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I hardly find any players in TLS recently

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    I hardly find any players in TLS recently

    When i log in europe, i tend to find more players and have more games. When i log in from asia or usa, i have to wait for a long time to find a game. Does the matchmaking system detect which countries players are from? I hate to be on business trip, i get no TLS love. Relic need to inject new content to increase players base, the situation now is dire.

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    what about the bonus system, what is the point of giving people a bonus coin, some people cannot even pass stage 10 or stage 16. do you think some bonus coin will interest them? get them to go elite by giving them more weapons pods, not points only. these will get more people to go elite and play need to fix the match making system, ever since moving to steam, it aint working right. we need more players and fast before the game dies online.

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    You have a point but still, you have to admit that TLS is pretty boring and useless mode.
    I finished wave 20 on both arenas, and got one char lvl 20, and I don't see any point in playing
    it further. Doubtedly Relic will improve this gamemode somehow, and I really don't think that
    more wargear will draw players to this mode. It requires complete overhaul and adding about
    3-4 new arenas to catch up more interest.
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    I think your opinions on TLS aren't necessarily shared by other players.
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    You have a point but still, you have to admit that TLS is pretty boring and useless mode.
    I disagree and strongly detest your gaudiness.
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    Yes it quickly becomes some of the most brain-numbingly boring crap I've ever witnessed with the current amount of content. Might be fun if it had ever been fleshed out. As it is, a TLS hobby is pretty much like grinding a demo for 2 years instead of playing an actual real game.

    As for the original question, I suppose latency is a factor in the matching process and most players are in Europe... which is also possibly largely either sleeping or working during the hours you play in NA/Asia...

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    Achievement wargear, DLC wargear, an additional map, three additional heroes and a further hero DLC don't count as "fleshed out"?

    Most of that was free, as well.

    Note that I'm not saying it's good one way or the other. Simply opposing the notion that the content is somehow lacking given that amount of attention the game mode has received.

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    Achievement wargear, DLC wargear, an additional map, three additional heroes and a further hero DLC don't count as "fleshed out"?
    No. It is still a lame mode where you can put lots of stuff on your character yet there's not much to do with it. Just grind the same two maps with the same old enemies...

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    If you don't like the mode itself, that's entirely different from the mode lacking in content. It's a wave defense game mode; quite common, quite popular.

    EDIT@below (to save post space):

    Your opinion is not a fact. You consider the extra content superficial; others evidently do not.
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    No I mean the concept isn't bad and I'd probably like it if it had more content (substantial content, not superficial useless shit like another gun), something like 5-10 arenas with different types of objectives and some variance in enemies. As it is, the mode is completely hollow and they should have just said "lol look what we made" and left it with the original 3 heroes 1 arena, no looking back.

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    I'm going to agree with Pocari. It feels bland, that's the problem. There are plenty of wave defence games and I like the genre in general. Hell I even liked the den defence minigame in ACR that apparently got quite a lot of negative feedback. I have never found TLS compelling. Unlike even the den defence...
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    I love the dow 1 multiplayer, but i hate dow 2 mutiplayer squad model. I love TLS, i dun find it boring. There are much to be done to improve it. But even with what it is now, I love it. The only problem now, lack of players. It started when they move from microsoft to steam, harder to find players, and it gone downhill from there. constant DLC will help to revive it. so please relic or thq, pls release another popular DLC. so much new units from new codex, there must be something they can do to help the last stand. even for present race, you can have multiple heroes, what about chao lord? Marneus Calgar, Lord Macragge?Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack? Commissar Yarrick?Lord Castellan Creed? Eldrad Ulthran? Eldar Phoenix Lord Karandras, The Shadow Hunter? There are so much to do? Does relic monitor the number of players? did they set off the alarm yet? Please do something.

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    Games are not supported forever, unfortunately.

    Also, constant DLC is not guaranteed to "revive" a game, given that the game's problems do not (typically) revolve around its relative lack (or plethora) of DLC.

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    Yeah, DLC isn't going to breathe life into a game mode that is fundamentally simple and repetitive.

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    I like The Last Stand as it is, but I can of think of at least three things that would make it more funny:

    -Increase the character cap to 4, but also be able to start even if there are only two characters. More people is always more fun.

    -3 more arenas. Just 2 in a game in which you have to play a lot of times from the beginning feels short.

    -More rewards from game to game. I think this game is the funniest when your character has the right gear and then it's only up to your skill to win. And getting there seems very slow, at least for me now.

    Still, I like that Relic added this mode to the game. I don't think it's meant to be a "big" mode (as campaign or multiplayer), but it's simple and funny.

    EDIT: also, it would be fine that I didn't have to wait a couple of minutes after every TLS match to come back to the game. Not only I have to stare at a tyranid picture for a while, but also my whole computer is blocked (even if I launch the Task Manager, the mouse won't detect anything but DoW2, at least in Win 8.1). That is truly annoying.
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