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Golden Throne and Astronomicon

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    Golden Throne and Astronomicon

    Considering fluff area look a little starved, i'm going to state my crack pot theory on how the golden throne and the Astronomicon work in the warp. I believe the throne is the light house keeper, who run and maintain the light of the astronomicon, the Emperor keeps the light in a steady obedient form spaning 50,000 light years across, the galaxy. Its fuel by a mere 1k pyskers a day, and not just any pysker i believe most of these are beta plus verging on alpha. Only the strongest and best and talented or should i say those who qualifies can fuel the astronomicon. Like burning dried brown wood, and not burning wet or green wood. (not sure why burning green wood is bad, but i was always told not to burn green wood). As their energy which is warp energy pours into the Emperor guiding hands, he turns their warp energy it what i will call Salt warp energy. I call it salt warp Energy, because it hurts deamons and deter them from going into the light and traveling down the tube in attempt to tap on the door a little. It could also possibly destroy them on contact.

    Now this light span out into the warp, like a light house spears it light offshore so ship can see it and not hit the rocks, the astronomicon do the same thing. It pushes up and out 50,000 light years and guide ships around the warp, and no, people on the ship don't look out the window and say there's the light there so we go that way. Only navigators can see this light, i'm going to suspect see it very clearly to navigate open through the waves of the warp. Now i believe, that the light does a secondary thing, which is hold back demonic chaos accursion on all planets with in the 50k light span, or should i say well with in. Its the only way i can explain why most of the Imperium isn't being attack by deamons due to people with latent pysker powers running around unchecked, which could be alot on almost every planet. I say the light is almost a blinding screen and nto a real sheild , and it simply reduces the amount of chaos presence well within the influence area, which also could explain why in dow chaos wanted a main way through to terra. Which leads me to think it reduces the warp storms in the area of influence to or prevent them from occur freely so requiring possibly cults and a lot of pyskers to break through the screen and signal chaos.

    So thats a part of my crazy crack pot theory there, anyone else got something to add feel free.
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    I like where this is going, so I am just going to say two things. Pysker souls already shine in the warp, so when you a EMPEROR F*CK TON of them together you have a beacon. As for the shield idea, I don't buy it.

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    Well i didn't exactly call it a shield, more of a light screen. Considering has anyone heard about any type of deamons popping up in the sol system? After the Emperor's permanent position on the throne? Considering the Emperor light would spread out lightl over the area of 50k as well as being a solid beam of light. Well as solid energy can well i should concentrated. Almost like a flash light on a wall, the brighest part in the middle and you have the dim area thats light up around the bright center.

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    Interesting too, that the range is only 50,000ly, when that excludes around a quarter of the galaxy Why is that the limit? Why not move it to the galactic centre, and it would cover all but the outer edges and the tops of the spiral arms. If it was just a light house, why not have more than one, and why tie it to that particular location. And why does it need the Golden Throne? How did the Emperor fight on the front line during the great crusade, and still be able to navigate from a to b?

    I like the idea of the astronomican being more that just a lighthouse. We know the emperor was working on a project which would utilise webways rather than warp travel, and that the Horus Heresey was started as a last ditch attempt to stop the Emperor from doing whatever it was he was doing. Perhaps the plan was to ramp up the Astronomican to do what you described to the warp, or at least to block it off.

    The book the Outcast Dead had a great opportunity to go into some of these things, instead of the epic abomination it turned out to be. I would not expect any expanations any time soon.

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    Sadly,the Emperor only had time to make one, and he can't be moved at all.Only the Emperor knows how to make the thrones, and only he can maintain the seat without dieing to the warp after a few hours of sitting on it. No one else knows how to build one or have the fortitude to sit on it, not to mention the throne is breaking and some parts of it already i shutting down with out explanation or the ability to repair it. Hell the light flashed once and 1000 ships was lost in the warp..

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    " No one else knows how to build one or have the fortitude to sit on it"

    Haha. You just made sound like a really dirty toilet. Gives new meaning to the word "Golden Throne"

    I am not actually convinced the throne has that much to do with the astronomican, or that it couldnt be located independently of the throne

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    Well the throne is like the invincible energy condenser dish for the death star in star wars, it gathers up the energy for the Emperor to do his thing and guide it to through the warp. However, its impossible to move because, well

    1. you brake something you can't fix it, no one knows how.
    2. where are you going to get the parts.
    3. no blue print, when the Emperor made it , he did so without obviously leaving instructions, because they wouldn't be crying now that its breaking down.
    4. If they actually could move such a thing, it would get stolen in transit no doubt.
    5. Deamons will pop out of the doors under the golden throne as soon it is cut off. It is holding those things back.

    Also i don't think the throne is like just in 1 room, i believe the throne may span several rooms above and below the Emperor. It may span half the palace. However it is not a chair or a one room device for sure XD.

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    [qoute]Only the strongest and best and talented or should i say those who qualifies can fuel the astronomicon.[/quote]

    Read The Outcast Dead. Astronomicon always worked with bottom of the barrel pyskers that barely survive Binding. And Golden Throne has no relation to Astronomicon, other then Emperor. Golden Throne is functioning well, the corpse on it however does not :P
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    No the throne not functioning well, and those pyskers are the best who qualifiy the rest become sanction pyskers. They must past the binding test in order to go in so they are the best to even do that. No the throne don't directly control the astronomicon however it keeps the deamons at bay, however the throne supports the Emperor the Emperor supports the Energy.

    In the last year of M41, Techpriests discovered failures in the mechanisms of the Golden Throne that are far beyond their ability to repair1.

    The psykers who power the Astronomican are recruited into the organisation through the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. They are initiated into the Adeptus Astronomica as Acolytes, and taught how to use their powers, philosophy, the meaning of their lives, and the Lore of the Astronomican. Some achieve a mystic state, gaining the status of Chosen. It is these Chosen who are eventually called to serve in the Chamber of the Astronomican. Here they fuel the Astronomican beacon with their psychic energies; as their powers are drained the Chosen slowly fade and die. This psychic power is directed by the mind of the Emperor across about fifty thousand light years of the galaxy.

    Does who die for the Emperor are heroes in the eyes of everyone :P.

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