map made by you.

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    awesome. I am a big fan of "real" battlegrounds.

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    Nice to see you back on the front with an interesting project, Playmobill. HT, this should fit perfectly to your mod. I'm not sure how it works, but Google should have also some historical maps in Sat view. It's really a very small village.

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    Thank you all
    I've modified a bit the plan while starting the map in worldbuilder, so it is more balanced now, thanks to early feedbacks

    Landcapes used in D913 are quite similar to this area, so the overal look will be similar but with more natrual hedgerows and covers along roads.

    We are lucky that those real location fits perfectly to a coh 'square' map, all roads can help to draw sectors and players will find those roads well placed to push forward the front too.

    Edit: updated the topic to include map alpha
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    Wow, a realy great work!

    Will check it out !

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    Thanks a lot, mates

    Updated to 0.35

    Center village:

    South village (market):

    (gas station)

    Map goes on its way, south is now really better. I ll focus my next changes for north and also axis base, and the rest of the OoB.

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    Looks amazing

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    I made a bloody gulch map 5 years ago as one of my first projects, but I must say, from what I see yours puts mine to shame.

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    Hey everyone!

    So i'm nearly finished with 2v2 version, i will also post it in a 3v3 version, very soon.

    Edit: Links on 1st post

    I'm now happy with overall state of the map, and the oob is finished too. Visual stuff is nearly ended, there is still some minors details to finish later, but nothing that prevent to play.

    (screen took when playing Blitzkrieg mod, that explain the +4 fuel instead of +5)

    so what i'll probably need next is some testing (i already did a lot with a couple of friends, but nothing beats a fresh look on a map, to detect mistakes we missed). Especialy since i'm a crappy player and i won't be able see the strategic improvements that can probably be done.

    @Sepplainer: well im really sorry to hear that. When i start a map i try to find if no other map where made with similar themes/names, and i think i found some clues about your maps, but i didnt found valid links or pics, so i couldnt learn more about it :-(
    If you still have a link and wish to share it, you'll be very welcome
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    I may have it around here, for my bloody gulch I was going to include it in a realism mod I was working on a couple years ago. I've downloaded both versions and will play them soon and report back.

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    Seems to play pretty good, could be a lot better. The ditches could use more cover and concealment though, needs a lot of vegetation around the ditches, you could even make pre-dug foxholes and reinforced ditch lines since, in reality, when the battle occurred the US and Germans were both dug in, the fallschirmjägers dug in beyond the outskirts in great positions overwatching the open grounds on the 11th and 12th, and had prepared defenses while awaiting the 17th SS. The american paratroopers also dug in on their side on the 12th while still attacking just to delay counter attacks.

    There could be more detail and variation with the fields, ditches, and bit more detail with the terrain in general. I really like what you're doing though, I am trying to find my version of the bloody gulch but I think it's forever gone. This was a very important battle very few people even know about. Had the 17th SS not been interrupted on their move to reinforce carentan and lead a spearhead to drive through and really disrupt the allies, it's quite possible carentan would have been held much longer and the americans would have taken huge casualties...hell, as it were they were on the verge of a devastating retreat when the 2nd Armored and 29th Inf showed up, the paratroopers were already being beaten back, and I highly doubt a few para regiments would have held out very long.
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    Just played it through once, dude, what is up with the fields? They have no added detail and the spline is stretched way too wide it looks cheezy, the villages look wicked though so yunno, good job there, plus the ditches between fields is super cool, gives the sort of infantry fighting sort of feel yunno, you dig dawg?

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    @Chickennuggets: Indeed, fields are a problem to me. I dont manage to make em look interresting, i'm bad at using splats and i dont manage to find the suitable mix between a fade splats/spline detail and the one too much contrasted.

    The center/up fuel field with haystacks is probably the most annoying to me. Also those haystacks models doesnt give any cover, despite its needed at that place.
    Anyway improving those fields seems to be a good direction for me to continue.

    @Sepplainer: yep i agree a few sandbags here and there wouldn't hurt.
    And yes, i also love the historical context, that gives to this battle a particular key role in the liberation of normandy.
    Also the involved army are pretty much well represented in the game, as its the same armies. we have Allies paras and armoured divs, and also falchirms and PE, so basicaly we can stick to the real story if we play 2 US vs 2 PE with the correct doctrines selected.

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    you don't even have to make sandbags to make it reflect having hard cover in the ditches, for example. You can make ditches and foxholes themselves represent green, or light cover. That added with more vegetation, (hedges, trees, bushes, among the lines and in the fields) would be a big step forward. I really like what you're doing though.

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    at playmobil about the fields:

    -Add little height variation to add some depth
    -Set the width to about 10, then hit fix tiling to width
    -On the opacity settings, lower the start and ending opacity to blend the beginning and end of the spline
    -On the opacity settings, lower the overall opacity of the spline, then you can use tiles textures under the spline to add variation
    -Use grass patches and dirt patches (splats)
    -Add patches of grass i like green and yellow grass in order to give contrast
    -Add some track splines and dirt splines in the field

    Uploaded with

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