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    Hi, I am making a map in WB right now, and to get to the center of my map, there is a line of trenches (infantry only map) and, i made some really deep trenches near the hqs, and i wanted to know if there was a way for me to make it so that bullets couldnt be fired from the trench over the wall or into it, as if the troops were protected. Like, the movement block things that are big sqaures that say BLOCK on them. Thx!

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    In ebps/gameplay. There's movement_blocker_shot_block_only.

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    yep put it between the map floor and the trench floor, i mean right over the support wall/sandbag model if you use one.

    the problem is that also block shots from one side of the trench to the opposite side, not only blocking into the trench.. that may look weird
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    Thank you very much DevilDogRaider, you just saved my newest map

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