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After loosing 76 times, I need help. My first rec file.

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    After loosing 76 times, I need help. My first rec file.

    Please help.
    Getting very frustrated with this game.
    Need help badly. Lost 76 times online, and can`t see anyway of not loosing more. Playing USA.

    Any advice you can give me I appreciate. Dont go easy, tell me how bad I really am.

    Hope I`ve done it correctly?


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    Here's my review.

    1. Why did you not do anything at all for the first 15 seconds?

    2. Capping order: You sent your first rifle squad to the muni point to the left or your base. If you want to cap it early, you're better off using your second engineer squad for that. The rifle squad will stand up better in combat than engineers and should be at the front line as much as possible.

    3. Save time by using rally points for your newly built rifle squads towards where you want to send them.

    4. Make sure you build units as soon as you can. Your 3rd rifle squad could have been built a lot sooner. This makes a lot of difference early in the game.

    5. 4:25 You lose an engineer squad, probably because you're not paying attention. Don't worry too much about it. Keep an eye on the mini map and the combat messages (press Space to jump to the spot in most recent message).

    6. You OP a 5 fuel. Why? You only gain an extra 3 fuel/minute. You could have OPed the 10 fuel beside your base and gained an extra 8 fuel/minute. In any case it's usually better to postpone OPs until you have 4 rifle squads on the field. An extra combat unit would have been better.

    7. Double capping. At 7:40 you have two squads by the left VP first both capping the same points.

    8. You're too passive. As USA you want to be as aggressive as possible vs. Wehr. On Semois that means trying to decap the 10 fuel outside their base and the strat point by the bridge, just like he did to you. Don't just stick a rifle squad in a building and wait for the enemy to come to you. If that's your style you may be better off playing Wehr.

    9. 9:08: OPing a strat point. Don't do this. It's a waste of manpower. In general, only ever OP medium and high munitions and fuel, and never near the front line.

    10. 10 minutes: You still haven't tried to retake the medium fuel outside your base. You can't afford not to take it back as soon as possible while your enemy has both this and their own medium fuel.

    11. 15 minutes. You're floating lots of manpower and the enemy has a fuel advantage. You haven't seen any Tier 2 units, so you should expect Pumas. It's beyond the time for AT guns and mines. Early mines can be very good. Mines win matches. Always consider laying mines.

    12. Retreat or pull back understrength and severely damaged units, and repair/heal them as soon as possible.

    13. One M3 halftrack is more than enough. You don't need two at the same time.

    14. 20 minutes into the game and no doctrine. That's too long.

    15. 21:05: Capping under fire by the church. Avoid capping under fire as much as possible. You take twice as much damage as normal.

    16. Don't man AT guns with engineers if you can help it. It's cheaper to reinforce a rifle squad.

    17. At this stage in the game you have lots of manpower, munitions and fuel. You should use the resources. You could have had Shermans or M10s for instance, and BARs for your rifle squads.

    18. Get a Triage Center so your men can heal in the base.

    Most of your troubles were caused by being too passive (keep capping as much as possible, and don't just leave units doing nothing) and wasting manpower on useless OPs. If you keep this in mind you will do a lot better in your next game.

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    Hi mate.
    I do appreciate you looking at my effort.
    Got a lot to learn hey?

    1. I do admit I was fumbling about at the start, but 15 sec`s makes that much difference?
    2. Should I only cap resourses closer to base with engineers to free up rifle squads? Makes sense I suppose.
    3. Rally points? Never used them. Will look into that.
    4. I capped a fuel near there base to stop them getting access to it. (if I remember correctly). Is that a bad idea? Just stick to high resource points?
    5. Double capping. Does it not cap quicker with 2 squads?
    6. I am guilty of sticking a team in a building or a good position and leave them there. Is that wrong? Amount of time I have taken a position, moved away, and it gets taken back. Thats why I do it.
    7. OPing a strat points. I was doing this to speed up manpower production. Is that a bad idea?
    8. I was producing half tracks to protect AT guns and attack there infantry. Didn`t have tanks avaliable, and they were throwing a lot of personel at me. Didn`t know how else to attack them.
    9. The doctrine. I did leave it too long. Was just overwhelmed with trying to defend my position. Wouldn`t know which to choose anyway.
    10. 21:05: Capping under fire by the church. Avoid capping under fire as much as possible. You take twice as much damage as normal. I have started to realise this. Penny has dropped on that one. LOL
    11. Don't man AT guns with engineers if you can help it. It's cheaper to reinforce a rifle squad. bit confused with that one. With all those pumas about, dont I need AT guns?
    12. Get a Triage Center so your men can heal in the base. I did intend doing this, but was mindfull about lack of manpowerpoints.

    Thankyou mate for your time. I really do appreciate you taking the time to look.

