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Is there a way to remove non musical audio from this clip?

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    Is there a way to remove non musical audio from this clip?

    I really like the music that plays in this Halo Reach trailer, but I haven't been able to find a version of it without all the background noises and stuff that are in the trailer. I know who the composer is (Human Worldwide) and I've checked their site, but they do not have it available for download.

    I've ripped the audio from the video, but I was wondering if there was a way to remove all the non musical noise from it. I know normally if there is static or something you record just static for a bit then use audacity to remove the static, but this seems more complicated than that. So I was wondering if anyone could either tell me how to do it or do it for me .

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    As for your original question - not a clue, however is it not this?

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    Guess, I didn't look hard enough...
    Yes that's basically what I was looking for, man it sounds so weird to me with the other noises so reduced. Thanks fuggles!

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