When i play DoW I have to watch the intro vid everytime also when i get into the game none of my key board keys will function in the game but key function fine everywhere else. so shortcut keys dont work. also during the game i cant skip any of the vids b/c probably the esc key wont work. i am able to alt tab but cant use other keys. also i saved my game and try to start it up again and now its gone like it never saved. also there is a shield on the DoW icon on my desktop. i am running windows 7 plz get back to me asap. yes it was gold edition with winter assault inside too. and i also installed dark crusade.


ok i just found out that i have to run the game in administrator mode. does anyone know why it would not install under administrator when i never split up my laptop anyways for multiple users or even set up a password for it?