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    4. denying them fuel is always good, but make sure you can hold yours in the meantime.
    5. nope, capping speed is based on unit used, not number of units. for example, rifles cap 1.5x speed, engineers cap 1x speed, panzer grenadiers cap 0.75x speed
    6. dont stick a unit in a building too long unless you know he has no choice for it. people will work their way around stuff most of the time. keep ur gameplay fluid and dynamic.
    7. OP strat points are useless, MP gain is so minimal its not worth it, keep OPs to medium or high resource points and only OP with spare manpower.
    8. rifles are great anti infantry once upgraded with BARs, keep them in cover and they will outperform halftracks. halftracks are support units, not a main combat force.
    9. choose doctrines to complement ur play, i would suggest infantry, going for the arty side as they had alot of infantry. 105 howie will decimate infantry.
    11. it takes 3 men to man AT guns. engies come in 3s, so u will lose that squad, which amounts up to 140mp. but if u man AT guns with at least 4 men rifle squads, u will be able to retain that rifle squad and have the AT gun. 3 rifles is about 27mp x 3 = 81mp. which is alot cheaper than engineers.
    12. there is no such thing as manpower points, the only way to boost ur manpower gain is getting a supply yard. to boost it further, get supply yard upgrades. treat strat points as empty points, but dont disregard them as they connect ur points together so u can receive resources.

    u have alot to learn, but dont give up. look up articles at to understand the deeper mechanics of the game. those understand what each upgrade/ability/unit does and u will do fine in no time.

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    1. 15 seconds does make a difference. By the time you started building Barracks and started producing an engineer your opponent already had two pio squads. Fortunately for you, his capping order was awful.

    2. You can use engineers for frontline capping but if you have to choose between an engineer of a rifle squad, send the rifle squad to where you expect most resistance.

    4. You did the right thing capping the low fuel near his base, but OPing it was a waste of resources. Next time also try to decap the medium fuel right beside his base. That will really hurt.

    6. If you really want to stick a unit in a building, like the church on Semois, again use an engineer instead of riflemen. You should be out capping and fighting with your riflemen.

    8. Rangers would have been a good choice for protecting the AT guns. They're the best anti-infantry infantry available to the USA, and also decent against Pumas. You could also have used mines at choke points.

    And now for the positive feedback:

    1. Your capping order was decent, unlike your opponent.

    2. You seemed to use cover to your advantage when possible, unlike your opponent.

    Best of luck in your next battle, and post more replays if you want further advice.

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    7. Oping a Manpowerpoint costs 200 Mp. But you only get 1 Mp per minute more through a Oped Point. So it would take 201 minutes tilll you actually benefit from it.

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    I`ve read some tutorials and tried to get a better idea of what I`m doing, and had another go.
    Started well, and you guessed it, lost for 78th time.LOL


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    You played against an opponent with more losses than wins, but with a lot more experience due to the number of games played.

    You wasted less time in the beginning this time. You should however place the Barracks closer to the perimeter to get units faster to the front.

    1. Good harassment in the north, but very late production of 3rd rifle squad.

    2. 4:19 Rifle squad lost in a building. Did you forget about it?

    3. 5:00 The enemy is down to one panzer genadier and a Schwimmwagen. Had you produced rifle squads a little faster you could have taken the while map. Instead you only have one engineer unit and 1.5 riflemen squads.

    4. You're OPing medium munitions. Not a good idea at all. You need more units and still haven't capped the medium muni outside your base. You should have been capping VPs also. I would advice you to never build an OP until you have produced 4 rifle squads. And then only if you don't need anything else. In most cases it's better to spend the resources on BARs or an M8.

    5. 5:45 Engaging the Schwimmwagen. Get close. Riflemen are more accurate at close ranges, and unlike the grenadiers the Schwimmwagen can't shoot back.

    6. 6:06 Grenades. Risky. A fast M8 would have been better vs. a PE player.

    7. Your teching order is not optimal. Next time try the following: One more engineer, Barracks, 4 riflemen, Supply Yard, Motor Pool, M8, Triage Center.

    8. 9:00 You have a low health 3 man squad at the left. You should retreat and reinforce.

    9. Against PE it's a good idea to get flamethrowers. The earlier the better. Mix them with riflemen when you attack.

    10. 17:45 Nice work with those Shermans! You should have kept them together later and attacked from several directions supported by artillery and infantry and engineers for repairs. They should have won you the game.

    You can quit by going to the menu by the way. No need to sit and wait for the VPs to tick down or your base to be destroyed.

    Your main problem seems to be perhaps losing track of units and keeping them alive. I would suggest you retreat earlier with understrength units. Don't go around capping near the front with a rifle squad with only a few men.

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    Just saw the raplay on Semois. I suggest building a Weapons Support Center.
    You can use well-placed MGs to temporarily halt infantry advances.
    Snipers, camo'ed and habe held fire, can be use as recon.
    Mortars are most effective when enemy infantry get pinned by MGs.

    Spread out ATs to their maximum effective range.
    Place some mines on chokepoints.

    Choose a doctrine.
    If you're going for a riflemen start. Upgrade them with bars.
    "This is a game of cards... The players are tacticians... The cards are tactics and strategies... and the table is the battlefield... This is a game where boys are forged into men."

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    Disagree on grenades being a risk against PE, if the PE player went infantry - they are, however, a risk if you haven't got good micro, which it sounds like you don't, so maybe hold off on them for a bit.

