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Portrait for Shuma's Diomedes Helmet

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    Portrait for Shuma's Diomedes Helmet

    Hey again Imperial Lapdogs!

    This is another small mod I made for myself when using Shuma's DSMV Helmet found here:


    Just put it in your gameassets\mods folder and you got a cool portrait that matches the model!
    Everything should be 100% find I've used this for a while, but please leave comments, criticisms, whatever.

    ...oh and LET THE GALAXY BURNNNN!!!!

    Thanks to Shuma for his helmet and other cool wargears n bitz!
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    Lovely, I was hoping there would be a portrait sooner and later

    Damn It Ravenor, im a chaos worshipper, not a loyalist

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    Updated with a new link. If anyone knows a more permanent way of hosting files instead of these file-sharing sites that delete files after a while let me know.

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    Imageshack Uploader is what ive used for yrs,and it still stores my looooots of pics since dow2.

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