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Toggle HUD?

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    Toggle HUD?

    i was playing a game and typing to my friend when the HUD turned off ive chechked about 40 sites on how to toggle it. they only show the most basic tutorial controls that every game uses. So does anyone have or know of a list or file that shows all the controls specifically the HUD control? i mean its cool but sucks when you cnat see how much requisition and power you have.

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    As far as I know (and apologies if I've misunderstood your question) the only way to completely show/hide the HUD is via the console. To open you the console, press CTRL, SHIFT and TILDE (~) and type in 'taskbar_show—' or hide

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    i was playing over the internet with my friend then i pressed something and the hud disapeared without going into some console screen (unless console is enabled during multiplayer) (no resource/map/unit info/command card appeared on the screen)

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    The way I do it is simple by pressing Shift and Tab, but first you have to modify your autoexec.lua to make it work.
    Double-click on that file (located in your game dir), choose to open it with Notepad, then paste this into it:
    screenmode = 0
    function toggle_screenmode()
    if screenmode == 0 then
    screenmode = 1
    screenmode = 0
    bind("shift+tab", "toggle_screenmode()")
    If you get "Game paused" thing even if game is not paused, press Pause button twice and it will be gone.

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    A friend of mine is having this error as well. Online and offline.

    We're playing, everything is fine, suddenly his HUD is gone. Like, entire interface. Can't chat while online/enter commands in single player.
    Can't hotkey for units/buildings. And we can't figure out how or why this is happening. Any help?

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    It's been a while, but have you tried Ctrl+H?

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    Yeah, it does nothing, it's not a misclicked hotkey/console setting, it's a bug. Something is causing the interface to vanish.

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