    Triage is essential as US, because otherwise, once your units have taken damage the first time, every other time they enter combat they'll drop like flies.

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    The reason I consider grenades risky is because they cost 40 fuel which could go towards an M8. Grenades will help you against infantry but they wont help you against armored cars if you haven't been able to cut off his fuel.

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    Actually won my first game against hard-CPU.


    Need a sit down. Let me know what u think?

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    I tend to skip M8 and go straight to TD, even in 1v1, so I imagine that's the difference.

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    Went online and had another bash. lost again.
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    You got a fair game against an opponent around your standard of play. Actually, you're a much better player than him but you made a few crucial mistakes, chiefly OPs but also a lack of extensive Shift capping and not teching up fast enough.

    1. You OP high munitions way too early. I think you should forget about OPs for the time being, as in don't build any OPs at all, unless you already have 4 rifle squads and need fuel for tanks or an M8. And then build only 1 OP. You really need the manpower for fighting units and buildings.

    2. I think you focused too much on the fight between 2 pios vs. 1 rifle squad by his medium fuel. You started building your next unit late.

    3. I also recommend Shift capping more in the beginning. You had many units that just stood around and did nothing. Try a few games against the AI where you use Shift capping extensively, just for practice. You will be amazed at the difference those early resources make. I normally Shift cap 5-6 point for each of my early units.

    4. Walking right into his base with a rifle squad. Click the bunker to see its range. Stay outside the range.

    5. Don't forget the VPs. Prioritize capping resources, but cap them as soon as you can. It doesn't take long to cap them, so it's fine to cap them when you're near them on while capping resources. Against Wehr you want to shorten the game so he can't get late game units and veterancy, so it's good to get 2 VPs early.

    6. Always try to keep your vehicles fully repaired. Engineers can also repair AT guns.

    7. Keep your sniper moving so your opponent won't know where he is.

    8. Don't build M8s when the opponent has Ostwinds.

    You put up a decent fight with your units, but try to retreat earlier when you know you can't win. eg. when pinned by multiple MGs. I also like a lot the fact that you put down lots of mines but try to spread them out a little more. Building WSC was not a bad move but you got too many units from it, especially mortars. Your opponents had stormtroopers so he could have sneaked up on them and slaughtered them. Use mines to protect them. The same goes for AT guns.

    Instead, you should have considered a Tank Depot. You had plenty of fuel and could have used off-map artillery and infantry to kill PAKs and attacked his base.

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    Thankyou for looking at my game.
    I really believe the pace of online is half my problem. I can see a problem developing, and I freeze. By the time I have reacted to a situation, something else has happened at another part of the map I have missed. Usually end up loosing something important that way.

    1. What is "Shift capping"?
    2. I was deliberatly ignoring VP until I had decent fuel/munitions. I take it, thats` a bad idea?
    3. How many "orders" cab you give each unit? I thought it was 3.
    4. I wondered how the sniper gets found out. Even when holding fire he can be spotted. How`s that?
    5. M8`s where made not knowing about Ostwinds. Anyway, they are only mobile AA guns. Can`t M8s attack them?

    Thanks for this.
    I `m doing things differently now and more aware of cover and such like, but still loosing.
    One day, there will be a victim out there. LOL

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    1. Shift-Capping is when you hold shift and give a capping order, I recommend using the Map (Numberpad 0) to decide on your capping order and such.

    2. Well, yes and no. (Lots of help there) You don't want to let the tickets roll by nor do you want to ignore your resource income, so cap them when you can. It's tricky to say when without theory crafting, but lets say your rifles have taken a forward position and your engis have connected everything up, send your engis to take the VPs, starting with the ones in any of your sectors.

    3. I don't know...I've never planned more than three to my knowledge...except when reversing tanks I suppose...

    4. He could of used an old trick, if you hit the "Unit Sniped" alert that drops down after a sniper kills one of your men, you can follow the sniper for a short bit. If you don't move your sniper, he will get killed.

    5. I'll return to this point after I've watched the last reply...I'm inclined to say that it's your inexperience talking, when it comes to wher teching costs, what to look out for etc. (Vet and type of vet, unit types, puma HTs etc.) but that's just speculation on my part.

    Anyway, if you want to play a few games against myself I'll be happy to help. PM me here and we can try work something out. Myself...I'm not very good and it's been at least a year since I last played...but I got the itch so I have and wouldn't mind easing back in with a few friendlies. I think the highest rank I ever got was 9/10 but I ruined that with a string of losses a year or two ago.

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    The pace of your game is slow, but should be adequate to beat the opponents in your posted replays.

    1. Select a unit, display the tactical map, hold down Shift, click on the circles for each resource point you want to cap, then release Shift. You seemed to use Shift when laying mines. It's very handy and saves you time. For instance, I use Shift to lay several mines in an area and then move away from the last mine (not a good idea to stand on top of mines). You can even use Shift later to add to previous orders given using Shift.

    3. I don't think there's a limit.

    4. Move your sniper after each shot. Your opponent simply went to his last known position. He was still there.

    5. You can attack Ostwinds with M8s but if both units have full health the Ostwind will win since it's a tank and has better armour. The ideal counter is an M10.

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